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Learn To Appreciate Me, Reggie Mantle

Reader x Reggie Mantle

(because there has yet to be enough Reggie Mantle reads)


Reggie Mantle. Typical jock with a douchebag persona. Likes to flirt with girls but isn’t into commitment. So why was I wasting my time pining over him, I am not sure. It all started in the summer I guess, my cousin Moose was having a beach party. Bring your own alcohol and food type. Everyone was drinking, swimming, and playing some volley ball or football. I remember when I arrived with an oversized shirt and loose shorts, becoming the butt of Reggie’s endless taunting. How satisfying it was to shut him up when I took both off to reveal my figure hugging bikini. I wasn’t prepared for all the flirting and sweet talking from him though. The day ended with me laying under Reggie Mantle, as we made out for an hour straight. He drove me home and left with a “I’ll call you”. He never called of course.

First week at school and already I’m feeling drained, I need coffee. I brushed some lint off my River Vixens uniform skirt, waiting for the damn bell to ring so I could go get lunch already. “Pssst, Grace,” A deep voice whispered from behind making me turn in my seat. Speak of the devil, it was Reggie. I wanted to tell him to fuck off but as a cheerleader I cannot exhibit such vulgar behavior. Crock of shit if you ask me. “Yes, Mantle?” I asked with a sarcastic smile. “Milkshakes later at Pop’s?” He asked confidently. I blinked at him in confusion, was he for real? Half of me was begging to say yes but I know my worth, I will not be made a fool of. “No thank you, I already have a date today at Pop’s,” Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why couldn’t you have plainly said no? His face competed into one of displeasure and… disappointment? Or is that heartbreak? Hmmmmm. I turned away and was relieved when the bell finally rang, I grabbed my bag and headed out of the class.

I should have just said no, why do I get myself into such messes? I entered Pop’s and went straight to the counter, ordering fries and a strawberry shake. I turned and scoped out who I can possibly coerce into my stupid lie. Too old. Too little. Too girly. And too broody. I saw with wide eyes Reggie’s car pull into the lot. Shit. Broody will have to do. I grabbed my fries and shake and instantly sat across Jughead Jones, mysterious and weirdo of Riverdale. He glanced up from his laptop in confusion, furrowing his brows at the sight of a ‘popular’ girl sitting with him. “ I lied about something and I need you to play along just for now and I will forever be indebted to you for this so please and thank you,” I rushed out all in one breath before Reggie entered the diner. I proceeded to let out a false and loud girly laugh, a hand over my mouth as I stared at Jughead with which I hope was lovey dovey eyes. “Thats hilarious, Juggie,” I giggled, fluttering my eyes a bit at him. Reggie was staring over here, I could feel the anger, disgust, and confusion in his glare. Jughead seemed to get a grip on what I was trying to do and simply smirked at me. “What can I say, you bring out the comedian in me,” He replied smoothly, stealing a fry from my basket. “Grace and Ted Bundy? You’re on a date with basket case here?” Reggie scoffed as he stood near me. “Don’t call him those things. Maybe you’re just jealous that he has all of my attention right now. Jughead is a way better date than you and he actually calls,” I sassed as I stood up to glare at Reggie Mantle. Jughead looked a little surprised that I was defending him when we barely knew each other but hey he was nice enough to help me out so might as well return the favor. “You passed me up for American Psycho here? Grace, I meant to call back, I just got busy with practicing for football,” Reggie replied. “Football, huh? Thanks for showing me where your priorities lie, Reggie Mantle. Now if you don’t mind, I have a date to finish with the handsome, intelligent, and talented Jughead Jones,” I finished, flipping my hair so that it slapped his chest and sitting back down. Reggie looked at Jughead murderously before finally leaving the diner. “Thanks for that, defending me when he called me those names,” Jughead said with a quick turn up of his lips. I breathed out in relief and smiled softly at him. “No problem, thanks for pretending to be my date,” I responded, drinking from my milkshake after. Strangely enough, we had a good time. He would type away from time to time but I didn’t mind, it was a nice silence. Romantically interested? No not really, I can see us hopefully becoming good friends.

