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Some smut to illustrate how Feyre’s Birthday could go if she was still in the Spring Court by the time of it (after acomaf).
Quickly written, so I apologize for any mistakes.
NSFW (obviously)

“Go the woods tonight at 11. I need someone to keep me safe.”

That was what the note said and it was probably the best gift Feyre had received that day – and she had woken up with piles of presents by her friends: dresses, jewellery, swords, daggers, delicacies from her favourite places in Velaris and even flowers cultivated by Elain and a set of paints from Nesta that seemed to be made from the night sky, the colours ranging from the beginning of the evening in a dashing blue to the pit black sky, illuminated only by the silver, twinkling stars.

She had long disassociated her Birthday with it being a joyous time; her family hadn’t been able to get her gifts it’d been a long while and last year her mind had been trying to heal itself, but now… Her family – both the one that was bind to her by blood and the one she had chosen – had sent her presents and sweet messages, reminding her that they would always be there for her. And Rhys – oh, Rhys would be risking everything just to see her.

It was stupid and reckless and selfish of them. But she didn’t care. Every cell in her body was longing for his touch. All day, everyday.

She would go to him, and no one could stop her.

Thankfully, no one even tried.

Feyre had been getting better at winnowing, having been training her abilities in secret. Not because Tamlin wouldn’t let her, she had never even asked, but because she didn’t want him to know. When war came, if they were on opposite sides, she didn’t want her enemies to know just how powerful she was.

Being underestimated had its perks, she had found.

Getting out of the house, then, hadn’t been difficult at all and, in no time, she was already walking into the woods, her eyes and ears paying attention to everything that surrounded her and she had packed the dagger Cassian had given her just in case she had to defend herself.

The trees weren’t enough to cover the moonlight completely, but it was still hard to see where she was going; the shadows were winning that battle in their perpetual war against the light.

Her heart was pounding in her chest in frantic beats that rang loud in her ears… Where the hell was he?

Feyre felt the tug at their bond, calling her to him and she tried to fall it, desperate to get to him – and then she felt this presence just behind her and her instincts were to turn around, dagger in hand, ready to attack.

And it was Rhysand who stood there, wings out, hands in the air in surrender and a smirk on his lips. “Hello, Feyre darling. Would you mind lowering that?” he pointed to the weapon in her hands with his chin, “I don’t see you in month and that’s how you greet me… One would think that you’re not even happy to-“

The High Lord could hear himself talking all day, but she didn’t have the time for that. So she just made him shut up in the nicest way possible – shoving him against a tree with her lips attacking his, her tongue demanding entrance as she tried to get her body as close to his as possible, and that was still not close enough.

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MAC Product Reviews and Demos

When it comes to makeup, MAC are undoubtedly one of the most popular brands of makeup, and for many years have been considered the best of the best, the stuff that pros use and the ultimate goal was to have a makeup bag filled to the brim with MAC products. With an extensive range in hundreds of different colours, formulas and textures; MAC is definitely a brand to have fun with, but its popularity can cause some people to doubt its hype. So here’s the answer, are MAC products really worth the hype and where can I see them in action?

MAC Strobe Cream

MAC Strobe Cream is a product that serves as a staple in my beauty bag, it’s perfect for adding moisture and leaves the skin looking super glowy, dewy and hydrated. I like using it under makeup, but you can also use it to highlight. Full review.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do the physical appearance of Aquarius too???

I actually have a harder time figuring out an Aquarius by appearance so I can only really go by what other authors have written and studying people with Aquarian dominance. 

When I was studying astrology and appearance, I made a post and this is the information I had gathered for Aquarius;

Movements are graceful and swift. Their skull is broad compared to length, their face is long and oval. Their hair possesses a beautiful glint, it is usually curly. Their eyes are slightly wider set apart, the colour ranges from hazel to blue; they are large and luminous. Their nose is neither very long or very short, nor very thin or very broad. Their lips are of medium size, but somewhat thin. Their body is very average and well proportioned; not very robust though. Aquarian men tend to be a little effeminate while Aquarian women tend to be a bit masculine.”

