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Functionally Dysfunctional part 11

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Some days everything just goes so horribly wrong, that Kagome can either loose her mind from being mad or she can just loose it laughing.

Because if the universe was going to make her a laughing stock she might as well have a giggle with it.

It was the kind of day where she woke up late, managed to miss her buss by mere moments, and have the bottom of her shoe vacate it’s assigned position in under an hour. By the time she got to work she was such a mess that she went straight to a bathroom stall to cry for a moment. To let it all out before it ruined the rest of her day.

She was an oddly prepared person, her husband had always said, so she grabbed some coffee and the extra pair of shoes out of her locker before going on to some morning meetings.

Since she had woken up late, her outfit was a hodgepodge of whatever was on top, so it didn’t bother a bit that she was wearing navy shoes with a decidedly black slacks and a tan shirt.

‘I’m making a fashion statement.’ She told herself. ‘One hell of one too.’

The day was a perpetual 30 minutes behind, and even skipping lunch didn’t help with the tardiness of everything. Kagome had scarfed down what she could of her lunch in between seeing patients and answering phone calls.

By the end of the day, when she finally was on the bus, she was do hungry that everything sounded good for dinner.

At the grocery store, everything sounded even better, and she went home with enough food for three whole dinners.

Inuyasha met her at the end of the block (as if he sensed she had too many bags to carry home). But as she handed over the heavier of the bags to him, the bottoms gave out, much like her shoes had earlier. Cans and vegetables rolled their merry little way down the sidewalk, happily going wherever they could.

Inuyasha looked worried, and opened his mouth to offer some sort of condolences, but Kagome cut him off by bursting out laughing. Inuyasha was taking aback by her outburst, however he did chuckle with her, because her emotions were so contagious to him.

Inuyasha had a very limited range of emotions. And an even more limited ability to express them.

But there was one thing that he could talk about for days with anyone and that was old machines of any kind.

So when Kagome heard about an old car show happening about an hour away, she bought tickets immediately. Inuyasha had been hard pressed to be convinced to drive an hour away from his house on a Saturday, especially since Kagome was so intent on surprising him that she wouldn’t tell him what they were driving to see.

As they exited the city and billboards became more and more rare, Inuyasha perked up when he saw that a vintage car show was near them. Kagome did her best to not let on that she was exited to see his reaction, but if Inuyasha had looked over once at his wife, he would have seen a very poorly disguised smile.

Inuyasha wasn’t convinced, for wherever reason, that they were headed to see the cars of days past, and let out a very excited “Really?” when Kagome told him to take the turn into the fair grounds. Parking the car, Inuyasha finally spun quickly to look at Kagome. He didn’t say anything, but the smile that was playing on the edge of his lips and he sparkle in his eyes told her all that she needed. She held out the tickets, and Inuyasha grabbed them while kissing her.

The two of them made it to the gate, and Kagome fell even more in love with him while watching him talk to others who were just as excited to see a Ford (“A real Ford, Kagome! All the way over here!” He had exclaimed) as him.

Suddenly she was just as exited as him, and wanted to learn as much about these strange looking cars as she could.

Kaede made her way over next door with a cake in hand. She had been gifted it by an old student of hers who had become a baker who was rather famous in their part of Japan.

Kaede knew that, even though he wouldn’t ever admit it, Inuyasha would be thrilled to give it a try. It was the first thing she had thought when she had initially saw that cake.

That and the cake was enormous.

So here she was, carefully walking across her garden, with a cake she swore weighed 10 pounds.

And then Inuyasha was there lifting the tiered cake up with ease. “What’s this, old lady?” Kaede smiled at her nickname from the young man. 

“Something I thought we could share.” Inuyasha offered a slight gaze before tilting his head to indicate the door. Kaede opened it and stepped inside, holding the door for Inuyasha. 

Kagome was in the kitchen, doing some baking of her own, but wasn’t surprised to we Kaede. She rinsed her flour covered hands before giving Kaede a quick hug. 

“Good to see you!” Inuyasha tenderly placed the cake down next to the mess that was Kagome’s cookie batter bowl. Kagome gasped when she laid eyes on the delicately decorated cake. “It’s so beautiful!" 

