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In Bloom {Biadore} Chapter 1 - Taurus's Splattered C*nt

Author’s note: Hello everyone! You may have been wondering where on earth Splatt, Taurus and C*nt have gone? Well we’ve formed a super trio, Taurus’s Splattered C*nt. We hope you enjoy this first chapter of our little soulmate AU, it’s been super fun to write and collaborate (across 3 different timezones) and we’re dying to hear your thoughts! We hope you all love this as much as we do! Also we hope this story works your pussy out x

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Luke: But we were cantering through quite an icy field…
Howard: I love the way you’re correcting it because you don’t like the version that I spat out. (x)

[get to know me meme: seiyuu edition] || {04/05} favourite seiyuu of all time: eguchi takuya

tsunalmi  asked:

Hi there! I'm really interested in playing Astrologian next! I'm really wondering in how it plays. I know there is the RNG element added to it with the deck and how it has the different sects which allow for synergy-- but can you give me a somewhat in depth analysis fitted for a newbie at FFXIV. I've been playing it for about two weeks now and I've always been aspiring to become an Astrologian but I just reached 50 now and have been leveling a WHM.

Apologies for taking all day to answer. I had to figure out how to start! And where! Because I’m a horrible teacher hahahahahh

Anywho, where to begin–

Here are your basics:

AST is a hybrid-ish healing class that acts like an in between for SCH and WHM. With a harder learning curve, it requires some knowledge of two styles of game play healing: burst reactive (WHM) and stragetic preventive (SCH). It’s a great class for people who love playing support. And  by support, I don’t mean healing. I mean support. Like the classic FF Bard, FFX’s Songstress, FFXI’s Bard/Corsair/Dancer/Geomancer, etc etc. Classes that focus on buffing the party and enfeebling the enemy. Support is a role that is slowly being lost in MMOs and one that does not exist in FFXIV so they sort of carved it into AST, SMN and SCH so we could enjoy it. Sort of. I recommend this class for players who are schooled on WHM and SCH  either from actually playing or studying up on it. It’ll help provide knowledge for both stances.

Your cross class skills are: Protect, Stoneskin, Swiftcast, Aero*

The first two are required. Aero is not but you’ll get it anyway.

Let’s move on to Sects: 

You have Diurnal Sect (30) and Nocternal Sect (50) and you can’t change them in battle so you have to be choosey over which one you’ll be using for whatever situation depending on party make up and duty composition/type. Diurnal Sect is your WHM stance. Aspected Benefic and Helios will have a regen buff which you can stack together and you’ll also have increased casting speed while in this sect. This sect is your baseline. Your end all. It’s your best sect for both healing and DPSing simply because of the faster casting speed and I consider it an AST’s preferable default. 

Nocternal Sect is your SCH stance. This time your aspected spells will have a shield buff attached to them that negates a hefty chunk of damage based on HP cured and you will recieve increased healing potency. Unlike Diurnal Sect, Noct is heavily situational and I personally wouldn’t recommend sitting in it outside of boss fights even in a 4-man dungeon run. A lot of ASTs do like this stance because of the potency boost or because they’re more suited to play SCH and because of differences in gameplay across players, I will not say that they’re wrong but it’s universally known that Diurnal is the best choice for almost all encounters and party set ups.

In 8-man duties you must match your sect type with your off healer and this is why it’s important that all AST know how to play both. If you’re paired with a WHM, you can choose anything. Diurnal regens stack with WHM’s Regen and Medica II. If you are paired with another AST, choose the sect the other AST is not using. Unfortunately, aspected buffs of the same sect do not stack. If you have a SCH, you MUST be in Diurnal Sect. Noct Sect shields do not stack with SCH’s Galvanize and you will fuck their buffs over if you sit in Noct Sect stubbornly.

For an example of how I choose sects: in 4-mans I use Diurnal on trash and Noct on bosses. Boss enemies tend to have large party wide damage that you can’t avoid, so Noct Sect is pretty good for that especially if you’re under geared. In 8-man, it depends on my off healer and the duty at hand. 

Now for Cards:

You have six types: Balance (ATK+20%), Bole (DEF+20%), Arrow (Attack Speed +10%), Spear (Ability Recast), Ewer (MP regen) and Spire (TP regen) and DPS will be whining for exactly 2 of these. But luckily you control who gets what. ;)

The cards are purely RNG and yeah you will have a lot of “bad card days” BUT as you level you’ll get a lot of nifty skills to help make card use a lot easier. Some examples include Redraw, which shuffles your cards again to pull a new one and of course Shuffle which allows you to hold a card indefinitely. Then there’s Royal Road which sacrifices a card for an indefinite buff that increases the usefulness of the next card used on your party. The royal road buff depends on what card you sacrifice and you can get enhanced, extended or expanded (AoE) buffs for your cards.

