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Buying organic eggs doesn’t change this. Male chicks are useless to the industry because they don’t lay eggs. They are unprofitable (just like male calves in the dairy industry) and therefor killed within the first week of hatching. 

The legal methods of killing baby chicks worldwide are: electrocution, shredding in an industrial grinder, cervical dislocation (breaking their neck), death by gas and suffocation in bags.

And not only that; but supporting this industry also means supporting the poultry/meat industry because all laying hens get sent to slaughter once their productiveness drops and they are no longer profitable.

“Free-range”, “organic” or regular, the egg industry is one of the most cruel forms of animal exploitation. Please don’t support it.

Inktober Day 14

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what's your favourite bag of harry's? mine's the ysl one

Ohhhhhh anon.  OHHHHHH ANON. It’s his Mulberry gym bag. If I was better at tagging, I’d send you to my tag, but alas and alack i’ve only halfassed my tagging system.  so i’m just gonna make a masterpost of my obsession.  It’s to the point where the wallpaper on my whatsapp is a college of Harry and this bag.    ( @thatmanisnotstraight this post is for you too). I should probably put it under a cut because I have so many pictures of it and he uses it so often and has for years.  It’s like porn to me.

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Bag of baby clothes, free to a good home

Hello there,

I am offering a free bag of baby clothes to a good home! Baby clothes can be pretty expensive, so this is a great deal. You’ll probably save hundreds of dollars. If I were you, I would snap this up right away.

The last family that wanted the bag waited way too long and they missed out on it.

There are probably 100 or so items in the bag. They range from infant size to 16 months. I have onesies, pants, shirts, dresses, and a few other outfits. All are used. Heavily used. But still worth it.

It is free to a good home.

If you’re a parent, you probably know that you buy clothes for your little one and then they grow out of them so fast. I understand. I’ve been there. You’ll find that out if you come pick up the bag. Which is free to a good home, by the way. You just have to come pick it up.

What do I mean by a good home? That’s a good question. First you need two parents. There are too many single parent homes. It’s a gosh darn shame. A child needs two parents to grow up happily.

A boy can’t grow up with just one parent. He can’t only have his mother. She worked so much that he was alone most of the time. He was so lonely. He started chewing his own fingers to occupy his time. The police said he just needed a good home. He wasn’t to blame for what happened.

Obviously the family needs to have a mom and a dad. No queers or whatever the pc term is. You can have other children but they need to be clean and well kept. I prefer blondes but as long as their hair isn’t black it’s okay.

The last time I had a black haired family I had to take the bag of baby clothes back.

Their house was nice, though. Too nice. They didn’t belong there.

The bag is big but breakable, so be careful. It’s just your typical trash bag. But I filled it up as full as it would go! It is bulging at the seams. There are so many articles of clothing!

Please, I am looking for a good home.

I have had no luck on craigslist. The last woman to come get the bag told me she had a husband. Turns out she was living with another woman. I do my research. She lived in this tiny apartment in the city. It was basically a shit hole, pardon my French. She lived there with a woman who almost looked like a man. It was appalling. The baby was cute though. I would have named her Adelaide. She already had a few outfits that I added to the bag. One was a pretty swimsuit with big blue flowers. It’s stained pretty bad with blood, but it’s definitely still usable.

The bag of baby clothes is heavy. It probably weighs about as much as ten babies. I don’t know, I’ve never held that many at once. It definitely weighs less than an adult though. I’ve had to move adults quite a bit.

Plus it’s free to a good home!

If you’re interested, respond to this message. Then you can come meet me at my place. It’s a nice house, too nice for those black haired cretins. They’re still lying around here somewhere but don’t worry, I’ll clean up before you come. I am a good host. I am a good dad. A good dad.

