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Fursona Generalizations
  • Canine: Basic af but still nice and willing to be your best friend in a heartbeat. Possibly still living in 2007 and is overemotional.
  • Feline: Easily flustered by affectionate things. Has a 50/50 chance of being a kink machine and/or fan of anime. Very territorial.
  • Reptilian: Overall very chill. Shares memes with their peers often and sins regularly. Has a shrine to Bowser from Mario. Possibly annoying without knowing.
  • Dragon: Filthy kinksters. Is either super chill or a douchebag with rare in-betweens. Also a slim chance of being a stoner to channel their inner dragon flames.
  • Bunny/Rabbit: Pure and innocent with powerful emotions. Handle with care as you would an actual rabbit. Prefers butts over boobs and may or may not be into twinks.
  • Raccoon/Red Panda: Either pure and innocent or perpetually depressed. Generally fun to be around, but have tendencies to be extremely cynical way too often. Likes chubs and is an art hoe most of the time.
  • Bear: The dad and/or mom friend. Extremely affectionate and uses :) a lot o3o of emoticons 0w0. Has a belly related fetish of some kind 9 times out of 10.
  • Insect/Arachnid: Is sad that barely anyone has a sona like them, very fun to be around either way. Commissions porn often.
  • Fox: See canine. Also has a chance of having oversaturated colored fur (though that applies to most furries, foxes are especially guilty of this).
  • Primate: See insect/arachnid.
  • Aquatic: Most likely a shark. Very cocky and snarky, but has their heart in the right place. Has a thing for mermaids/men.
  • Skunk: Mostly innocent. Has more of the tamer kinks out there and is somehow able to show resting bitch face during text chat. Their personality is a wild card, ranging from an innocent angel to the biggest asshole you'll ever meet.
  • Swine: Disgustingly positive. The dad friend who likes to talk and play video games. Most likely has security issues.
  • Bull/Minotaur: Another wild card, but mostly positive. Is basic af like canines, but doesn't admit it.
  • Sheep: Easily excitable, but mostly down to talk about anything. Generally nerdy and is smol with a slight chance of being a closet freak.
  • Hybrid: Pure, unadulterated shitposter. Has a habit of wearing jokes thin and uses "ironic" humor to mixed results. The chance of them being a sinner is decided by a coinflip, but overall very happy people.
100-Year-Old Life Hacks That Are Surprisingly Useful Today

People don’t often look back on the early 1900’s for advice, but what if we could actually learn something from the Lost Generation? The New York Public Library has digitized 100 “how to do it” cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago, and the tips they give are so practical that millennials reading this might want to take notes.

Back in the day, cigarette cards were popular collectibles included in every pack, and displayed photos of celebrities, advertisements, and more. Gallaher cigarettes, a UK-founded tobacco company that was once the largest in the world, decided to print a series of helpful how-to’s on their cards, which ranged from mundane tasks (boiling potatoes) to unlikely scenarios (stopping a runaway horse). Most of them are insanely clever, though, like how to make a fire extinguisher at home. Who even knew you could do that?

The entire set of life hacks is now part of the NYPL’s George Arents Collection. Check out some of the cleverest ones we could find below. You never know when you’ll have to clean real lace!






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general-girl  asked:

Hello! So, I was wondering if you'll ever do a book with all the little supernatural comics you have here (and new ones hopefully. Love the destiel ones!) or if you already have one (I don't really know, since your etsy shop is on a break)? I'd totally buy it!! Huge fan of your art!


so there’s been a recent big spike in people asking about this, but unfortunately, i just don’t think an accumulative book of all of the comics is going to be possible.

like, that’s hundreds. i think i’ve entered the thousands. even if i was to redraw them, there’d be no way i’d be able to print a monster-sized book like that without crowdfunding. and if it did receive great funding, there’s still the copyright issue.

if i had a team working with me from my home, i’d be a lot more interested in the idea, but as it stands right now, it’s not possible for 1 scout to handle

HOWEVER, great alternative, IS GOD’N’GABE and THE SWAINGELS!