But all of that’s in the tooltips. We’re gonna talk about card use. 

At the end of the day, you control your card use. Remember the other two healing classes don’t have these buffs so essentially anything your party thinks they need, they actually don’t! They just want to increase their DPS numbers for literally no reason. So prioritize based on whatever you want. I personally like giving buffs to the lowest ilvl party member. Over geared players in the content I do tend to not need jack shit imho. But this is only casual content. Raid content will be a little different so keep that in mind if you decide to take your gameplay to that level.

But general consensus based on how much my DPS have bitched in the past, Melee really like Balance and casters really like Arrow. Especially BLMs which is why I don’t give them Arrow 90% of the time. But anyway also tanks will love bole even if they say they’d rather have Balance. I like to hold Boles when I know my tank pulls big or happens to just eat a lot of damage and I’ll usually toss it on them whenever I pull it and I don’t have an AoE Balance/Arrow ready for use.

This is all just me of course. Choose whatever method of use is best for you.

What Makes AST Unique

Besides the cards and sects it would be it’s unique abilities. AST has a number of space-time related skills that make it’s gameplay really interesting compared to WHM and SCH. One of these being the ability to extend the duration of buffs. Time Dilation and Celestial Opposition will be your best friends when you get to level 60 Together they can extend the buffs of one target by a grand total of 25 seconds. That’s the length of a regular non-GCD buff on any job and it’s a lot. They’re great for using to extend buffs on your tank so your regens can heal them while you focus on something else.

Another nifty skill which also acts as your personal Divine Seal is Synergy. Synergy allows you to heal two people at once and it’s great to use in 8-man parties when both of your tanks are taking large amounts of damage or whenever a DPS decides to get themselves hit and you gotta keep healing the tank while healing them. It comes with a heal potency increase so using it whenever is good too just for that.

And of course there’s my personal favorite, Collective Unconscious which creates a shield and bestows a huge fuckin’ regen on everyone within range of the happy bubble. You can’t move while using it but it’s still great. While the shield portion of the bubble doesn’t persist after you cancel the skill, the regen portion does, which means you can treat it like any other buff which means it can be affected by time dilation and celestial opposition which means it’s fucking awesome. This skill is not only great to use when a big signature move is coming your way during a boss fight but also when you wanna put big regens on the tank so you can DPS your life away.


This is all just the shell of AST of course. You get to the core by playing it yourself! And I hope this helps you keep interest!  AST has had a particular stigma for a bit because of varying gameplay levels of people trying it out but we’re making a huge come back since the 3.4 update! It’s an amazing class and I’m glad you’ve taken an interest!

People think we’re weak but we really aren’t. Anyone who does consider us weak is just a poor player and doesn’t know how to master AST anyway. ;)

– Mod Mhi

anonymous asked:

What kind of drunk was Dylan and/or VoDkA?

A happy, laughing drunk according to Brooks and a weepy drunk according to Sarah Slater. Think it’s safe to say that Dylan wore his emotions on his sleeve while drunk. His range of feelings were bubbling over at the surface and he was less inhibited and socially anxious. His hyper awareness/self consciousness and mental analyzing and over thinking mental chatter perpetually going on inside his head calmed down and so a range of emotions took hold. He liked it because it was an escape from himself, he felt freer and in touch with sides of himself he normally suppressed or concealed in social settings. VoDkA was the jovial, bad ass partier

anonymous asked:

Can you do a blurb of Ashton being a cute little shit while ice skating?

yes yES YES I AM ALL FOR THIS! (I’m a little bit of an Ashton girl I am so far up his ass help me. Yea just a little.) 



“Ah! Ah no no no shit sh- I’m okay! I’m okay!” Ashton was slipping and sliding all over the place in his skates as you watched from your spot holding onto the side of the rink.

“Babe! Ashton stop swinging your body like that you’re gonna f-”

“Ahhhhh!” Ashton yelled out as he plummeted to the floor.

“Fall.” You sighed out as you skated to him and stopped by his crumpled figure on the floor. It was weird to see a tall boy in such a position. You helped him up as best as you could without throwing yourself off balance.

