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it’s so weird hearing americans talk about Target© as some kind of semi-religious holy space of reasonably priced goods and services, bc in it’s short, fever-dream existence up here in the frozen north it was… Not Good. 

in my experience with the three (3) i went to in the surrounding area it was. uh. you know when you step into a place and there’s nothing immediately noticeably wrong but you can just Feel that this is a Bad Space? like the kind of space where if you catch a glimpse of your mother walking down an aisle and turning a corner you know it’s a demonic trick and if you follow her it’ll lead you down a path to a dark space you can’t return from?

or you go in with your friend who’s right next to you but you get a text from them saying “hey i’m in the shoe aisle, you should come here” and you know it’s a trap from the devil? like other things:

  • only half of the dim, washed out, often flickering fluorescent lights were lit at any given time, usually only every-other set, leaving these valleys of darkness that made entire aisles inaccessible for fear of shadow people latching on to your soul like a dark passenger. 
  • entire sections were just Empty. empty shelves with no product, never any employees filling them up, no boxes waiting to be unpacked, no signs saying what should be there.
  • no employees at all actually? wandering around the store even though the parking lots were full and you walked in with a group of 20 or so felt so lonely. you could walk the whole place and it was dead silent and the only other “people” around always were several aisles away with their back turned, unmoving. there was always only one cashier and there was never anyone in her line.
  • there was never any music on or announcements played? another place that does this are all the dollar trees in my area and it gives me anxiety. i feel like i’m being hunted, like i have to hold my breath and listen for the footsteps of beasts in other aisles. 
  • the fitting rooms had a strange, dark energy to them. it felt like if you ever used them, whatever universe you closed the door on would not be the same one you stepped out into when you were done. the washrooms also contained this same dark energy.
  • passing the employees-only doors felt like wandering too close to a bears den. the glass windows never showed anything going on back there, no racks of product, no employees milling around. it was just pitch black, complete darkness. a hungry void.
  • leaving a target was the same disorienting feeling as leaving a dark theatre and exiting into the light. sound and colour and feeling rush back in. you feel like you can breathe again. a weight is lifted from your shoulders. you can’t remember any of the time you spent inside the target.

it is my sincere belief that the targets in canada never existed. the storefronts were put up, yes, but the stores themselves were vast empty caverns filled with dark dreams and sinister interlopers attracted to the malignant leftover energies from zellers. passing through the automatic doors was meant to teleport us to the nearest american location, but something went wrong and we entered an unnatural zone halfway between the upside down and whatever it was that happened in the langoliers. 

i believe the balls outside target are carefully crafted and powerfully attuned magical artifacts that keep up the illusion known as Target©, but were incorrectly spaced in canada due to a mixup between the metric and imperial systems of measurement, and that is why the brief twilight zone episode that was canadian target collapsed virtually overnight.

The Game of Cat and Mouse (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Don’t hate me for doing something not Riverdale lol.

Imagine: Peter faces a new challenge when a new hero on the block begins taking all the good cases… and his reputation. Little does he know that her true identity lies closer than he ever imagined. He realizes your secret identity, while you’re none the wiser to his.

Peter wiped the sweat from his brow, though it did not do much as it was currently covered in red spandex.

He’d been going at it with you for what seemed like hours, though it was only minutes. No matter how fast he seemed to travel through the air via his webs, no matter how fast Karen’s technological prowess picked up on the latest crimes, he’d arrive at the scene of the crime and there you were, already tying up the bad guys and leaving your signature kiss on their cheek with your pink lipstick.

He’d had enough. He was the hero that Brooklyn needed, not you! So, he challenged you. Winner gets to be the presiding hero over the Brooklyn area, loser has to find something else to do. You grinned at his proposal, barraging him with enough blows and kicks for him to wonder how human you really were.

He ducked the roundhouse kick you aimed for his head, shooting his webs at your arms. You dodged the shot deftly, sweeping a leg under his ankles. He jumped to avoid being tripped.