I don’t know if I completely agree with what I had written for it anymore as I have not observed for myself, this is just information I had gathered from one astrologer’s point of view.

I do agree that they have a well proportioned body and are usually quite thin. I also do agree that they are quite androgynous. 

I also have this book (I don’t completely agree with all of it, again) where an astrologer had caricatures done of the signs and this is what they had for Aquarians;

I totally agree that their eye corners tilt up. Here’s an example of the corner eyes tilting up on Roberta Flack (Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, Aquarius Rising);

And then emphasized with shading in this portrait of René Laennec (Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Rising)

In the future if more stands out to me I will definitely make a post on it and expand on this…. But for now; very thin, well-portioned body parts, usually androgynous, and corners of their eyes fan up are the only traits I can recognize clearly in an Aquarian’s appearance. 


Plants of the Day

Monday 23 January 2017

Hamamelis × intermedia (witch-hazel) cultivars are hybrids between Hamamelis japonica (Japanese witch-hazel) and Hamamelis mollis (Chinese witch-hazel). The resulting cultivars have a range of flower colours with Hamamelis × intermedia ‘Moonlight’ having yellow blooms displayed on this typically spreading vase-shaped habit. Cultivars tend to vary in their leaf retention over the winter and this one has a fine display of old leaves with the flowers - I know this annoys some gardeners and I know one who removes them! 

Jill Raggett

i think everybody in their chart has significant challenge somewhere, whether it be overcoming an opposition for a fierce stellium that requires intense, uncontrollable focus. i feel like mars-neptune apects present on of the greater challenges, i guess just from my personal bias (i dont have this aspect but my knowledge/observation/horoscopes). mars is explosive and neptune is sweeping. its like neptune could create this whole fake inner battle… i dunno… positively their colour range and imagination can be quite outstanding 


Happy birthday @danisnotonfire you meme lord. Thank you for the things you’ve done, for the memes you have been, and for the smiles you have shared.

You will always be that tol guy with clothes ranged from black to slightly darker black, fluffy hair, with his personal sofa crease and one of the brightest smile i know. 

tinfoilsoul  asked:

Do you have any tips on coloring? As in, picking colors, especially for highlight/shadow? For some reason I suck at that

References, references, references. They’re exhausting and time consuming to hunt down, but they’re going to help you so so so much. Shadows and hilights will work different on every single thing. Hair, skin, fabrics, leaves, water, ect. It’s also going to change depending on what and where the light source is.

Photograph references first, other peoples’ art references second.

Natural light sources have a different effect than coloured light sources. If you have a blue light, depending on the strength of that light your object is going to have some sort of blue highlight to it in some area.

You’ll also find for shading it’s not a strict progression of your base colour to black. In fact, black shadow/shading usually only comes with very extreme lighting. You want to stay in the range of your base colour. So, I’m looking at my blue blanket right now. The base colour is blue, and I can see in the shadow it goes to just a darker blue in some areas, but a dark greyish blue in others. The brightest section is not full white, but just the blue of the blanket only slightly lighter.

(I am not going to tell you never go full black in shadow, because there are instances where that works, be it for very dramatic effects, or simply to give your a piece a very stylized look.)

This is a pretty basic example, and maybe someone else can offer you better help than me. I honestly struggle constantly with the shading and higlighting process myself. But, no matter what, you have to just do it or else you’ll never truly figure out how it works. Plus, even the most seasoned artists will make mistakes with the hilighting/shadowing.

