CKS Steam Catcher for Taller Wall Heights from simsza

I found another thing EA did that made me say WTF. I love the range hood that came with Cool Kitchen stuff but 9/10 I build houses with taller wall heights and this darn thing only came in one size. The base game came with 3 sizes of range hoods so why didn’t these!? So I lengthened them for me and for everyone else!

They come in 2 Versions too! I really don’t understand why they put them in ceiling lights instead of stoves/range hoods where they belong. So I added tuning for a range hood and categorized all three sizes into range hoods. If you prefer, just add the two lengthened hoods into the game and they will go into ceiling lights. You can have one or the other; not both!

DOWNLOAD (Links updated 9.24.15)

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The container house…

It’s 3 am in Norway now, so I’m too tired to think of a better name, haha :P

Containerhouse, counters (personal recolor), stove, rangehood and sink, fridge, shelves, sofa, coffeetable, endtables 1/2, pictures 1/2, kitchenclutter, bedspread, pillows 1/2, rug

I am lazy tonight, but very WCIF-friendly :)


the city studio

blanket by simsinwonderland
bookshelf/lamp by punisa
candles/shelf recolor by femme-jean (no longer available)
counters/wooden board by buffsumm (recolor not available)
coffee table by sims-alachie
chair by dreamteamsims/mtq
clapboard/painting by mtq
desk by aroundthesims/dreamteamsims
end table/chair by meinkatz/lulu265
flowers by misspepe92
kitchen clutter by puresims/loree/dreamteamsims
lamp/bed by peacemaker/mangosims
plants by chisami/thenumberswoman/mio-sims
paintings by me
pillows by cool-panther
rugs by me: 1, 2
sofa by simcredibledesigns
sink/rangehood/stove by shinokcr

Concrete kitchen“betong” + cc list

I totally love concrete kicthens so i decided to make couple recolors of EA counters. Not sure if i gonna release them but i really like how they look in game (for now)

CC list:
Cunters recolors by me/wall 1,2,3/light/rangehood/kitchen tools/steel oven/stove/book collection/wooden board/oat box/jam jars/flour bag/bottle/plants 1,2,3/light switch/print by me (not out yet)


St Jude’s church conversion - kitchen

Cabinets and surfaces / Fridge / Rangehood / Plants in teaboxes, cookbooks / Vegetables / Glass jars / Oranges, bread basket / Standing plant / Spice jars / Meat paintings / Shelf / Lamps / Breakfast bar stools / Crockpot / Rug / Trolley, baskets, hanging pots, herbs / Deco sign / Clock / Coffee maker, fry pan, ricecooker / Frames on shelf / Under cabinet lights / Brick wall (not sure - if you know, please tell me!)

literallywhothe  asked:

Wcif the kitchen counters from ur most recent post?? And the fridge and the stove? ((Btw love ur fixer upper)) (-:

Most of what you see in this house is actually content I have made. The fridge (1.) is actually EA’s and comes from the Cook Kitchen Stuff Pack, while the counters/rangehood/islands/cabinets (2.) and Stove (3.) are all from my Shaker Kitchen set which you can find here (including a lot of other clutter and objects you see in various pictures too). 

And thanks, I am enjoying playing for a change ;)


Created By ShinoKCR

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Created for: The Sims 4
Modern Stainless Steelkitchen with the following parts
- 2 Counters
- Islandcounter
- 4 Cabinets (Displays)
- 1 Cabinet with Lamp (under Wallights)
- 1 Cabinet like EA
- Fridge
- Stove wide with Gashub
- Stove wide with Gashub without Backsplash
- Sink
- Rangehood
- Rangehood as Ceilinglight