You chuckled, blowing a large, pink bubble with your gum as you extended your compact staff, using it as a lever to jump at him and aim more hits.

“You’re chewing gum!?” Peter said exasperatedly, voice cracking. He’d never met such a nonchalant superhero before, and that was coming from someone who’d taken Ant-Man head-on.

You shrugged, twirling your staff. “It helps me think.” Your comm unit rang and you plucked it off your belt, masked eyes widening at the message. “Gotta go. We’ll pick this up next time, Spider-Dweeb.” With a running head start, you jumped off the roof of the building and out of sight.

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Lookin’ for a Boyfriend.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Requested by the legendary Charissa aka @toms-spidey: "someone write me a peter fic based on boyfriend by big time rush” Alternatively, Peter asks you to be his lab partner, but he ends up asking a little more.

Warnings: None? I think the worst swear is heck. Uh, unless you want nervous Peter as a warning because Peter is VERY nervous.

Word Count: 2250

A/N: It was an honour to write this for you, Charissa. I really hope you like it! Also, I listened to Boyfriend on repeat for like two and a half plus hours while writing this, so… If you’d like to listen while you read, you can find it here.

There she was. (Y/N), in all her glory, walked down the hall past Peter and Ned. Though he and Ned had been in the middle of discussing their next sci-fi movie night, Peter stopped mid-sentence as his eyes followed (Y/N). Ned sighed heavily. Why on earth had Peter started noticing a girl that was around them all the time? Liz was fine because they didn’t see the seniors much, as sophomores, but (Y/N) was in their class. Not only did she have classes in the same wing, the three of them were in the very same chemistry class. No, Ned didn’t think it was ironic.

“Dude, come on,” Ned drew Peter’s eyes from (Y/N) with a heavy sigh. “You’ve talked to her like three times.”

“That’s not true!” Peter retaliated, bristling. “We spent a whole week working on that chemistry lab together when you were out sick…”

Ned rolled his eyes. “You’re gonna have to do better than that.” Then, a lightbulb went off in his head. “Y’know… we’re starting a new lab in class today…”

Peter’s eyes widened. “No.” After Ned started wiggling his eyebrows, he repeated, “No. Ned, no.”

As they walked into class, Ned gave him a wink before walking up to a friend in one of his other classes. “Hey man, can we be lab partners for this next lab? Neither Peter nor I are great at this, so we wanna split up for this one.”

Unaware of Peter going into a panic behind Ned, the guy answered, “Oh, sure! Of course! Titration is one of my favorite things; I’d be more than glad to help you out.”

Peter swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat before he crossed the room. “(Y/N),” he started, but his words got caught in his throat.

“Yes?” you said, turning to face him. Peter could have sworn the sunlight bent around your body to make you literally sparkle.

His palms immediately felt clammy and his throat went dry. “I was wondering if maybe you would possibly…” he trailed off. He was beyond tongue-tied.

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Rough boyfriend // Isaac Lahey smut

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Requested: Yes  “ i don’t know if my request sent bc my phone glitches but i’ll just resend it:) could you do a isaac smut, where y/n is a volleyball player and is at an open practice (anyone can watch). Isaac watches her practice but then overhears a bunch of boys talking about her ass and how pretty she is then Isaac gets jealous. You can end it however you like! sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense, english isn’t my first language! but i love your account! thanks xx” -unknown

Plot: Just as the request goes :D

Word count: 1 219

Warning: smut, fluff, hardcore, rough sex, jealous Isaac, angry Isaac etc.

Age: 15+

A/N: I took a break for a couple of days, but I’m back again and writing :) I’m slowly writing y’alls requests so just wait, I didn’t forget about you. Here it is and enjoy ! xx

The bell rang, I packed my bag and walked straight out of the classroom. Thank god it’s over for this week. I honestly couldn’t do more. I open my locker and push some books inside. I see Scott walking towards me and I smile. “Hey!” he says and hugs me. I hug him back “Hey!”

