THIS IS NOT MY CATCH OR THEORY!!!  THAT WONDERFUL OBSERVATION BELONGS TO @red-is-the-new-blackington, who discovered that OUR red seems to be the driver of the town car in 4.17.



  • In her original post, she noticed that it looks like a young red driving the town car that Kate is in the back of… notice the sideburns and greenish eyes.  we also only see part of his face, as usual:

here’s now MORE evidence to back up her claim…

  • we see the car parked in front of the house several times throughout the show, including when the police are there after masha is kidnapped.
  • a man is then IMMEDIATELY seen inside the foyer, holding a framed photo of masha.  it appears to be a man’s hand by the look of the nails.  it also can’t be kate, as she’s obviously still approaching the house, or katerina, as she is upstairs packing in the bedroom.  kirk is not at the house at this time, and if it was an officer, why not simply show the man?
  • and remember, red said at the beginning of season 4 that he is familiar with the “summer palace.”
  • OUR red is also familiar with the apparent comings and goings of kirk, knowing exactly when he was at the “summer palace.”  red tells kirk, “she [masha] lived at your house, as your daughter, on and off for four years.  sometimes you were there, sometimes you weren’t.”  how would red know that, unless he was there as well?
  • this mysterious figure then walks away as kate is approaching the front entrance.  he takes the photo with him.  kate never sees him.
  • now we know by red’s own words to lizzie in “luther braxton part 2″ that he was there the night of the fire WITH katerina to retrieve the fulcrum.  
  • (and red obviously can’t be the real raymond reddington as he has already kidnapped masha and the fulcrum and gone to america).  
  • katerina tells kate that she knows raymond took masha to america, and now that’s where she’s going.  she says she’ll deal with it herself… but she probably took OUR red with her (who more than likely worked for her to spy on her).
  • we also learn in this episode that sam was the ONLY person who knew BOTH katerina and raymond reddington.  so if sam duped kate by introducing her to a doppleganger version of raymond (which i believe he did), kate would have no way of knowing OUR red wasn’t the original raymond reddington.  
  • this idea makes perfect sense when we look back at “general ludd” when sam is dying.  he tells red, “i need to tell lizzie.”  red replies, “no.”  sam argued, “i KNOW WHAT WE AGREED… but before i go, i have to tell her.”  red says, “i can’t let you do that.”  sam again argues, “she deserves to know the truth.”
  • so sam is definitely in on some kind of con with OUR red.  it is very possible that that con stem back to when he duped kate all those years ago about red’s real identity.
  • kate said she never met raymond in person before.  she even says as much to OUR red upon meeting him.
  • but here’s the kicker… red tells kate that she probably knows him better than she realizes.  (she probably just never paid close enough attention and didn’t recognize him).  if red was the family driver for katerina, kate probably saw him daily but never put two and two together.  he was right in front of her the whole time.
  • lastly, we may have been given an easter egg by tptb when katerina explains the job to kate.  she tells kate that when she is around, kate’s only job is to observe how things are done, (in order to keep consistency when katerina isn’t there).  
  • but what if this also means maybe OUR red was there undercover to observe and spy on katerina for the us?

what better way to observe katerina than by being a driver/bodyguard/etc for the family?

the best part?  are the comments on the show in the past about people never having seen red drive before.  talk about ironic, lol.

UPDATED: 5/6/17 

@red-is-the-new-blackington also caught this little nugget in ‘Cape May’ when Katerina and Red are loading the body into the back of the Range Rover… Red immediately offers up, “I’ll drive.”

with @red-is-the-new-blackington‘s permission, i’m going to add this to my “imposter red theory post” with credit because there is absolutely NO WAY this isn’t correct imo.  

i’m so excited that more people are now jumping on that theory!!!