Drive-In Movie Night, I sat inside my car alone, eating popcorn and drinking Cherry Coke. I didn’t mind it though, I won’t have to be bothered by the suffocating pressure to make out with someone during a film. Jughead had invited me to come, going on about how unfair it was to close the drive-in. I felt like there was more to it but decided that it wasn’t any of my business. “Grace?” That stupid deep voice that always seemed to make me melt called. I turned my head to see Reggie, leaning his head down to see inside my car. “Go away, Mantle,” I drawled with a roll of my eyes before turning to face the screen again. I could hear him open my car door and sit inside. “Are you really that moronic, I said go away,” I gritted my teeth, refusing to look at him. He probably looks gorgeous right now with that glow of the screen on his face and that stupid smirk. “I’m sorry I didn’t call okay, I should have let you know that you are more than just a summer fling. And I want to make it up to you, I want to take you out on dates and take stupid pictures of us doing basic couple shit because you’re worth it. You deserve flowers and all that mush, and if you’d let me I would give it to you all,” He confessed, the intensity in his eyes and words leaving me breathless. I stared at him in shock before closing my eyes in thought. “Please, Grace,” He murmured softly, his hand covering mines. I opened my eyes and smiled, intertwining our hands and leaning into Reggie. His eyes seemed to light up as I scooted closer to him. “One more chance, you screw this up and I am done, Reggie Mantle,” I warned as his other arm went around my shoulders. “I’ll treat you like a freaking princess, Gracie,” He promised. He kissed the top of my head making my stomach feel all tingly and floaty. I guess Reggie can be a romantic.

Give It A Chance

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request:  @sassy-and-classy-cowgirl : Hey I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do ReaderxWinter Solider where the reader is Sharon Carter’s friend or cousin or something and Steve and Sharon try to get them together but the reader has had her heart broken before so her walls are high and Bucky doesn’t think he deserves for anybody to care about him

Author’s Note: I am SO SORRY for writing so less lately. I just have really less time. I’ll be regular from now on. I have used gender neutral pronouns for the reader’s lover. The reader is Sharon’s best friend and works for S.H.I.E.L.D.i have also used a prompt i read somewhere(just thought might mention it) hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing and mentions of heart break.

Word Count: 2300

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

You lied awake in your bed, just staring at the ceiling. It was weird how sometimes your gaze gets fixed at a point and you can’t do anything but, stare, stare and do nothing but breathe. The few moments of nothingness were comforting but the thoughts would follow soon after. The ceiling would become a screen and play all those memories, all those painful memories that would make your heart ache again. You didn’t feel hurt anymore all that filled you up was anger. You didn’t want to waste any more time mourning over a lover who didn’t deserve you. it was them who lost someone who loved them, not you. as the storm started to rise in your brain, you sat up and sighed.

The monotonous beeping of your alarm clock soon followed and you shut it off with a slam. You ran a hand through your hair and got out of your bed.

You walked out of the bathroom after getting ready. Your eyes were fixed at a file as you walked in your bedroom.

‘took you long enough.’ You heard someone and held your arms in front of you in defence. ‘it’s just me (y/n).’ Sharon smiled at you and you rolled your eyes.

‘just refresh my memory, why did I give you the keys to my apartment again?’ you asked putting the file in your backpack.

‘well,’ she stood up from your bed. ‘I’m your best friend and colleague. And you have a habit of putting your life in danger and often get injured so..’

‘yeah, yeah. Why are you here?’ you asked.

‘I thought we could go to the facility together and maybe go somewhere after that.’ She said and you gave her a suspicious look. ‘what?’

‘I am trained to detect a lie, Sharon. You don’t exactly “spend time” with me after you and Steve got together. Damn, is he that good? I thought he wasn’t even a good kisser.’ You smirked as you saw her cheeks burn a bright shade of red. You walked into your kitchen and started to make your coffee.