“You’re coming to practise today right?” he asked me. I smiled “Of course, I got my clothes and everything.” He giggled and said “That’s awesome, see you then.” “Alright, see ya!” I said and he waved at me walking off. I waved back and took out my phone.

It was a text from Isaac.

Where are you babe?

I responded

Next to my locker, I’m going to practise x

I put my phone into my pocket, close my locker and start walking.

As I was on my way to changing room, when I hear loud foodsteps coming from behind. “Babe! Wait!” I hear him scream. I turn around and my face lights up as soon as I see him. He kisses me softly on lips and look at me. “You’re going to practise?” he askedd me and I nodded.

“Wanna come and see? It’s an open one,” I said and he smiled. “I’d love to,” he said. He took my hand we started walking outside.

“Okay! Stilinski! Shut up! Y/n! You go first!” coach says and I look at Stiles. He looked so confused and I laughed at him. “Why was he mad?” he asked me, when I walked to the front of the line. “You guys always talk your little wolfie stuff.” I said and he looked at Scott. I giggled, looked at Isaac and he waved at me. I nodded in response.

I was wearing my usual practise clothes, but for some reason I heard some giggling coming from boys, but I just decided to ignore it. I sart jogging and throw the ball. i start walking back, but then Isaac grabs my arm. “Let’s go.” he said angrily and dead ass serious. “Where? I have my practise.” I said and that’s, when coach joined in.

“Lahey! What the hell are you dong here?” he asked him. “I’m taking my girl.” he responded and walked away tearing me with him. I tried to resist, but he just picked me up and put me on his shoulder, carrying me out of there.

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Just Try || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by dear0901

Word Count: 2.7k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

“Don’t bother coming back if you’re going to act like a bitch.”

“Fine, then you can consider us over.”

“Thank god.”

“What did you just say?”

“You heard me Y/N. Thank. God.”

“Whatever Taehyung.”

The words rung out in your head and you could barely think straight. Every little thing he said was left at the back of your head and you couldn’t stand the pain that was flowing through your chest. You wanted it all to just disappear, but unluckily that wouldn’t happen to you. No matter how hard you tried. The sky was clear and kids were playing and it just seemed unfair that everyone got to be happy while you were suffering.

As much as you didn’t want to, you found yourself walking towards your best friends house. You knew he was busy tonight and it would be rude of you to go over there, but in this moment the only thing you wanted to do was see him and hug him. After that you would leave without a second thought. There was something about Jungkook’s hugs that just made everything better.

So here you were, walking up the driveway to his house, and knocking on the front door. There was music playing inside and you were just about to pull out your phone to text him to let you in before the door opened. He stood in a pair of black jeans and a button down top. It was fancier than his casual dress and it confused you to see him in something like this.

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The Most Petty 'Lady' in Existence

She was too rude for me to want to be polite and call her a lady.
So, today, I had someone buy 3 lemon pastries. This was my first time working as a cashier, as I normally work as, what do you know, pastry or cook, so this lady was buying and eating the pastries that I made! But as I had never worked as cashier, I was completely unaware that 3 of the lemon pastries is normally rang up as one bag, (we sell bags of pastries separate from the bakery) instead of individually, bc how the fuck would I know if no one told me.
There’s only a 9cent difference. As in, 3 individual is 3.19 and a bag of 3 is 3.10. And this dumbass was so upset too, like I offered to give her a dime to cover the 9 cents and she was like, in front of my manager, “No! I want a full refund bc THIS (pointing at me) dumb Bitch(excuse me?!) overcharged me!” Lady it was a fucking 3 dollar purchase and it was only 9 fucking cents. If you’re such a goddamn penny pincher you should’ve just taken the dime for the extra cent? It turns out, the only reason she wanted it done on the computer was because she apparently paid enough attention to know that you have to put a reason for the refund? And she wanted it to say ‘Cashier mistake’. I was dying of laughter. She straight up told my manager to put ‘cashier mistake’ on the transaction, and when it was done, gave me the most smug look I had ever seen, It took everything I had not to laugh in her face, but I think she could tell because she gave me a nasty look as I bit my lip and tried not to smile. Who even does that?!