Originally posted by lamthetwickster

and of right now there’re 3 physical books in God’n’Gabe that you can get, with The Swaingels well on the way.

right now the online shop is a bit too overwhelming for me to handle,

but you can catch me with God’n’Gabe at PHXcon!

This is a very simple spread that I use almost on a weekly basis. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love simple spreads. Straight and to the point. This one has become one of my regulars because I find it a great one that truely puts it’s focus on me, my vibes and my being in general.

1. What’s above the surface: Pull this card from the top of your deck after shuffling. It resembles things that are obvious, are seen by other people or things that you ‘carry’ with you outward to the world. External stuff.

2. What’s below the surface: Pull this card from the bottom of your deck after shuffling. It resembles things that are hidden from you, tucked away inside you or things that you’re dealing with emotionally. Internal stuff.

3. Advice card: This one is pulled intuitively from the deck. This card can range from advice, guidance, healing, warnings, pay-attentions, etc. It’s a card that requires your own instinct and intuition a lot. Extra stuff.

Like I said; super simple and to the point but still quite open ended. I’m sure I’m not the first one to use it or come up with it, most likely (because it’s so simple), but I thought I’d share anyways because I love it so much! Happy Taroting! 🍂

Something New

***PLEASE NOTE: This is a series. You can find all parts linked below.***

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Summary: Things get sweet with Lafayette.

Words: 2.1k+

Part One | Part Two

A/N: So I honestly didn’t know where this was gonna go but then I was tired and let my brain flow and this happened. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! (shout out to Ale for being my awesome beta)

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It had been a few weeks since the incident with Lafayette. After the 3rd week, you pushed thoughts of the Frenchman to the back of your head. There was no point in thinking about him when he hadn’t shown his face in so long, each passing week your hopes lowered until they had mostly diminished. He was just a stranger anyway; a really kind and beautiful stranger but, still a stranger.

“Y/N! You’re spacing out again!”

Taylor’s voice brought you back into the moment, how long had you been shaking this margarita? You sighed and poured it out, giving it to the woman in front of you and starting a Bloody Mary. It was a Wednesday, the club wasn’t dead but it wasn’t packed either, you could breathe easier during this shift. You smiled and slid the Bloody Mary to the customer, thanking them as they dropped $5 in the tip jar. You were washing out a cup when a voice behind you called out an order.

“Can I have a Jack and Coke?”

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Long Post

I work at the cafe area of a Big Box Store. In addition to opening/closing (depending on the day), preparing, cooking, and packaging all food as well as running my own dishes and prepping for the next day, I’m also running transactions. I do all of this ALONE for between 4-8 hours even though my closing time has been cut by 30 minutes, but that salt can wait.

Today, I want to talk about the customers, because that who we’d really here for. Here is a(n incomplete) list of offenses they have committed:

-yelling for me while I’m washing dishes in the back. Incessantly. Much more than needed. “Is someone there??? Hello??? Hellooooo??? Is someone there??? I just want some food!! He– oh, THERE you are , gimme some uh…” IT TOOK ME 4 SECONDS TO TURN OFF THE WATER AND WALK OVER SUSAN

-yelling for me when I’m closed and then saying “yeah I see you’re closed but I just want X”. I’m closed. Ive been closed for 20 minutes. My ovens are off and my supplies are out/put away. Leave.

-while I’m cleaning up I have my sign out with the operation hours, the lights at off, the machines are clean, and someone comes up and asks “You’re closed?” Yes, Ryan. “When did you close??” Well if the sign says I close at 8 and it’s 8:15…

-“What kinds of drinks do you have? How much is each size? What sizes do you have?” Honestly if just started pointing to the signs ABOVE MY HEAD and the cup display IN FRONT OF THE REGISTER. Most of them act shocked, as if they haven’t seen it. Come on, Becky, get it together.