‘hey, that’s not true!’ she said walking behind you. ‘he’s-‘

‘I don’t care! I was kidding, I would love to spend time with you.’ you smiled and sipped at your coffee.

‘good.’ She smiled. ‘then you won’t mind if Bucky and Steve join us.’ she took a seat and you choked on your coffee.

‘fucking again?!’ you coughed and she handed you a tissue. ‘I told you how I feel about this whole setting up thing.’ You crossed your arms over your chest.

‘yeah, but you two are perfect for each other. Give it a chance! Steve and everyone else thinks so too!’ she said and your eyes grew wide.

‘the hell do you mean by everyone?’ your eyes grew wide.

‘oh, not like everyone, just all the avengers.’ She tried to explain.

‘that makes me feel so good.’ You smiled sarcastically and she sighed.

‘come on, (y/n). please, he likes you, you like him. you both deny it, you both got issues, you both are professional killers- ‘she stopped abruptly. ‘sorry, but just think about it please?’

‘nope, I don’t wanna ruin it and I need a break after… you know, them.’ you looked down. ‘I will go with you though. You haven’t spent time with me in so long.’

‘okay.’ She smiled.

You both were sitting in your favourite coffee shop after spending the day together. It felt nice to distract yourself and be with people who cared. It was so comforting. The aroma of the coffee and the spirals of vapour were certainly comforting. You looked around and smiled. your smile soon faded and a certain heat rose to face as you saw two very familiar faces.

‘what the-‘ you breathed. ‘I thought they weren’t going to be here.’ You kicked Sharon from under the table

‘ow!’ she rubbed her leg and looked back. ‘hey! It’s not my fault! I can’t stop them from going anywhere!’ she whisper-shouted.

‘I know you both planned this!’ you whisper shouted back.

‘hey Sharon!’ Steve smiled brightly as he spotted you both and made his way towards your table. Bucky followed him with a small smile. It wasn’t like you didn’t like Bucky. He was amazing and everything you could ask for in a man but, you couldn’t pull yourself together and let someone in just yet.

‘hey sweetheart.’ Sharon got up and hugged him and you stood up as well. ‘what are you doing here?’

‘hi (y/n),’ he shook hands with you and sat beside Sharon. ‘we were just walking around and saw this place. It seemed nice so we just thought of stopping by.’ He said. ‘sit down already, buck.’ He said to Bucky who stood awkwardly by the table.

‘yeah, come here’ you scooted away and patted the seat beside you. he muttered a ‘thanks’ before sitting beside you.

‘you look great. I’ve never seen you wear something so… feminine.’ He said and you chuckled.

‘well, I wouldn’t have if Sharon didn’t make me. You look good too, seems like you’re finally trying new stuff.’ You said and he smiled.

‘all thanks to Barbie over here, who keeps nagging me to do stuff I don’t like.’ He pointed at Steve and he rolled his eyes.

‘Barbie?’ you grinned. ‘damn, I wish I had thought of that one.’ both of you engaged in a deep conversation.

‘look at them.’ Sharon whispered to Steve as you two were lost in your own world. ‘they are just so perfect for each other but no one has the guts to tell the other. It just drives me crazy.’

‘I know, I mean look he’s smiling! He never smiles or looks at anyone like that.’ He replied. ‘you can’t really blame him, with his past he thinks he doesn’t deserve her.’

‘and she won’t make a move until he lets her know he wouldn’t break her heart like her previous lover.’ She sighed. ‘I wish I could just- I have an idea!’ she turned to him.

‘what?’ he furrowed his brows.

‘we can- ‘she leaned closer to him.

‘ew, don’t do that in public. What happened to PDA, Rogers? Has my friend been a bad influence?’ you said and Bucky grinned. Sharon shot you a glare and you smirked.

‘no, we were just, um, talking.’ He stuttered as a pink smudge appeared on his cheeks.

‘pretty intimate talking.’ Bucky teased him.