The Serpent Or Me - Part 2 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

My Masterlist.

Part 1

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Betty (Mentioned), Serpent!Reader,

Warnings: Kissing, one swear.

Word Count: 1441

Originally posted by colespro-use

Y/n’s POV

Time for another day of sub-par education at Southside High.

I parked my bike up and looked up to the entrance. A familiar pair of eyes connected with mine. That would be my new friend and the latest addition to the gang, Jughead Jones. He gave me a slight wave, distracted by the phone call he was taking. As I got closer, I could see a smile spread across his face. In the few weeks I’d known him, I’d not seen him that happy. I wondered who was on the other end of the phone call.

‘…I gotta go, I’ll text you later. Bye Betty.’ He put his phone away as I approached.

‘You look happy? You feeling okay?’ I joked.

‘I had a moment of weakness. Back to sarcasm and misery now.’ He smirked at me. The bell rang for first period. I gestured to the doors.

‘Shall we? English is just calling our names.’

‘Yippee.’ I raised my eyebrows at him. We walked into school and did the usual check through security. The joys of going to a school with criminals. Yes, I occasionally came under that category but we’re not all gun crazy.

‘Hey, I know you’re a sucker for Shakespeare.’ I teased.

‘Keep that on the down low. Remember I’m supposed to be some scary serpent now.’ He noted, with a hesitant chuckle. We reached the door of our class. I winked at him.

‘Your secret’s safe with me Jughead.’ He gave me a sly smile, his hand scratched the back of his neck.

‘You can call me Jug you know, most of my friends do.’ It’s wrong that I thought of the Serpents first, but they’d be happy to hear this, I was progressing quickly. Jughead had started to trust me and that could only mean good things for the gang. I nodded at him, smiling back.

‘Okay Jug, time to help me understand A Midsummer Night’s Dream, cause I have zero clue.’ He rolled his eyes at me before we headed into class.

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***Fun fact (and tip): I’m hella critical and picky with my olive oils. The Sicilian in me rebukes shitty olive oils. The quality will make or break you dish so pick them wisely. Look for dark greens and cold pressed. ***

You turned the bottles of olive oil over in your hands, reading the packaging and looking over the nutrition table. You looked over the various other bottles and tossed the ones in your hands into the shopping cart, those seeming to be the best options. Going down the rest of the isle, you looked at the various other condiments they had there when you heard someone speaking from behind you, their voice sounding close ad familiar.

“Well look who’s back in Charming.”

You turned around to see the one and only Jax Teller, prince of Charming, looking at you with the unforgettable smirk. You smiled broadly as you looked at him and pulled away from your cart, walking the small distance over towards him. He grinned wider and opened his arms out to you, you placing your body into them. He wrapped them around you and you noticed that while it still was the same embrace, full of warmth and security, his arms were much thicker and stronger than you remembered. That president patch on the front of his kutte was new too.

He held you to him for a couple of seconds before finally pulling away, holding you at am arm’s length to get a good look at you. His eyes raked over you, that famous smirk returning as his eyes made their way back up to your eyes. Not before lingering on your breasts though. When those baby blues connected with yours, you couldn’t help but feel all those old memories come flooding back.

You’d been gone from Charming for years, 7 to be exact, and a lot had changed. The city, downtown, there were more people and thus more businesses. It was a little busier, many old familiar faces and some new ones. The chemistry between the two of you seemed to have stayed the same though, frozen in time from the way it was when you had left.

“Good to see you darlin’. It’s been a while.”

You nodded, the smile still etched onto your face.

“It has. Too long. I went out, traveled and saw new places but home is where the heart is they say.”

Jax nodded too, his hand coming to rest on your shopping cart, looking over the various items you had picked up already.

“You always were a great cook.”

With a laugh, you rolled your eyes and Jax’s eyes lit up at the sound.

“It’s true. At least I always liked your cooking.”

“Well thank you Jax. One of these days you can come over for dinner.”

“Sounds good to me.”