-shoving a card in my face. The card reader in right in from of them. The main store makes you run your own card, why would we be dofferent? Last time a woman nearly put it in my mouth. Next time in going to put their chip in for them on the card reader and see if that gets the goddamn message through to them.

-when they walk up and immediately start ordering “Give me XYZ with these special treatments”. I’m not near to/ logged into my register and also I’m a human being, try a “Hi” first, Rusty.

-whistling for me like I’m a dog, even when I’m within sight (which never happens to my male coworkers)

-tapping their card on the counter while I’m woking with my back turned to package products. I’m well within speaking range. Don’t tap your card at me, Helen, I’m just going to make you wait longer

-throwing randomly assorted change on the counter and then making me count it out while you silently stare. Are you a child or unfamiliar with American currency? No? Then act like an adult.

-asking for a special order and then complaining that I don’t have it ready when you come back early. 7 minutes, buddy.

-complaining that I can’t walk your order over to you. I can’t leave the kitchen IM THE ONLY ONE HERE

-complaining that the area I LITERALLY CANNOT SEE is dirty in an anonymous guest complaint when a singular person had spilled some of their ICEE near the trash. (Fuck My Co-workers, they can see it but either won’t help even when told to not tell me that it’s getting bad)

I have an interview to be a cook in a proper kitchen on Thursday, so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get out of retail cafe hell and be able to do work I actually enjoy

Mother's Day

I was talking to my therapist today about the fact that I needed to buy a Mother’s Day card for my mom. She said, “No, you really don’t.” But I explained that I prefer to have minimal contact with my very toxic mom (in order to maintain contact with my brother, who lives with her), and NOT sending a card would result in DRAMA. I would get SO much shit from my mom if she didn’t get a card. And I have very purposely avoided almost all contact with my mom for the past few years. So buying and sending her a card results in LESS contact, and is therefore preferable.

But then I went through my annual agony of Mother’s Day card shopping … because all the cards are about how “You’ve always been there for me” or “I’ve always known I could turn to you” or “Your love has given me the strength to blah-blah-blah.” Well, my mom was never really there for me, I knew I could never turn to her, and her love has always been pretty much all for herself. She hurt me, she put me in situations where other people could hurt me, she watched other people hurt me, and she never took responsibility for any of it. She’s a shit mom and I’m not going to lie about that, even in a card.

I finally found a card that basically just says, “I hope you have a really nice Mother’s Day,” because that’s pretty much true. I mean, I don’t particularly want my mom to get hit by a truck on Mother’s Day, so sure … I hope she has a nice day … in the same way I hope the cashier who rang up the card for me has a nice day. Because I hope everybody has a nice day. It wouldn’t make my childhood any better if my mom had a crappy Mother’s Day, after all.

My therapist had suggested that I buy MYSELF a Mother’s Day card, as well, since I have learned to mother myself much better than my mom ever did. I spent a long time searching for one that felt right. In the end, I chose one that says inside, “Having a mom like you is pretty rare … and pretty wonderful. It’s your day, and you deserve all the love coming your way. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Because the love I give myself now IS pretty rare and wonderful. And I DO deserve any and all love coming my way.

So I am going to do my very best to have a happy Mother’s Day. Thousands of miles away from my mother. Because that’s the way I like it.