My “Red Is An Imposter” Theory: (warning, it only opens in a browser, either phone or computer… tumblr phone app will make it crash)


Also, check out this theory submission wondering if the car in ‘Requiem’ is the same one that was in ‘The Kenyon Family’


Simon x Reader #3

Warnings: literally nothing, just straight fluff

Requested: yusssss “ could you please write an imagine where you make a football video with the boys? And Simon helps you and you guys kiss and the boys get excited 😂😭😂 thank you❤️” (via @behzinga-trash)

Notes: This is cute but idk if its my best work tbh. but i hope you like it anyways. <3 ~K


You had been friends with the boys from the start. You had known Tobi since diapers, when your moms took you to the same daycare place. With his friendship, came Josh, and eventually the others. Many times you filmed for the boys before and today wasn’t an exception. You had been called to help and film some football videos for the guys. You were packing your bags with your camera gear, and wear heading to the pitch where you were meeting all the guys.

As you pulled into the pitch, you could only recognize one car in the lot; that being a red Range Rover. Simon. You and him had an interesting friendship. It continually blurred the lines between friends and more. You two dabbled, but neither of you wanted to be the one to make the first move.

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i'm here (miniminter)

warnings: mentions of anxiety and claustrophobia

from: slimon
yo, you busy??

to: slimon
don’t think so..why do you ask??

from: slimon
well it’s this girl’s birthday and i figured, your a girl, you can help me pick her present

from: slimon
so what do you say?

to: slimon
by any chance is this girl your mum??

from: slimon

from: slimon
does that mean you’ll help? you know my mum pretty well you’ll know what to buy her, right??

he had a point i did know his mum pretty well. in fact i’ve know his mum my entire life, considering she was at the hospital only hours after i was born. both our mums had met at our older brothers childcare; way, way before me and simon were in the equation. our two mothers hit it off quite well together, along with the rest of our families.

you can only imagine how joyous it was for them both to experience pregnancy at roughly the same time. which meant that simon and i basically didn’t have a choice but to befriend each other the moment i entered this world a few months after he had.

from: slimon
please? 🙏

to: slimon
what’s in it for me?

from: slimon
the thought of knowing you a) helped pick my mother a delightful present and b) saved my ass - her birthday is in 2 days

to: slimon
idk i might be kinda busy later..

from: slimon
fine i’ll buy you a nando’s, you happy now??

to: slimon
i’ll see you downstairs in 20

well that put my day upside down i thought as i set aside my harry potter marathon for later.

i’m happy to help simon because even though i teased him about being busy, i really didn’t have any plans for the day. but i just wished that boy wouldn’t leave things until the last minute.

i laugh to myself shaking my head at how appreciative carol would be of her youngest child leaving her birthday shopping until only days before.

minutes after making myself look presentable i receive a text.

from: slimon
i’m here

i head down the elevator and spot his red range rover parked across the street, not that it was difficult to find.

“hey si” i say jumping in the passenger side of his car and leaning over to kiss his cheek.

it’s not like we were dating or anything, everything between myself and the boy sat beside me has always been strictly platonic. that’s not to say that i hadn’t had the slightest of crushes on him growing up. or even to say that as confused teenagers we didn’t experiment a little with our first kisses. but we both had dated plenty of people since and agreed that it was weird.

“i owe you one y/n, thank you for helping me out today” he said intertwining our fingers together to express his gratitude while he was currently driving. well this isn’t something simon and i had done before, and i didn’t know whether to be concerned at the fact neither of us were moving our hands back to our sides.

“yes, i believe you do si. in the form of a nandos or so i’m told” i giggle at him as he drives us towards westfields.


“i don’t know simon, this isn’t exactly something your mum would use” i comment on the object he holds in his hands. his shoulders slump in defeat showing he was well and truely over this shopping trip.

we haven’t found a single thing his mum would like and it had been over an hour since we arrived. it was fair to say we both could use a break from the ordeal.