He agreed to the offer and you could tell he was itching to say something else and after a couple seconds, he finally came out with it as he picked at the plastic on the cart.

“So are you here for good or…”

You smirked as you took in his body language, slightly rigid as he awaited your answer.

“I am. Why? You miss me?”

He looked up and away from the cart, your eyes locking as you saw that old spark of cockiness.

“Maybe. I’d ask if you missed me, but clearly you did, that’s why you came back; to see me.“

A light chuckle pushed passed your lips and you nonchalantly grabbed onto the handle bar of the shopping cart and began pushing it along further down the aisle. You knew he would be following you.

“And just what makes you think I came back here for you? How do you know there wasn’t someone else had had my attention? There were a fair amount of attractive boys in our high school you know.”

Playing into you, Jax shrugged with a smirk.

“Maybe. They weren’t the ones that you spent your days on the back of their bikes though were they?”

The air was playful and light as you walked down the aisle together, Jax reaching out to grab a box of your favorite cereal before tossing it in the cart with a wink thrown your way.

“Didn’t think I’d forget your favorite breakfast did you darlin’?”

He walked a little way before you, forcing you to catch up with him, your teasing continuing.

“Don’t flatter yourself Teller; the only reason I always let you take me out for rides is because I loved the feel of the wind blowing through my hair.”

“And the feel of my body under your hands, but I’m sure the wind was nice too.”

You couldn’t help but laugh then, everything he was saying true.

“You were always a beautiful man. That much I have to admit. But it really was the wind that I was after. Holding onto you was just a plus.”

“I could say the same. Having you behind me, your arms around my waist. We were probably the hottest people in this town.”

The both of you shared a laugh at that, some truth in that statement you were sure. You’d always gotten along, constant flirting and teasing between the two of you. Jax was fun and playful, you the same, with just enough of an attitude and mouth on you, a trait that Gemma oddly always liked about you. Said that she liked a girl that held her own, so long as Gemma wasn’t the one you got an attitude with. She’d been after Jax for years about being with you, your personalities always matching so well together. She’d always felt that you were as close to a great Old Lady as she was going to get in that town and to a certain extent, she still felt that way. You couldn’t help but wonder how she’d react when she found out that you were back in town, that was if she didn’t know already.

“How’s your mom?”

“She’s good. Crazy as ever.”

With a smile and a shrug, you looked to Jax.

“Wouldn’t be Gemma if she wasn’t. I’ll probably drop by TM one of these days, pay her a quick visit. See some of the guys too.”

“And what about me?”

Feigning confusion, you tilted your head.

"What about you?”


You and Jax continued to make small talk as you walked down the rest of the aisle, crossing things off your list. As you looked down once more, you realized that you had crossed off everything, your cart full of all the things you’d need to stock up your new kitchen for the time being. Walking towards the register, you began to load your things onto the belt, Jax helping you get everything out of the cart. It wasn’t long before everything was rang up and bagged, Jax helping your put everything back in the cart and walking it out for you, following you to your car before starting to put everything in your trunk. You smiled as you watched him, putting your things away and going on about this party they were having this Friday and how he was expecting you to be there. As he finished, he turned back around to face you and you jokingly handed him a five-dollar bill.

“For your troubles.”

He pushed your hand away gently, rolling his eyes.

“Friday, 8 pm. I’ll have a drink ready for you.”

Not waiting for you to initiate the first move this time, he reach forward and grabbed your forearm softly, pulling you towards him before wrapping his arms around you once again, his hand fisted into your hair as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. He let the hug linger before he finally pulled away, that arrogant smile on his lips again as he started walking away from you, slipping his sunglasses on and climbing onto his bike. Pulling out his burner, he checked to see if he had any missed calls and sure enough, there was Gemma’s number. Calling her back, he waited for her to answer, watching your car as you backed out of your parking and pulled out of the parking lot, blowing him a kiss as you drove out into the street towards your new house.


“Yeah mom. Sorry I missed the call. I’m heading back to the clubhouse now.”
“Where are you?”