The world looks so peaceful from above. Amazing how much you can just forget about and escape when you’re up high above the clouds. This was in the midst of a sunset. The clouds slowly turned from a snowy white to tinged with soft pink tones, some dusty and some a bright fiery hue from the setting rays of the sun. As the sun cast its last light, the whole sky dazzled with its range of different colours, from the gentle blues, the dusty, faint purple where the sky met the clouds, to the hazy rose colour of the clouds below. I could not stop staring out the window. And with a quiet sigh, the sky darkened and the plane was plunged into night as the darker blue and eventually an inky shadow slowly covered the sky. That’s why I love window seats so much.

me, sept 24, 2015: list the seventeen members? no there are too many. why are there thirteen. ok lemme try umm… vernon, dino, woozy, jeonghwan, joseph- wait mingyu is joseph’s real name right? no? are they brothers? damn wait i got this, there’s june, eight, soupman, and that’s all the members of the vocal team i think

me, sept 24, 2016: list the seventeen members? ofc i can list them alphabetically, by hair colour, number of lines, birthday (day), birthday (year), vocal range, myers-briggs compatibility, colour of their favourite backpack, ability to eat moist ravioli, how many times they’ve blinked in each performance of mansae-

Inspired by aspoonfuloflanguage’s Chinese post. Please check it out, her design skills are way more impressive than mine. ORL Also, take a look at livingwithlanguages‘s Polish post of the same nature, it’s also very pretty!

My first contribution to the langblr community! I’ve noticed that there are not very many Persian langblr posts out there, so I decided to start off with something basic–colours. Colour is also fundamental to Iranian/Persian space as a whole, so perhaps it is a fitting beginning in that respect as well. For each colour, I decided to use an image that is somehow symbolic or special to Persian/Iranian culture. The title banner, for example, is an image from the Shahnameh, the Book of Kings, often treasured as the source of the modern Persian language.

Below, I have included a brief explanation of the symbols. All of the pictures were taken from Google Images, so if something belongs to you, please contact me and I will remove it ASAP.

Colours (Rang ha) رنگ ها

  • قرمز/سرخ (Quermez/sorkh): Red, the colour of pomegranates, one of the main symbols of Shab-e Yalda, the Iranian Winter Solstice holiday.
  • نارنجی (Narenji): Orange, the colour of goldfish, an important symbol of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the spring equinox.
  • زرد (Zard): Yellow, the colour of many Persian sweets (shirini), including this one, nokhodchi, traditional roasted chickpea cookies.
  • سبز (Sabz): Green, the colour of the sabzeh, an important symbol of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the spring equinox. Symbolizes rebirth.
  • آبی (Ahbi): Blue, the colour of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, a Safavid architectural and mathematical masterpiece, considered one of the most beautiful constructions in the world to date.
  • بنفش (Benefsh): Purple, the colour of the hyacinth flower, an important symbol of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the spring equinox.  
  • سیاه (Siyah): Black, often the colour of the chador, an outer garment specific to the Iranian region. An important feminist symbol during the Islamic Revolution, the chador was donned by many women in protest against the Shah’s oppressive policies. This image is a screencap of Maryam Mohamadamini in Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s iconic film, A Moment of Innocence (Farsi title: نون و گلدون‎‎).
  • سفید (Sefid): White, the colour of Azadi Square, the site of many popular uprisings including the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the 2009 Green Movement.

Wind Cathedral in Namib Desert!

The characteristic feature is the presence of sand dunes exhibiting a myriad range of colours from pink to orange. These dunes are not only vividly coloured but also monstrously high akin to miniaturised version of mountains, many of them being 200 meters tall. The highest one of them all is aptly named as the “Big Daddy”, standing at a height of 380 meters. These dunes have been formed over a period of a million years. They are believed to be 60-80 million years old and were formed by the Atlantic Ocean drifts that pushed the sands for eons. The sand dunes display a dynamic behaviour as in they constantly keep changing their contours and shapes due to the shifting of the wind. As a result we have:

•Transverse dunes which are long and linear formed by prevalent winds

•Star dunes which have multiple ridges formed by multi-directional winds

•Barchan dunes which are formed by uni-directional winds and which are also the most mobile of them all.

Ever fancied being inside a hollow log, in the pouring rain, reading a book next to this guy? Working on the assignment for Pictorial Composition by Nathan Fowkes at Schoolism. This is from lecture 4 which focuses on the “Focal Point”. I decided to use both colour and value as the primary means of how the focal point will work. The composition itself isn’t particularly good. I need to work on this

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Sousa worried about Peggy (2x02)