“so what do you say we go for that nando’s now, yeah?” simon asks walking back to place the household item on its shelf.

i follow behind the boy like a lost puppy as we make our way to the food court. being out in the open rather than tucked away in little shops meant that simon received a lot more attention from strangers.

i certainly didn’t mind that he was being constantly stopped by fans as it was his life after all, and it was him who wanted to go shopping. so i just stood aside and let him do his thing.

he was happily taking a number of picture with some people when it was as if all the little fan girls and boys had called their other fan girls and boys to inform them of simon’s current location. as people came flooding in towards the lanky boy i found myself wound up right in the middle of them all.

there was no possible escape, making me feel instantly claustrophobic. claustrophobia was a weakness of mine and when i got claustrophobic it meant i also got extremely anxious.

“y/n?” i heard simon yell out just like he would when playing fifa.

“excuse me everyone i need to find my friend y/n” he urged but barely anyone budged. including the people around me. as i pushed people out of my way i felt tears well up in my eyes, but i refused to let them fall as i nearly had my way out.

no sooner than a couple of seconds, i had removed myself from the growing group of people and on the outside of it all. simon’s eyes caught with mine as he noticed i was safe while relief washed over his worried state.

“y/n” he breathed out, as he miraculously made his way over to me with the pack of people following shortly behind. “i think that’s enough shopping for one day, c'mon let’s get you out of here” he said wrapping a protective arm over my shoulder and leading us to an elevator away from his fan base.

“what about your mum?” i asked with a small voice.

“that’s what amazon prime is for” he chuckled lightly “my main concern at this point is you, are you okay y/n?” placing a soft kiss to my forehead. i nodded not willing to say much in return.

the two of us filed into the car park elevator just at the point when this day couldn’t get worse.

simon reluctantly pulled his arm away from me so that he was able to hit the floor number that would get to his car.

did i speak too soon when i said this day couldn’t get any worse? most definitely.

the elevator came to a sudden holt as the power inside the small lift vanished.

i looked at simon with wide eyes as the realisation of the abrupt stop sinks in with the both of us.

already on edge from the fan experience i feel my claustrophobia and anxiety rise as quick as the tears that pool in my eyes.

feeling slightly light headed i slide down the elevator wall to the ground. i pull my knees into my chest as involuntary begin to sob.

i distantly hear simon talking on the phone assumingly to the number put down in case of an emergency. although i can’t be too certain as the hot tears running down my face cloud my vision while fear and anxiousness cloud my thoughts.

“y/n? it’s okay, you’re okay.” I don’t respond unable to comprehend what’s happening around me during my panicked state.

i feel myself being moved into simon’s lap. i can’t admit that this is the first time simon has witness a panic attack of mine.

“y/n it’s okay. i’m here, it’s me simon. i’m right here”

it’s somewhat upsetting, but also comforting that simon knows exactly how to react in this situation. i feel him gently pull my face into the crook of his neck and he relaxes me by stroking my hair.

“shhh, i’m here for you. it’s okay”

although tears continue to stream out of my eyes, i slowly feel myself calm down a little.

“i’m here” he moves a strand of hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear “simon’s here and I promise we’re going to be okay. i called the maintenance number and they said they will have us out in no time. they think the elevator just stopped between the floors and it’ll be an easy fix.”

i feel myself begin to relax and i lightly pull my head away from simon’s chest so that i am able to look at him in the eyes. i continue to stay quiet as we both look at one another, a hiccup presenting itself every now and then . “see y/n, it’s all going to be okay” his voice wasn’t condescending instead it was rather soothing.

“i’m sorry simon” i say smally, looking away from him in embarrassment as i attempt to move out of his lap.

his tight grip on me doesn’t budge as he refuses to let me go. “y/n look at me.” hesitantly, i obliged and am met with his sad blue orbs. “please don’t ever apologise for your anxiety, not to me or to anyone else..” he stops briefly to run his hands through his disheveled hair before looking back at me. “i’m just glad it was me with you” he adds sweetly.

neither me nor simon utter a word as we sit in silence for a couple of minutes.