“Downtown. Just seeing an old friend.”


The blonde chuckled and shook his head.

“I see you’ve already done your detective work ma.”

“Damn right I have. I knew she was here on her third day back. I’ve been waiting for you to go see her.”

“Well you got your wish. She’ll be at the party Friday.”

“She told you she would come?”

Jax smirked and began to put his helmet on.

“No. But I know she’ll be there.”

No Sleep Till Brooklyn, part 8

Heartmate Series: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Deadpool, Falcon, Daredevil

Warnings: language, violence - Deadpool’s in it guys, it ain’t PG.

A/N: This is my take on the soulmate trope. It’s not necessarily an AU, because technically heartmate is canon in the Marvel world - at least with Wade’s comics.

Summary: You’re a mutant turned mercenary, working with the best merc around - Wade Fucking Wilson aka Deadpool. You are also someone who doesn’t believe in the whole heartmate crap. How could two people solely be made for each other? Steve Rogers is Captain America,  Avenger extraordinaire. Call him old fashion, but he believed in heartmates and knew he had one out there. The two of you cross paths one day and things get set in motion. Can Steve get passed the jaded wall you built or would things just crash and burn? And will Wade Wilson finally learn to put the seat down after taking a piss? Who knows.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

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‘There’s no place like homecoming’- Jason imagine

Originally posted by riverdanvers

Originally posted by youtubersandothers


Y/n is dating Jason (but secretly) then for the welcome ball Toby invites her as he did with Emily (1st season) and it happens the same as when Emily was alone with him the chemistry room.

Words: 2226

A/N: It’s been ages so it probably doesn’t make sense. Also it wasn’t going to be this long, then I re-watched the episode and kept adding and adding…. Hope its ok xxxx

You gently intertwined your fingers with Jason’s, the two of you pressed up against each other on your bed. Sighing softly, you closed your eyes as his other hand found your waist, his mouth nibbling the exposed skin on your neck.

“Let me take you to homecoming” he mumbled. You moaned in response, too lost in the moment to acknowledge what Jason had said. You repositioned yourself so you could unbutton his shirt. “y/n?” he took your hands in his, moving them away from the buttons. Blinking at him obliviously, your mouth slightly parted, you wondered why he had stopped you, almost offended. “I’m serious.” He continued, sitting back against the headboard. You pulled yourself up to be level with him.

“Serious about what?” you asked, tilting your head a small degree, the crease in your forehead conveying your confusion.

“About taking you to homecoming.” Your eyes widened and you sat up straight, eyes directed at the floor. Jason’s hand settled on your thigh, his thumb massaging your bare skin soothingly.

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Coquette | 4

bts x fuckgirl!reader high school!au | series warnings: smut, sexual themes, polygamy, angst, foul language, cheating

genre: angst, romance, smut

chapter warning: underage drinking, smut

Originally posted by gotjhope

continuation status: yes | possibly | no

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

word count: 4,691

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anonymous asked:

Oooh can you write a scenario where todoroki goes on a date with his crush but it's pouring outside so they just end up just going into a cafe and spend the whole day talking?

What a cute request anon! I hope i did it some justice! :0

You gazed out your bedroom window at the clouds threatening to cover the the streets in a calming deluge. As much as you loved the rain, you hoped the clouds would hold their downpour until after your date with your friend. He was on his way to pick you up right now and you were afraid he’d get soaked on the way if misfortune found him. You chewed your chapped lips with worry gnawing at the back of your mind. The two of you were supposed to go out and around the city sightseeing but it looked like you might have to rethink you plans. This technically was a date, though neither of you had confessed any feelings for each other. Your phone buzzed and you checked it hoping to see a text from your friend. Disappointment shot through you when you saw that it, in fact, was not and was actually a warning that lighting had been spotted in your area. A frustrated sigh escaped your lips and you were about to call your friend when the door bell rang. Picking up your bag you slung it over your shoulders and made your way to the door. You opened it to reveal your duo hair colored friend. 