 "Kaede said it’s for sharing.” Inuyasha filled his wife in before grabbing a knife to cut the cake. Kagome gathered plates and forks, and watched Inuyasha cut uneven slices with tender love in her eyes. 

Kaede took note of the terrible job Inuyasha was doing, but said nothing. 

Kagome leaned over and whispered “You should have seen our wedding cake.” Kaede snorted slightly at the image procured in her mind, of guests receiving all sorts of sizes of slices. 

 Inuyasha placed down three slices of the cake, allowing the ladies to pick their slices. Kaede picked the slimmest, and Kagome the next smallest, leaving Inuyasha a large, frosting heavy piece. 

Kagome took a bite, and sighed. “It’s wonderful! Where did you get this?” Inuyasha grunted his agreement. 

“An old student of mine gave it to me. He was always such a gentle and giving soul." 

"I didn’t know you were a teacher.” Kagome scooped some of the sweet frosting on to her husband’s plate, which he downed happily. 

“Oh yes, for years. It was my greatest love." 

"Well,” Inuyasha spoke around the rich cake in his mouth, “you sure are welcomed to share anything else your old students give you." 

Kagome shot him a scolding look, but Kaede laughed heartily. She certainly would share with them, because they shared their happiness with her.

Stand Name: 「COMING 2 TOWN
Stand Master: 「SANTA CLAUS」

Appearance Classification: Artificial Nonhumanoid
Stand Type: Special

Stand Appearance: 「COMING 2 TOWN」 manifests as a large red and green sleigh pulled by eight mechanical reindeer.

Stand Parameters:

  • Destructive Potential: E
  • Speed: A
  • Range: C-A
  • Durability: A
  • Precision: C
  • Developmental Potential: E

Stand Abilities:

  • Flight/Invisibility- By sitting in the sleigh, the stand user can ride it through the air. The user shares a Stand’s invisibility to non-Stand users when riding the sleigh.
  • RUN RUDOLPH RUN」- When this ability is activated, a ninth mechanical reindeer appears, its nose glowing bright red. In addition to greatly enhancing the user’s eyesight, the glow of the red nose renders walls, fog, heavy precipitation and other such obstructions to vision invisible to the user.
  • UP ON THE HOUSETOP」 - This allows the user to contort his body far beyond what is physically possible, allowing him to fit down chimneys and even through closed doors and windows. The range of this ability, and indeed, of 「COMING 2 TOWN」 in general, is limited to whatever building the Stand has landed on, although front and back yards are usually included.
  • ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS」- A sack in the sleigh from which the user can pull anything he desires.
  • 「JOY TO THE WORLD」- The user can stop time indefinitely, but only on Christmas Eve, and the existence of eyewitness accounts of the user in their homes imply that this secondary ability only stops time for everything outside of the Stand’s range.
  • 「THE SANTA CLAUSE」- In the unlikely event that the user is killed, 「COMING 2 TOWN」 is passed onto the next person to wear the old user’s coat, making them the next Santa Claus. As the name of this ability suggests, this ability only exists in the universe of the Jorge Joestar light novel.

Other Notes: Curiously, despite being a Stand, 「COMING 2 TOWN」 is visible to children and, very rarely, adults with sufficient Christmas cheer, regardless of whether or not they possess Stands themselves.

Monster Analysis: Yenk the Goristro + Vorugal the Ancient White Dragon

Thanks to @BrinMataujall for this art piece!

In the fiery corner, straight from the Endless Maze of the Abyss: the elemental terror, Yenk the goristro! In the frosty corner, hailing from the wastes of Northern Othanzia, the third member of the Chroma Conclave: The Frigid Doom, Vorugal the ancient white dragon! FIGHT!

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2015 Art Year in Review

Like last year, I decided to pull up some of my works that I’ve done, not necessarily in each month, but piece that exemplify something that mattered to me and showed just how much personal artistic growth I went through this year.