BMC Camp Counselor AU: Camp CrokOShita

“Bug spray, sun screen, first aid kit, life vest-”
“Mom, I got everything. Chill.” Michael zipped his backpack up as his mom looked up from her check list.
“I just want to make sure your prepared. You never know what the outdoors can throw at you.”
“Mom, you had me pack a bowling ball just in case. In case of what?” Before she could answer there was a honk from outside. “That’s Jeremy, bye mom!” He kissed her on the cheek before grabbing his bag and running out the door.
“Do we really have to bring it with us?”
“Jake, Freddy is a growing iguana. This kind of outdoor stuff’s going to be great for him.” As Rich said this the iguana glared through the bars of it’s cat carrier. “I know you don’t like this, but you’ll have a bunch of open space when we get there.”
“Or we could just abandon him in the woods.”
“Jake, even if we did he’d find you. He knows what your peed on shirts smells like.”
As Rich packed his last bag have leaned down to the carrier and stuck his tongue out at the lizard who responded by hissing at him.
“Jenna, please. We already filled out all the paperwork we’re doing this.”
“You filled out the paperwork for me! I never agreed to be a counselor for parent less children in the middle of nowhere without any Wi-Fi!”
“Jenna, pwease?” As Christine asked her eyes got bigger as she made a whimpering sounds that Jenna couldn’t look away from.
“Don’t do that-”
“I’ll wove you foreva,” Before she knew ot Jenna found herself in the car on the way to the camp.
“Damn it.”
“Learned it from Jeremy. He’s right, it does work every time.”
“So how come you never told me about this uncle before?” Chloe got in the car as Brooke finished pumping gas. “Why the hell would he want to run a summer camp?”
“We don’t usually talk to him, until we saw pictures we thought it was just him writing down another felony tax scheme.”
“There’s a reason we don’t talk to him.”
“If the pay he was offering wasn’t so good I would not be coming. 90° heat is not good for my lip liner.”
“It’s going to be fun! It’s like spring break, only with kids. And possibly bears.” The meter rang, Brooke swiped her card before getting in the car. “Let’s go!”
“This is it?” Jenna asked as the drama squad convened in front of the sign.
“Camp Cokosita? More like camp CrokOShita.”
“I don’t think those brochures you gave us were accurate Brooke.” The place looked run down with letters from sign distorted or missing, the visible mess hall looked worn down and sagging.
“My uncle told me we’d find him in mess hall.” They all followed Brooke except for Rich who set the carrier down and opened the door. Freddy came out, taking in his surroundings before hissing and parking himself next to the totem pole in the middle of camp.
“What the hell?” The group entered the mess hall that looked even worse on the inside with no uncle in sight.
“Hey there’s something on the table.” The group followed Chloe who picked up the piece of paper with four simple words on it.
‘You’re on your own.’


I finished some greeting card samples!

This is just a little tester post to see if there’s any merit in selling my Berena themed greetings cards (and/or postcards) on Etsy.

I have about 54 other drawing designs with adorning quotes, and there’s a range of slightly alternating card designs in which to feature them so this is just a small idea of the range I could end up making. (Mainly because I’m skeptical about making 59 cards if there’s no interest in them - I have plans to improve designs if there were)

If any of you are keen on the idea then please let me know - any feedback would be great!


This election cycle has been a hell of ride. I’m pissed, I’m terrified, and I’m trying to do better.

As we’ve moved into this new era, I want to do what I can to support organizations and causes that I care for. One important way to support those causes with money and time. For me, I’ve decided to do some of that work through offering tarot readings on a donation basis.

To request readings, you must…

  • Be 18+.
  • Be following me.
  • Not be on Anon or ask via IM. I will ignore requests via IM.
  • Make a donation.
  • Read the damn guidelines.

All donations - minus the cents that Paypal grabs - will be used to support the actions of activists, folx, and organizations doing work around racial justice, trans justice, reproductive justice, queer justice, and more. As time goes on, I’ll make posts about who gets the donations and how much they get.

This is ongoing. I don’t have an end date for this.

So what’s this going to look like?

I have a #readingsforacause tip jar! It’s located on the left side of my blog. If you want a reading, donate through there. Donations are set at $10, $15, and $20.

Donations set at these levels to offer a sliding scale, but I also want to acknowledge that time and effort is going into these readings and that I want to be able to offer as substantial a donation as I can when i donate. Labor is labor, both on my part and on the part of people working towards justice.

After you donate, send me your question via my ASK BOX.

I’ll do your reading as a response to your ask. It’ll be tagged with your username, #potter reads tarot, and #readingsforacause.

What about the readings?