I’m just looking for a good home.


some youmaru to consider:
  • you taking hanamaru out on her boat at night to watch the stars together. maru totally digs it cos, what do ya know, sailors have some pretty interesting stories about them. she feels like she’s learned more about the sky from you than any book, really

  • you cooks for her like. literally all the time. mostly because it’s cute how excited and happy she looks when she has tasty food but also because you is kinda a dork who likes to take care of people. she wouldnt admit it but she looks up recipes for some of hanamaru’s favorite food to ‘casually’ bring some by later

  • even if hanamaru tries her best, she still has her limits. you does her best to accommodate her girlfriend’s less than impeccable physical health when she can– this ranges from carrying her bags and books for her to just flat out carrying her when practice runs too long and she’s too tired. she piggybacks you more often than you’d think

  • they both have a lot of experience with feeling left out and alone but it’s something they’re closer because of. you is very very affectionate and hanamaru loves it but more importantly, hanamaru is perceptive enough to know her girlfriend appreciates care and reassurance just as much and has no problem letting her know how important she is, whenever she needs it

  • really though you is affectionate as hell. maybe not straightforward when it comes to romantic feelings but she certainly wouldnt be tight lipped about how cute she thinks hanamaru is, something a ‘plain country girl’ isnt prepared to deal with

  • unfortunately for hanamaru, you is also a rambunctious and playful girl. when your Much stronger girlfriend likes to tickle or pin you whenever she gets the chance, your only real option is to melt

  • hanamaru also helps her with her studies because do not be fooled chika is not the only lazy slacker around. 

  • on more than one occassion you has miraculously talked her into a nightly swim in either the pool or the ocean. there’s a start contrast between the night and day though— you is somehow far more calm and serene when it’s the two of in times like this, and incredibly beautiful in the moonlight much to hanamaru’s dismay.

  • you has chased hanamaru around with fish she has caught on more than one occassion. it is… unfortunate to watch.

Bushclass - FAK

I wanted to make an all purpose FAK - around the house, hiking, at the range, camping, and this bag was I think pretty much made for that purpose. Whatever I am doing, one kit, grab and go.
1. Condor First Aid Pouch
2. Tape
3. Hand sanitizer
4. Ace Bandage
5. That is a Coast HX5. I just got it but I am a pocket flashlight junkie so I have several well proven lights that are sometimes in this kit. So far it’s a pretty neat little light but it doesn’t have modes. I will probably give it to someone and put one in with modes. 130 lumens can be too much light when you want to look into small cavities or eyes or whatever, but I do want a light in case the kit has to be used in the dark (A flashlight never leaves my pocket, but in case someone has to save my butt). Alkaline batteries are of course, not allowed.
6. Sheers. I think these are made of titanium? I can’t remember anymore but I think that is what the package said - they weigh almost nothing and were cheap AND cut fabric really well.
7. Some temperature strip that came free in something. Seemed like a good place for it.
8. Booboo stuff goes in the mesh pocket. That little yellow plastic thing is camp soap strips. I think they were in the lesson video and I thought they were a great idea. Band aids, carmex, Pepto, tweezers, Ibuprofen, pseudoephed, antibiotic, etc.
9. Straight up bleeding out stuff goes in the middle. Gauze roll.
10. Open tourniquet. Instructions tucked in behind it. Tourniquet in the package.
11. Israeli Bandage.
12. Misc in the right side. Mole skin.
13. Gloves.
14. Handful of 4x4 gauze.

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     He briefly entertains her with a passive stare, loose fabrics of the bicep meeting to the svelte edges of the shoulder. Tinted irises inattentively roam to linger to the range of body bags shaped disproportionately concealing what remains of a body.

Do you happen to have the name of the patient responsible?

Expensive gift he buys you + your reaction ~ Magcon preference.

Love you ! 

Cameron : 

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes 

Nash : 

Prada bag 

Taylor : 

Range rover  

Hayes :

Michael Kors watch 

Matt : 

Promise ring 

Aaron : 

Louis Vuitton shoes  

Shawn : 

Versace glasses 

Jack J : 

Designer shopping spree 

Jack G :

Jimmy choo pumps