The Helmet

The modern Mandalorian helmet is a technological marvel, one that allows a well-trained Watcher to see in all directions, communicate easily, and fight more effectively than a dozen common soldiers.

The helmet’s viewplate automatically augments vision in low-light conditions and protects it from peaks in intensity, preventing a Watcher from being blinded by explosions or luma-weaponns. The viewplate’s macrobinocular lenses interface with the rangefinger, selecting as many as 10 targets for tracking via the heads-up display, controlled either by voice command or eye movement and blinking. A pineal sensor and microcameras let the wearer see behind him. An encrypted internal comlink allows communications with other Watchers, while a broadband antenna is included for longer-range transmissions. The helmet has a two-hour reserve air tank and an environmental filter to eliminate contaminants.

The Bounty Hunter Code: From The Files of Boba Fett by Daniel Wallace, Ryder Windham and Jason Fry