“Todoroki! I’m glad you made it!” You chirped. The tone of your voice was different from your uneasy expression written on your face, he noticed. 

“(Y/n), we can do something else today if you’re worried about the rain.” He offered. You shook your head dismissively. 

“No, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Plus no matter what we at least get to spend time together right?” You smiled. 

The matter was dropped the the two of you headed out nonetheless. You breathed in the heavy scent of rain lovingly even if could possibly ruin your date. Along the way you mentioned how much you loved the smell of rain and curiously asked Todoroki what his favorite smell was. He thought about it for a long time before admitting that he never really had thought about it before and that he didn’t really know. You laughed a bit and told him that it was okay considering it wasn’t a question that wasn’t asked very often. He watched you skip ahead of him to coo over a cat sitting on a fence. You reached up to pet the cat but it had jumped down to the ground before your hand could make content. It let out a tired and gruffy meow as it threw itself onto it’s back to expose it’s belly. He felt his heart flutter watching your face light up with a grin while you knelt down to pet the cat and call him over. 

“This cat must be so spoiled with a belly this fat.” You cooed petting the soft belly fur. 

“It’s cute.” He said simply. 

As the two of you bid the cat goodbye and continued on your merry little way together, you couldn’t help but notice the slight misty sort of sprinkle tickling your skin. Your cast your gaze upward to the sky to see the grey clouds moving swiftly around. As you brought your gaze back to the ground you glanced over to your friend silently trying to gauge his reaction to this change of weather.

“Do you want to head back?” He asked you putting his hands into his pockets. You waved him off once more. 

“It’s just a few sprinkles. I’m sure we won’t die from a little mist.” You hummed going to walk ahead of him. 

The two of you continued on your way until you were out of the neighborhood. Your phone buzzed again with another warning of lightning but you ignored it to cross the street into the main street area. Only a few people dotted the street considering the weather making navigation easy. But as you stopped to wait at another crosswalk you felt the heavy drops indicating the oncoming downpour. You looked over to Todoroki as the rain started to pour and quickly grabbed his one free hand to pull him along you. At the end of the street you were stuck on was a small cafe you used to frequent a lot with friends. The two of you managed to make it in record time, neither of you having gotten too wet from the rain. 

“Sorry, I didn’t know where else to go.” You laughed sheepishly. “I guess we’re stuck here for a while.”

“Don’t worry, I had a feeling this might happen.” He said with a small smile. “This place is nice.”

“I used to come here a lot when I was younger…” You said, face heating up a little bit. “O-Oh sorry!”

Your hands flew up to your face after you let go of his hands, realizing you had been holding onto it a bit longer than necessary. Now you were sure your face was red considering it felt like it was on fire. You squeaked feeling him peel off one of the hands from your face and hold it in his. Looking at him he had small blush of his cheeks as well, but not to your extent of course. 

“I don’t mind it…” He said. Your eyes met for a second before you both looked away out of slight embarrassment. He tugged you after him as your other hand fell back to your side from your face. The two of you found a quiet booth by the window that you could gaze out at the deluge and you felt him run his thumb over the back of our hand before letting it go. The both of you read over the choice of drinks and food on the tiny menus provided on the table. You shyly hid your face from him, a gesture Todoroki found endearing. A waitress made her way to your table and you manged to stammer out your order while stealing a glance at the boy across from you. The blush he was wearing was gone and his usual demeanor had settled back into place. So as the waitress left you went to pop a question to him.

“So, this is a date right?” You asked slowly. He looked at you with eyes widening a little bit. 

“I guess you could say that, yes.” He responded. You continued.

“Are we dating then?” You asked, your cheeks heating up a bit. He averted his gaze.

“Do you want to be?” He asked, countering your question and taking the focus off of him for a second. He had thought asking you out was an obvious confession to you of his feelings but he had still been waiting for you to actually return them. Now was a good enough time as ever to get his answer.

“W-Well,” You stammered. “I mean I do like you a lot and I was so flattered when you asked me to go out today with you…”

“Then it’s settled, we’re a couple.”