range time tactical shooting

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    Keanu Reeves went through extensive training for his role in John Wick 2. He had to brush up on his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and standing Judo. Also three gun Tactical shooting at the range several times a week. He also had to do some fancy driving for the movie. All of these things made the “gun-fu” style in John Wick 2.



Picked up a couple Glock 42’s today.

Going to be doing some extensive range time & conceal carrying this as my back-up firearm.

Shot 10 mags through it today without an issue.

Using Hornady Critical Defense Ammuntion.

Stay tuned for range time!

Take care


S&W M&P15-22 FDE MOE Version.

Outfitted with Magpul accessories:
MOE Pistol Grip
MOE Stock
MBUS Sights
Vertical Foregrip
Ladder Covers

MS4 sling and rail adapter for QD mount for transitioning from single to two point sling configuration in seconds.

Two 50 round drum magazines from Black Dog Machines.

Going to run this through its paces as the snow melts.

Stay tuned for range time!

Take care