I don’t have pre-selected spreads or a set number of cards for this. I have a few personal spreads that I’ll likely be choosing from that are in the 2 - 4 card range. I promise that whatever size reading you get, it’ll be detailed and focused on empowerment and growth.

Other things to know

  • Before requesting a reading, read my GUIDELINES. They’re there to help you and me both. If you have any questions about them, ask. They’re linked in this post and linked on the left side of my blog.
  • To reiterate an earlier point: because I use Paypal, they will take out a few cents of each donation as a fee-for-service. It sucks, that’s capitalism.
  • I work a full time job and I have a life outside tumblr. This means readings can take some time to get out, especially if I get several requests at once. Thanks in advance for your patience!
  • If you have any questions about this #readingsforacause thing, let me know. You gotta ask for me to answer.

THANK YOU. Thank you so much. I know this is bigger than me, but I have to do something. And with your help, we can do something together.

INCREDIBLY exciting news: I’m now a published greeting card illustrator. Loyal @drawingsofdogs fans may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much about my greeting cards recently. That’s because a year after I medically suspended from my PhD, a greeting card company @ustudiodesign contacted me to ask if I’d like to collaborate on a card range with them. They’re a wonderful, Bristol-based gift and card publisher. We’ve been quietly working away on these, and now they are publishing 12 of my favourite designs (with some beautiful added colour). They’re available in the UStudio physical, and online shops, and they’ll hopefully be stocked by lots of other retailers soon. They’ve printed quantities that would have been well beyond me.


This is a huge step forward for me and has - along with some other secret projects in development - inspired me to try to make it as a freelance illustrator. I’ve set up another tumblr - @somewhatnicer - where I’ll be publishing new illustration work. Don’t worry though, I’m going to keep posting dog drawings here. 

I’m doing a takeover tomorrow on the UStudio Instagram: instagram.com/ustudio.design Check it out, to learn more.

Requests might technically be closed, but I don’t care. Hopefully these suffice ^^;

-He’ll be scared too.
-But, he’s more relieved that you weren’t hurt more than anything else.
-Even though he’s shaken too, he’ll comfort you through it.
-It’s scary when something like this happens, especially so close.
-You’ll likely have to comfort him too. He’s scared too after all.
-He’ll probably want to play some games because it usually helps distract him from things. Old habits die hard.
-But instead of LOLOL, he’ll play something multiplayer so you can both have a distraction together.
-He’ll play whatever you want with you, even if it’s not a video game.
-He’d be down for playing board games or card games if that’s what you want.
-Really, lighthearted games will help both of you cope with this.

-The second he hears about it, the first thing on his mind is you.
-He won’t calm down until you’re in his arms.
-Which means if you’re not home, he calls you as many times as it takes for you to pick up and tells you to come home.
-Once you’re in his sight again, you won’t be out for a very long time.
-He’d probably lose sleep over all of his worries and what ifs playing through his head. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping too, you can stay up together and chat.
-He also says that if there’s anything you want to do, like play a game or watch something, you can.
-He calls to take off of work, but it wasn’t needed. The director had cancelled rehearsals for at least a week already.
-He refuses to let you outside alone. It’s too much of a risk in his mind.
-If you absolutely have to leave and he can’t come with you (like if you have work), he will sit at home and worry about you all day until you come home.1
-More than anything, even if he is scared and panicky too, he won’t let you know that. He’ll smile for your sake.

-She closes the cafe the minute she sees the new reports and you both go home together.
-Once you’re both safely home, there’s a very somber feeling hanging in the air. You can both feel it.
-It might be a bit difficult to lighten the mood again.
-She clings to you and whispers that she’s incredibly grateful you’re safe and that you’ll always be safe because she’s with you.
-To break the sad atmosphere, she suggests playing little games around the house, ranging from card games to sleepover games.
-It’s a nice little light in a dark time.
-You can just laugh at yourselves and forget about all the bad things a little too close to home.
-Overall, although the whole situation has been very shocking to both of you, she’s happy you’re still here with her, safe.