“i really hope i don’t make things worse right now” he randomly comments confusing me.

he gently moves his hands from my sides and brings them up to cup my face as he intently reads my facial expression for any exisiting signs of fear or anxiety. concluding that i am now much more calm then i was even when stepping into the elevator he begins to lean in.

even in the state that i’m in i easily comprehend what simon is about to do as my eyes flutter shut. i feel his warm lips press against mine while his thumb gently caresses my face. the goofy kid who coincidentally was my very first kiss was now very gently kissing me once again.

he was so cautious with his actions as if i was so fragile i could break with any sudden movements. somehow even a kiss so delicate and sweet as this sets a cage of butterflies off inside. making me question whether my actions and relationship towards simon has always been completely platonic from either side.

i feel myself completely at ease as we both pull away.

“do you think that maybe i could stay in your spare room? i don’t think i could handle the elevator on my own back at my apartment block” i ask simon nervously, partly due to what just happened.

“you really think i’m going to leave you on your own after what you’ve been through today?” and as his smile lights his face i feel us begin to move again. and i know with simon by my side, all will be okay.

Flirting Fury (Simon Request)

“Heyyyyyyyyy (y/n)” Cal grins walking into the lounge.
“Hello Freezy” You chuckle, “You not filming?”
“No I thought I’d come spend some quality time with my favourite girl” He smiles, flopping down onto the couch next to you.
“Well thank you very much” You joke.
You had come round to their apartment with your boyfriend Simon as he wanted to film some videos with Lux. You didn’t mind of course, you were just used to it by now. They were currently on the balcony filming.
“And he takes the phone” Cal cackles, grabbing your phone from your hands and clicking onto the camera.
“Piss off!!” You groan, trying to grab it back but failing.
His long arms stretch out and they’re too far away for you to reach.
He begins taking continuous photos on your phone of himself and stands up when you almost grab it.
He of course towers above you and you end up jumping onto his back to attempt to get your phone back.
“Ayyyy she wants to have some selfies with me!” He jokes, taking photos of the pair of you.
“give it back you big tree!” You yell and don’t notice Simon and Lux come back into the apartment.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Lux laughs and Cal drops you down to the floor cautiously.
“This dickhead took my phone” You comment, taking it back and jokingly hitting him over the head.
You notice Simon staring at the pair of you for a while before he walks towards the door where his bag is. He proceeds to stuff in the things he brought. He silently slings the bag over his shoulder and goes to walk out.
“You leaving now?” Cal frowns.
“I just need to go get something” He says simply, walking out quickly.
“What’s that all about?” Lux questions, clearly looking to you for the answer.
“I don’t know” You mumble, eyes still focused on the door. Why did he just leave like that?
You tried your best to forget about it, expecting he had to go to the shop or something and he’d be back in twenty minutes at the most. However, after some games of FIFA, you decided it would be best for you to find him yourself.
“Im gonna head off guys,” You comment, standing up and tugging on your shoes.
“Let us know when you find him” Cal mentions.
“He’s probably just got caught up with someone at the shop or something but we’re going out later anyway so we need to get going” You try to be slightly positive, “Bye guys”
“Bye” Both of them call before you shut the door behind you.
You try calling Simon again as the lift takes you down but with no success. Of course.
The air was bitter cold now for a January late afternoon and you stuffed your hands into the pockets of your SDMN hoodie to keep them a little more warm. Simon had taken the car which meant he wasn’t somewhere massively close. He wouldn’t have gone home. He wasn’t that stupid. The first place you thought of when he acted like this was the pitch. So that’s exactly where you went.
It was a relief when you saw the red Range Rover parked up in an empty space next to the pitch. As you walked up towards the pitch, now shivering in the cold temperatures, you could see Simon at one end. He had the ball beneath his feet which he soon booted into the back of the net.
As quietly as possible, you opened the pitch gate and walked up towards where he was. The closer you got the more you noticed. He really was angry. His fists were clenched too much and he kicked the ball like it was a sort of release for him.
“You really should learn to be less predictable” You comment and he tilts his head round slightly, not looking at you directly.
“Never said you had to follow me” He says through a clenched jaw, kicking the ball once again and missing the goal.
“I didn’t say you did” You reply, walking round to be stood towards the side.
Simon did sometimes get like this. He got annoyed at YouTube or sometimes jealous. You guessed this is what was happening today. And you knew not to get too close when he was like this. You knew that would result in him getting even more annoyed or doing something he wouldn’t be happy about later.
“Then what are you doing here?” He questions.
“Why do you think? You left without saying anything about where you were actually going and I’m your girlfriend Simon”
“So you walked the whole way here? Or did your boyfriend give you a lift?” He questions, turning to face you now.
“So that’s what this is about” You nod, pushing yourself off from where you had been leaning against the fence.
“You flirting like that with one of my best friends? Yeah it’s a bit of a problem (y/n)” He points out.
“Flirting? Are you joking?!” You laugh, “If you didn’t realise, I am allowed to be friends with people of the opposite gender”
“Not when you act like that!“ He snaps, “Do you really think that’s okay?”
He knew he made a mistake as soon as the words crossed his lips. It was like he was being controlling. And he didn’t mean it like that. He would never be like that. But you hated it all the same.
He didn’t mean for it to come out like that.
“Okay I’m gonna brush past that because I know full well you don’t mean that and it would piss you off even more if I reacted” You explain, knowing full well you were right, “I am going to tell you though that me and Cal were just being friends. The ass took my phone and we were just messing around”
He looks down, “Not what it seemed like”
“Well that’s what is was Simon” you sigh, “And if I felt any need at all to flirt with another guy, I wouldn’t have walked all 30 minutes here to come find you”
He drags a hand through his hair and scratches the back of his neck, he knew he was wrong. He knew he had a girlfriend that was perfect for him. Hell, out of everywhere in London she knew he was going to be here. She knew exactly what to say.
You step closer to him now, knowing he wasn’t the type of person to gush a huge apology when he knew he was wrong.
"You know I’d never do that okay?” You repeat, lacing your fingers with his, “And come on, Cal? Really? You don’t think I have standards?” You joke.
He chuckles a scratchy laugh, “I’m sorry babygirl”
Simon brings one hand up to brush some hair from your cheek but retracts his hand instantly, “You’re freezing”
“I don’t handle cold weather great” You smile and he wraps his arms around you.
He felt guilty knowing that he had made such a big mistake but moments like this made him realise that he was lucky to have her. And he wasn’t getting anyone better. He didn’t want anyone else.
(I have recently been asked whether I would make ‘American Adoration’ into a book - probably for my Wattpad. Let me know if that’s something you would read X)