‘well, none of your business.’ Steve shot him a glare. ‘hey (y/n), we have some work we would like your help with.’

‘are you sure I am needed?’ you asked and Sharon kicked you under the table. ‘god, I didn’t mean it that way. Get your head out of the damn gutter.’ You rubbed your leg. ‘what do I have to do anyway?’ you asked.

‘oh, um, we have this person who needs to be interrogated, and since you and Bucky are both you know..’ Steve tried to find some better words.

  ‘scary professional killers?’ you suggested and Steve nodded hesitantly.

 ‘yeah, so can you go to the other facility and do the work?’ Steve asked and you nodded. ‘great, Bucky will pick you up.’ he looked at Bucky. He shot Steve a glare before smiling at you and nodding.

‘someone’s getting better at lying.’ Sharon whispered to Steve.

‘you have no idea.’ He smiled at her and she chuckled.

You looked in the mirror and fixed your uniform. You brushed your hair and reached for your tinted lip balm before you retrieved your hand. What were you doing? It wasn’t a date, it was a job. Were you trying to look good for Bucky? But you thought you weren’t ready yet. You took a deep breath and cleared your mind.

‘it’s nothing.’ You said to yourself. ‘just relax.’

The bell rang, you slung your bag on your shoulder and opened the door.

‘ready?’ Bucky gave you a small smile. it wasn’t an uncomfortable one. It was a sweet warm one. Something he saved for a few. You were so glad you were one of those few.

‘you bet.’ You smiled brightly at him.

The drive to the place was quiet, but it was a nice silence. A one filled with comfort, not the awkward one. There were a few jokes and some little conversations. It was nice. It made you feel happy. Being with Bucky seemed to give you a sense of healing. He felt the same with you.

But, no matter how hard he tried he could never think that he deserved you. he just couldn’t believe that he deserved happiness. No matter how much they told him it wasn’t him who did all that, there still was this part of him, deep down, that believed that he did those horrible things.

You walked out of the interrogation room with a smug smile plastered on your face.

‘so…?’ he asked.

‘so, there never was a plan B, it was just a lie to distract us.’ you stood next to him.

‘you are good at this, what’s your secret?’ he asked.

‘that’s for me to know and you to find out.’ You grinned. ‘let’s sit in the conference room, we can wait for the others there.’ You said and he nodded.

‘I seriously wanna know how you made him talk, the guy wouldn’t budge when I questioned him.’ Bucky crossed his arms and looked at you.

‘it’s just my technique. I just exhaust them, annoy them and get in their brain.’ You shrugged.

‘you make it sound so easy.’ He said.

‘hey, so what were you and Steve doing there the other day?’ you asked.

‘punk said I needed clothes and dragged me out of the facility.’ He said.

‘he wasn’t wrong to do so.’ You smiled. ‘you seeing someone?’ you asked trying to be as casual as ever.

‘no, I-I, just don’t think I deserve someone. I don’t want to waste someone’s time. Who would want to be with me anyway?’ he scoffed and you felt the pain behind his smile. how lowly he must have thought of himself that he felt that way.

‘you deserve every ounce of happiness this world can offer, Bucky. You might think I am crazy to say that, but one day you will not. I wish you can be as happy as once wished to be.’ You smiled at him.

‘what’s taking them so long?’ Bucky got up to open the door, only to find it locked. He struggled with it for a while before turning to you. ‘it’s not opening. I think we’re locked.’

  ‘what do you mean?’ you tried to open the door but couldn’t succeed. ‘well, they’ll be here soon. No need to worry. It could’ve been wor-‘you were about to complete your sentence before the light went out. ‘Bucky, did you turn off the lights?’

‘no….’ he said.

‘then we might have a problem.’ You sighed and sat down.

  ‘seems like we’ll be stuck here for a while’ he sat beside you. You both sat in the silence for a while before he decided to break the silence.

‘do you really think someone can actually like me?’ he asked with hesitance.