“How do you do it? You’re so graceful with it!” he gawked as you skated a circle around him.

“Just push off one foot then the other! Left, right, left, right!” You locked arms with Ashton and slowly skated along side him. Letting him take his time to get in the groove.

“I’m doing it! Oh my god! (Y/N) look! I’m doing it!” Ashton smiled big, his eyes glowing like a kid on christmas morning. His bubbly giggle rang through your ears and you couldn’t help but smile along with him. You slowly let him go and watched him skate all the way to the other side of the rink and stop himself on the wall. He turned to you, still smiling ear to ear and pushed off the wall, skating towards you.

“Ash, Ash! Slow down! You’re going too fast!” He was on a crash course headed straight towards you.

“I don’t know how to!” He exclaimed and gave you a panicked looked as you braced yourself for the impact. You grunted as he hit you and you both tumbled to the floor in a fit of giggles. He broke your fall mostly, making sure you fell on him instead of the ice. You sat up and looked down at your adorable boyfriend, with his deep dish dimples and bright eyes. He was still laughing as you got up and held a hand out to him. He slowly stood up alongside you and finally stopped laughing to peck your lips.

“Let’s go ice skating more often.”

“You got it babe.” You smiled and grabbed his hand, taking him on one last round on rink.


I’m okay I swear! help my heart is overwhelmed


DEAL WITH A DEVIL pt 1 of something

Gravity Falls Transcendence AU! So this completely contradicts some of the head canon out there but I started writing this before I’d read it and I’m a little attached to this now so that is okay with me. Set after a certain fic which is definitely not mine and which I will link here. (Is that allowed? Well, I hope so, because I wrote this thing and it’s not over yet.)

Deal with a Devil; 4415 words. Hope you guys like it!

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( for pangeasplits, who said: bubble bath)


It started as a joke, really. Charles had said, half amused and half exasperated, “Listen, Erik, just—instead of plotting the murder of all humans because a boy was rude to you at the grocery check-out counter, why not, I don’t know, make tea or sit in a nice warm bath with scented candles or something for half an hour and calm down,” and Erik had stared at him in silence, which was how Erik generally reacted when he thought that Charles had just said something incomprehensible, possibly in a foreign language, and then left the room.

Charles had proceeded to more or less dismiss the incident from his mind, after that.

And then he came home from a Senate mutant rights hearing irritable and exhausted, got himself and his wheelchair up the stairs while wondering where the hell his purported lover and soulmate and other half was and what Erik might be doing instead of kissing him at the door, and then wondered why he was breathing in the scents of orange blossom and pink soapiness and hot water, and then stopped in the doorway to their bathroom and said, “Oh dear God.”

Erik sat upright behind a veritable mountain range of opalescent bubbles, glared, and said, “I was watching your hearing, and it was this or level the Pentagon again, Charles.” A soap-bubble popped near his shoulder.

“I’m not complaining at all,” Charles said, “I’m planning to join you,” and Erik said, “Take off your clothes, then,” and they ended up tangled together in the opulent miniature-lake expanse of the bathtub,  gold knobs and jacuzzi jets in full play, breathing in steam and orange-blossom air and building fluffy castles out of bubbles and foam.

Cheaters Never Win...Except When They Do

AO3 link (x)

A/N: book 3 has inspired some serious korrasami feels and I needed to drown myself in fluff a little. I started this like a month ago and just now finished it whoops.

Summary: Korra and Asami and goofing off and wrestling, and once Korra starts cheating…Asami does too.

“Not bad, Asami.” Korra laughed as her back hit the floor, Asami’s left leg making a sweep at the place where the avatar had been standing.

“You’re not so bad yourself you know.” Asami replied when Korra grabbed her outstretched leg and tried to flip her. Asami landed on her hands, wrapping her legs around Korra’s neck and shoulders to counter her move and land the avatar on her back again, “Well, when you’re using your bending at least.” Asami teased.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Korra raised her brow and she squirmed to get free of the pin Asami had caught her in.

“With your bending, you’re practically unstoppable.” Asami started, ducking in close and cupping the avatar’s chin, “but without using it, I could best you in a fight any day.” She taunted.

Korra rolled her eyes, “You’re the one who said ‘no bending’. I don’t think that’s very fair, you giving 110% while I’m holding back.”

“Not my fault you aren’t as good at regular hand-to-hand comb-HEY!” Asami yelped when a burst of air pushed her back and off of Korra’s trapped body, “You cheater!” She laughed.

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