Unrequited Love Pt. 2 | Miniminter Imagine

Find pt. 1 Here

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Reader x Simon

Requested?: Nope

Warnings?: Sad Stuffs

“See I did upload it when I said I would!”


It was finally the day you’d meet his girlfriend. The word left a bitter taste as you thought about it, it wasn’t fair. You’d known Simon for the past 3 years and all it took was a few days for his heart to be stolen by another. It was a small party, Jj had decided to throw it for Josh who’d just hit 5 millions subscribers, a huge achievement. You’d been told it was a simple party, not many people would be there just the sidemen and a few friends. 

You wore a white blouse and skinny jeans that hugged your hips, to accompany them a pair of gold heels that matched nicely. It was nice, yet simple. You wear just finishing you light makeup when a knock from the front door resonated through the flat. You went and opened the door, Tobi stood waiting for you. He wore a white dress shirt and black joggers that suited him nicely along with a black hat that read XIX in large grey font. “Hey” he smiled at you and you waved back with a smile. “Ready?” he asked. 

“Yeah, give a minute” you told him and ran back to clean up the mess of makeup you taken out and put it back, grabbing your purse on your way out. Tobi had agreed to give you a ride since you didn’t feel like driving. You hadn’t talked to Simon since the whole fight at the football pitch only three days before and you weren’t sure where you stood. 