‘of course, I don’t know much but I do know this one thing, we all have this one person who has the ability to make us believe again. I must be sounding silly but, one day you will find someone, who will help you pick all the pieces. Maybe they won’t be able to heal you properly but they would surely fix you and make you happy. I wish you find them soon.’ You kept your hand on his. Bucky felt a warmth spark inside him when you said those words.

  ‘(y/n)?’ he asked and you hummed in response. ‘I-I have feelings for you.’ he blurted out and your eyes grew wide. ‘I am only able to say this because, well, I can’t see you. you-you make me happy. I had forgotten how to smile when I looked at someone. You gave me a feeling so beautiful back, I don’t wanna lose it. if you think that there’s any chance, even the slightest, that this can work, hold my hand. If it’s a, no, let go. I will understand and I hope it won’t affect our friendship.’ He ran a hand through his hair as his heart started to beat wildly. Every second was like an hour, like something precious was slipping away from him, again. What had he done?

You thought for a while, was it worth it? what if you ended up hurting him? what if he didn’t like you after he came to know you properly? What if it ended like last time? What if he didn’t find you good enough?

Regret it or risk it; a tiny voice inside your head said. You had to decide, you could either be bitter and refuse, or, you could be brave and give him a chance, give something beautiful a chance. You took a deep breath, smiled and intertwined your fingers with his. It took him a moment to realize before he faced you.

‘you-you are…?’ he stuttered and you grinned. You placed a kiss on his cheek and caressed his cheek.

‘you are an amazing person, I’ll be happy to go out with you.’ you said and he took a breath of relief. He pulled you in a tight embrace. ‘you’ll have to be a little patient with me.’

‘anything for you.’ he mumbled in your hair. ‘is it just me or do you think that Steve and Sharon are behind this too?’ he asked as he pulled back.

‘hell yeah. You can get Steve I’ll take care of Sharon.’ You suggested. ‘after a date, sure.’ He kept an arm around you.

anonymous asked:

i know that its good for the kinds of stim toys you have to be varied, do you have any recommendations for toys you think all stimmers should have? i tend to have a very particular idea of what i like and i only get those kinds of things [i have almost exclusively fidget toys, honestly], but i dont want to neglect whole types of toys i might really enjoy just because i didnt think i would like it looking at it online.

I’m going to answer this in two parts, because it’s an awesome question. Today, I’m going to give a general breakdown of stim toy categories and possible toys one might choose from those categories to build a varied kit. Tomorrow, I’ll take a photo of what I consider the core essentials of my own stim toy kit and talk more in depth about why I’d recommend those toys for others, especially with regards to offering different types of stims.

A great deal of this, though, will depend on one’s personal preferences with regards scent, texture, appearance and sensation. I’d start by working out what cannot work for you. For me, strong artificial or chemical scents and flashing lights are permanently on the No Stim list as both trigger headaches and flashing lights trigger partial seizures. Tackiness is a Bad Texture (as in I just won’t touch something that’s tacky) so I steer clear from that as well. You may not know yet what your dislikes or triggers are, and that’s okay, too.

Once you know what to avoid (or know you don’t know), you can then approach categories of toys. It’s worth trying a thing or two from each category to build up a collection that allows for swapping/variation, and then going deeper into each category, or not, depending on how it clicks with you.

None of these categories contain complete listings, just a few examples. These categories also don’t include the variety of larger therapeutic items used by OTs and the like but focus on more-portable stim toys. All the different types of toys featured so far on this blog can be found on the toys tag page, grouped by type. Keep in mind that many toys belong in two or more categories as well: scented slime, for example, is both a mouldable stim and a scent stim!

Mouldable: kinetic sand, slime, floam, playdough, Thinking Putty. The issues with this category are those of texture and scent: slime and floam can be sticky or oozy; everything often has a synthetic fragrance or a chemical odour. I’ll be honest: as much as I despise Autism Speaks, Spinmaster-branded Kinetic Sand is the only kinetic sand I’ve found in Australia that has a non-chemical odour. Handmade playdoughs might be best for those scent-sensitive.