-He will keep you indoors until everything is 100% safe.
-Maybe even after that.
-He’ll be too scared of you getting mixed up in whatever is happening. He doesn’t know what he would do if something happened to you.
-You won’t be out unsupervised for a while.
-Jumin is very calm about it, despite being afraid to let you out of his sight.
-His calmness definitely helps you and keeps you from panicking.
-If you do begin panicking, he’ll sit and listen to your worries as long as it takes.
-This kind of thing isn’t easy to accept and get over. He knows that.
-Anything you need, he’ll see to it.
-Cuddles. With him and with Elizabeth.
-Both help you relax.
-You don’t have to worry about feeling alone or defenseless because Jumin is here for you.

-He heard about the attacks mere minutes after it happened. He got all of the information.
-If you’re both home at the time, he immediately goes to you.
-If you’re out, he’s panicking. He’ll call you and tell you to come home as fast as possible.
-Whichever one it is, when he sees you, the first thing he does is hug you.
-He’s scared that something so dangerous and scary happened so close to you. He’s not so much worried about himself as he is about you.
-He keeps up with every single news update, but doesn’t let you do the same. The last thing he wants is for you to worry.
-Don’t worry. He’ll keep you informed if it will help ease your anxiety, but he’ll also make sure you have something to distract yourself with.
-Movies. You guys watch funny movies until you finally pass out late that night.
-It’s something light in a dark time. It’s better than nothing.
-He stares at your sleeping face, resting against him, and remembers how thankful he is that you weren’t hurt today.

-He counts his blessings.
-You weren’t hurt.
-That’s something he is extremely thankful for.
-The whole experience of something so scary happening so close has shaken him up.
-He’ll hug you and remind you how much he loves you and he’s so relieved that you weren’t at the wrong place at wrong time.
-Things like this really remind you how scary and unsafe the world is. V knows that. So, he makes a huge effort to assure you that the world may be scary at times, but it’s also beautiful.
-He’ll accompany you out in public if you want him to, without question.
-He feels a bit helpless with his poor eyesight, but his hearing as heightened because of it, which means he is still confident he can protect you if needed.
-He assures you he won’t need to, but he would protect you, even if it was the last thing he does.
-There’s a lot of hand holding for at least the next few weeks. He needs to feel you next to him.

-The first thing he checks is if you’re okay.
-If you weren’t already together, he’s going to get to you as fast as he can, whether you’re just in another room or you’re out in town.
-Either way, he has to see with his own eyes that you weren’t involved in the attacks and are completely unharmed.
-He gets really quiet, which simply means he’s very worried.
-The news about the attacks scared him too, but he doesn’t express it besides following you like a shadow. He did that before sometimes anyway.
-He’ll let you talk if you want to. He’s a good listener.
-If you ask for anything, he’ll do it for you.
-He knows you’re scared, so he’s going to make sure you know you’re safe with him, even though he have doubts about his ability to protect you. He’d still try with everything he has.
-Lots of quiet, small physical affections, like resting his head on your shoulder and hand holding.
-It’s therapeutic for both of you.

alaalba123  asked:

As a casual constructed player, I play with the subset of cards I buy specifically to make the decks I design myself. As does everyone else I know. We play with a wider range of cards than tournament players, but no one I know would play with anything as bad as Crabapple Cohort.

I used to do deck clinics at conventions where I looked at people’s decks and gave them advice how to make it better. It was eye opening. People play with everything. Everything!

We even have data on Magic Online (which leans more towards enfranchised players) that shows it’s true.

Felassan: The Fen’Harel Disciple

The Hanged Man

From the weekly Community Tarot Card Stream

Felassan, from The Masked Empire, one of my favourite Dragon Age secondary characters. 

Is there a DA character who you always wished had a card of their own? We’ve made one for Scout Harding, Isabela, and Felassan here. I haven’t planned a new character for next week, so requests for the next companion card we make is up to you! 

Want a card like this? Hire me! Tarot card commissions range from $80-200.