On the ride there, you and Tobi sang along to songs and laughing at your horrible excuses for singing. Soon enough, you arrived at the house. Excitement building up as you could see the guys hanging out in the living room. You walked up to the house and went straight in, not bothering to knock. “Y/N, Hey!” you heard Jj call. You turned, he was walking towards you holding a beer. He wore a black dress shirt and matching jeans. “Sup” you greeted and gave him a hug. 

“Have you met Simon and Grace yet?” he asked and you bit back from snapping at him. Instead you shrugged, “No why?” you asked him. “Dunno, he seems happy” he shrugged but, you could tell there was something more, a reason as to why he brought it up. Vik and Josh came over and hugged you. You congratulated Josh and he brushed it off but, you could tell he was genuinely happy. He handed you a freshly opened beer and you took it, taking a small sip. “Tonight, we wanted to go out to eat or something. Want to come?” Josh asked and you shrugged. “Who else is going?” you asked. “Basically, everyone here” he said. You agreed but, instantly regretted. Why would you want to go out with you crush and his girlfriend!? 

“Hey” you heard a familiar voice from behind Josh. Of course, Simon walked out. He wore a white dress shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans. The cuffs of his sleeves stopped just below his elbow, his arm going around a girl. She had blonde hair than ran down to her back and green eyes that stared curiously. You didn’t say anything, you simply waved with a half-arsed smile. “You’re Y/N” she spoke with a high pitched voice, you internally cringed at. You smiled awkwardly and nodded, “Yeah, that’s me” you said in a faked tone. “The guys talk about you all the time!” she said, her voice sounding more aggressive than passive. 

You turned to Tobi but, he hadn’t noticed. Jj wasn’t even paying attention but, Vik had his lips in a thin tight line, his brow creased with annoyance. “Yeah, we hang out a lot” you agreed with her, Simon staring at you closely making you want to snap at him but, you didn’t dare look at him. “You’re like their best friends!” she continued and you nodded taking another, larger sip of your beer. “I might just replace you!” she said randomly and a the notion you almost spit out you drink. You coughed violently before bursting into laughter, Vik, Tobi and Josh following. 

“That’s funny” you giggled. “Coming from a wh-” you were stopped by Simon who coughed violently. You glanced up at him, he was staring at you intensely. You bit you lip and chuckled dryly, “I’ll catch you guys later right? Gonna go find Cal” you excused yourself. You walked away from the pair with a humorless chuckled, “Hey cal” you called to the tall blonde. He turned around with a smile, he wore a white shirt and dark blue jeans. “Hey, did you meet Si-” you cut him off. “Yeah, she’s a bitch” you told him and he laughed. You heard someone behind you clear their throat and Cal’s face change. “I’ll see you later” he dismissed himself quickly. 

You groaned as you turned around. Simon stood there glaring down at you, his hand crossed over his chest. Only inches away from you, you gave a nervous smile and crossed your arms like his. “Can I talk to you outside for a minute” he said. “It’s cold outside” you replied and he gave a look. “In the kitchen” he said and you smirked “More beer?” you said. He glared down at you, his blue eyes piercing into you. “Come on” he said annoyed and you followed him up to his room. He lead you into the room, shutting the door behind you. His room was clean, surprisingly. 

“Why?” he asked you and turned around to face you. You stared up at him and sighed, “Si, she wanted to replace me! She’s jealous” you told him and he stared at you. “It was a joke” he defended her. You stared up at him shocked, “Are you serious?” you scoffed. “You know she wasn’t joking!” you snapped at him and he step forward. “Get over it!” he told you. You clenched your fists and turned around, “I don’t have to deal with this” you mumbled and started to walk towards the door. “Stop” he said but, you didn’t listen. How could he side with her over you!? Your hand was on the door knob when he snapped “Would you stop doing that!” he yelled. You paused, hand on the door with your back turned to him. 