(My rec: kinetic sand. Non-sticky, non-messy, wonderful.)

Tossable: stress balls, prickle balls, bouncy balls, bean bags. These range in shape, size and firmness. Many also have plastic odours. I adore prickle balls because they give texture as well as bounce and squish.

(My rec: prickle balls, but only for people who like hard textures.)

Squishable: squishies, puffer creatures/balls, playdough, thicker slimes, balloon stress balls, grape mesh stress balls. Again, ranging in shape, size, scent and firmness. Puffer creatures often smell very strongly, but they have soft fronds great for pulling and they’re very squishable.

(My rec: squishies. Available in fast and slow rising, many with scents but some without, inexpensive if one purchases from a free-shipping listing.)

Fidgets: Tangles, chain fidgets, bead rings, bead lanyards, Klixx, snake puzzles, wooden block puzzles, fidget cubes, marble mazes. These are all basically “things you hold in your hands and manipulate”. Note that one uses some of these differently - a chain fidget is a one-hand fidget for me, but I use a Tangle Jr in both hands. I use a snake puzzle and a Tangle Jr pretty similarly, though. Fidget jewellery also fits in this category, like bead-filled tube bracelets and snake necklaces.

(My rec: Tangles first, chain fidgets second.)

Plush and/or weighted: any soft toy/plushie, weighted plush, Disney Tsum Tsums, Teeny Tys, @caseydickdanger‘s Hedgehugs, my own mop-head creatures, weighted blankets and lap pads. I look for things that usually offer multiple textures, like embroidery, fur, chenille or multiple fabrics used on the one toy. It’s pretty easy to DIY weighted versions of these things.

(My rec: Disney Tsum Tsums: they’re squishable, crunchable and portable.)

Visual: glitter balls, flashing/light up balls, flashing puffer creatures/balls, liquid motion bubblers, glitter batons, liquid paperweights, glitter jars. Most of these require some hand movements to use, but nothing as intensive as a fidget. Note that glitter balls without lights do exist but can be tough to find.

(My rec: Glitter jars. Easy to make and fun to watch.)

Scent: plushies, bean bags, slimes and doughs, Stimtastic’s scented vial necklaces. This can be as simple as a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief, blanket, pillow or soft toy. (Just don’t scent anything you plan to chew.) I recommend pure essential oils, but for those who like non-oil fragrances and don’t have chemical sensitivities, fragrance oils can work, too.

(My rec: any of these. I can do a post about essential oils if anyone’s interested in exploring this further.)

Sound: bean bags, rattles, pop tubes, the spinning wheels on toy cars, cronch slime, fishbowl slime, cracking squishies, crocheted stress balls, toys with noisemakers or crinkle paper. A lot of things, surprisingly!

(My rec: I really like rattling bean bags. I use soup mix to make mine, because the different-sized beans and lentils make a pleasing sound.)

Touch/texture: crocheted stress balls, Hairy Tangle, Tangle Jr Fuzzy, prickle balls, prickle fidgets, swatches of fleece, fabric stress balls, wooden toys, bead rings. This is category is for anything that is primarily about touch for the sake of touching - I quite often hold my coiled Tangle Jr Fuzzy in my hands and just run over it with my fingers. It’s not even a fidget toy for me!

(My rec: Tangle Jr Fuzzy first, crocheted stress ball second.)

Chewable/oral: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, chewables, teethers. Can be made from fabric, silicone or wood. It may take some experimentation to find out what kind of chewer you are and where you prefer to chew. You may not chew at all but prefer to suck on toys or rub them over your lips, so this category may still be useful for non-chewers.

Tomorrow, I’ll post what I consider to be the essentials for my own kit and the roles they serve within it. I think, however, looking at the kinds of toys in each category and picking a couple from any category that isn’t covered by your current kit/collection is a good place to start.