2015 was a year of learning, shaping, molding, and powerful change for my art. While my style stayed relatively the same, I felt like this year I finally began honing the edges. I fell into Gravity Falls and a bulk of my work was inspired by that, but honestly, it was one of the biggest pieces of inspirational media I’ve had in ages. I learned how to better tell stories visually, better color theory, how to write better jokes and stories. I learned better posing, faster, cleaner lines, I learned that I was capable of a wide range of emotion. My comic and sequential abilities were pushed and tested to their limits. I forced myself to complete projects. I dedicated time and effort into all of my work. And as a bonus to all of it, it helped me to push my confidence and realize my potential in my field. I finally felt inspired, like I was ready. I pushed myself into taking risks and chances I never would have dreamed of before. And while my biggest chance of all still looms on the horizon, I know I can still wait patiently for it because my hard work will have paid off.

This is a monumental year for me. For if all of my hard work from 2015 goes well enough, it’ll push me into the storyboard artist position of 2016.

The future is ahead of us, boys and girls. Let’s see what becomes of it.


Galaxies detected beyond the limits of Hubble!

“You see, in addition to the light we see that comes directly from identifiable point sources — things like individual stars and galaxies — there’s a generally unidentifiable background: the extragalactic background light. This isn’t to be confused with the cosmic microwave background, but rather is due to the total emission from all the stars and galaxies in the Universe, even when the individual sources themselves are too dim to be seen.

If you look at the fluctuations in this light — all of which has been shifted into the infrared at large distances — you can measure how much light was emitted by stars and galaxies when the Universe was just 500 million years old, or less than 4% of its current age.”

Thanks to the power of the world’s most advanced telescopes like Hubble, we’ve been able to observe point sources of light — stars and galaxies — many tens of billions of light years, to when the Universe was just 600 million years old. There ought to have been galaxies around even before that, just beyond the limits of Hubble’s wavelength range and ability to identify. We will likely find them with the James Webb Space Telescope, but that’s not for a number of years. Yet we don’t have to wait! Thanks to looking at the extragalactic background of light, we can draw conclusions about how many distant galaxies there are beyond the power of Hubble to resolve them into sources, and at greater than 99% confidence, we’ve detected that there need to be at least tens of billions of them out beyond anything Hubble’s ever seen.

ronaney  asked:

Idk if you have already but can you post the Xamel? Its the big slidey zaku with big gun from stardust memory

Here you go !

YMS-16M Xamel

Designed late during One Year War, the YMS-16M Xamel was the first true heavy artillery mobile suit, designed to operate as a mobile artillery gun battery. Equipped with a powerful hovercraft/hover-jet system in its legs and massive skirt armor, it could skim along the ground at high speed, giving it the ability to fire, move to another location, set up and fire again without giving away its position too easily. Its primary armament was its long-barreled 680mm cannon, which could be folded up for transport when not in use. It also mounted a missile launcher pod for medium-range fire, but its close-combat abilities were extremely limited, with only a pair of almost useless arms and a 20mm vulcan gun turret mounted in the head. The Xamel also featured a tandem-seat cockpit, crewed by a pilot and a gunner.


anonymous asked:

what's a difficult thing you have gone through but has made you better? if you don't mind sharing! you totes don't have to!

I’d love to share ;)
When I was just 12, the director of the summer camp I was at told my mother to stop wasting her money on me because my chances of making it were slim to none. I pushed on, and made it into the harid conservatory, a very selective tuition-free ballet boarding school in Florida!
After a year of training there, I was told by administration that my upper body did not suit classical ballet and that I should find a less rigorous dance program. Against the advice of almost everyone I asked, I attended the Bolshoi summer program that year, and upon being invited for the year round, returned for three years of training in russia.
And even though I travelled, sent info and photos, and worked my hardest last year, I was rejected by almost every company I auditioned and applied for. But through it all, I still managed to get an amazing job where I am already getting great opportunities to do what I love- dance!!
And no matter what, I refuse to give up. If some people think my range or ability is limited, that is their opinion. I personally will keep striving to get better and just enjoy every minute of this life and experience, because I’ve been blessed so far with such amazing chances!! And even if only one person in the entire audience likes my performance or is moved by it in any way, I will have succeeded :) xx