“Doing what” you asked him, not turning around. “Walking away from me, stop it!” he said, his tone softer, more vulnerable. “Why should I. I don’t have any reason to stay” you said to him and he was silent for a moment. You turned the knob forward, “Here” he said and walked over, he pulled your wrist and turned you around. He pressed his lips firmly against yours, you stood in shock before melting into the kiss. Why? He has a girlfriend downstairs for Christ sake! Why now? You pulled away abruptly and slapped him across the face, leaving a red mark on his cheek. 

“Why now? After you have a girlfriend!” you yelled at him and he stared at you, silent. “You needed a reason” he said quietly, he stared at the floor. “A bit too late for that” you told him bitterly and left the room. Tears streamed from your face, you realized you couldn’t go back downstairs crying. You stopped at the bathroom and wiped the makeup and tears from your face gingerly until they were gone. You sighed and made your way from the bathroom, downstairs. Music played loudly so, you doubted anyone heard your conversation. 

You searched for Tobi but, to no avail. You found Vik, “Where’s Tobi?” you asked him. “He just left to go get some more beer, why?” he asked and you sighed. “Can you drive me home?”” you asked him and he frowned. “Are you alright?” he asked and you nodded. “Yeah, just feel sick” you lied easily and he nodded with a frown. “Dunno, you might have to ask Simon to take you home” he told you and you internally cringed at the idea. “Can’t you?” you asked and he shook his head. “My Tesla at the shops and Josh is not allowed to leave since it’s his party, Jj’s rules” he said with a smile. You sighed and nodded, “Alright, thanks” and he nodded before going to talk with someone else.

You decided to wait for Tobi outside, as it was getting crowded in the house. You were sat on the front porch when you saw Simon walk out. He turned and looked at you before walking over and sitting down next you you on the porch’s bench. “Look, I’m sorry about that. I didn’t wa-” he was cut off by the ringing. You took you phone out and dismissed the call quickly. “I wasn’t meant to do that and it was a really shitty thi-” he was cut off again by the ringing and you dismissed the call once again. “I just want to apologize for tha-” he stopped as the phone rang and you answered the call this time. 

Immediately after bringing the phone to your ear you heard the familiar voice of your little brother. “Mum’s in the hospital” he said and you felt your stomach drop. Your dad had rarely been there for your childhood, mum had always had to raise you and your little brother on her own. “What?” you stutter out and he repeats himself again. “Why, where?” you asked him quickly Simon stared concerned. “She was cleaning I guess and she fell and hit her head on the table” he explained. “Fuck” you said and stood up quickly. “Which hospital?” you asked and he gave you the address. 

“Ryder, I’ll be there by Sunday” you told him and hung up the phone. “Simon can you drive me home?” you asked and he nodded quickly. “What’s wrong” he asked you concerned. “My mum’s in the hospital and I have go up to Newcastle” you filled him in and he nodded quickly. “Yeah, give me a second” he told you and ran back into the house. You waited by his red Range Rover and he came out holding his keys and a backpack on his back. “Come on” you said and you got in the car quickly. 

He drove you to your flat quickly and you thanked him and ran inside. You quickly packed a bag and made sure to grab you phone and charger before leaving the house. You made your way down to the parking lot and just before you got into your car you heard a car honk. You turned to see Simon waiting for you. “Come on” he called and you stared at him. Was he really about to come with you to Newcastle? “What d’you mean?” you called back. “You can’t go on your own so, hurry up” he said it as though it were obvious. You contemplated the idea before realizing you didn’t have time to waste and got into his car. 

“Thanks” you told him and he nodded. “First stop, Newcastle” he mumbled and looked over at you with a goofy smile that made your heart lurch.

Simon Minter - His Car Video (Red Range Rover)

Simon wearing his glasses for his car video has killed me, he said he has to wear them when he drives and he not actually driving it but he’s still wearing them!!

Simon saying his car is a family car and mentioning his future family…my baby don’t grow up too fast please!

And then him ending it with Thanking everybody for the stuff he can get ( him and the Sidemen) by what he does. He’s jus so sweet and adorable it hurts.
I Love him so much 😘😍😘😍