Someone at work gave me an Amazon gift card. Working late is rare for me. When it was necessary last week I didn’t bitch. It wasn’t the extra work I did but the lack of complaining I think that produced the gift card.

My Timex Ironman watch dates to 2006. The battery has been replaced several times, the band once. I ran many miles with it before my Garmin GPS watches appeared. This Timex has been a favorite of mine however for daily wear. It’s lightweight and has a backlight. The alarm is useful when I travel. The countdown timer is handy for cooking, especially outside with the grill. …3, 2, 1, flip!

Lately the watch has been resetting itself. I stopped correcting the time and date but kept the watch because the stopwatch still worked. I used it when I ran indoors. The band finally broke again. Receiving the Amazon gift card was a sign it’s time to move on.

Isn’t it great to use up something before it’s missing or broken? Lip balm is an example. What an exhilarating feeling it is to reach the bottom of that plastic tube. No? Spending money is easier when I’m replacing something empty or worn out instead of lost. Using a pen until it’s dry makes me proud.

I ended up with the same model of watch because I like it so much. It’s available in a more than dozen colors. Gray looks sharp but the blue version was $5 less. The color matches my eyes! But mostly I saved $5.

With running in mind I also resupplied with Nuun and Gu. Finally, I bought a range bag. I had my hands full holding all sorts of small cases last time I went to the range. This bag was fairly inexpensive and holds everything except some paper targets.

Pocket-Sized to Perfect-Sized {2/?}

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Member: Kim Jongdae/Chen

Genre: Uhhh….still yet to be determined but I kinda wanna say fluff? Is this even fluff?

A/N: I lowkey rushed this cause I felt you guys needed and update so…enjoy this. I promise further chapters will hopefully be much better. 

-Part 1-



You groaned at the loud voice, wincing as Chen’s little body hopped on your chest in attempt to wake you up. A pout made its way to his face when you swung your arm over your eyes, mumbling about wanting to sleep a little while longer. Chen plopped down on your chest, thinking of another way to wake you. Thinking he wasn’t going to bother your slumber, you let out a quiet sigh. Suddenly, a giant smile broke on Chen’s face at an idea to wake you.

Your half asleep self felt him crawl further up your chest until you felt his hands on your cheeks. Your mind clouded with confusion until you let out a yelp.

“Did you just bite my nose?!”

Chen stumbled back, laughing as you rubbed your nose. You gently moved him away from your face and set him on the couch in front of you. With a sigh you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. Chen looked up at you with innocent eyes.

“Can we have breakfast now?”

A small laugh left you and you stood with a nod. You did a small stretch before moving your hair off your shoulder, looking at Chen in question. You bent down, setting your hand on the couch for him to walk onto so you could place him on your shoulder. “Pancakes sound good?”

You heard him hum excitedly in your ear. Arriving into the kitchen, you set Chen on the counter before moving to grab what was needed to make the pancakes. You lightly hummed to yourself as you mixed the batter. You paused for a moment and glanced over your shoulder when you heard Chen singing.

He sat on the edge of the counter, swinging his little legs. His eyes were closed and he was swaying slightly as he sang. He seemed to be in his own little world. A smile broke out onto your face as you turned back around to finish the pancakes.

“You have such a nice voice, Chen.”

Chen continued singing, but a small blush dusted his cheeks at your compliment. After the pancakes were done, you quickly made the two of you a glass (or in Chen’s case, a teacup) of juice. Chen mumbled a small “thank you” before digging in. A giggle left you as you began eating your own. Breaking the silence you said, “What do you wanna do today?”

“Can we go to the park?” Chen asked, his voice muffled from trying to talk with a mouth full of pancake. You thought for a moment. It did seem rather nice out. Plus it was Sunday, so not many people would be there. “Sure.”

So after finishing breakfast, you and Chen quickly changed. Before leaving your apartment, you made sure your phone, key, and wallet was in your purse. You called out to Chen, listening closely to his feet hitting the floors, the sound of a bell ringing through the place as well.

“You’re bringing the cat ball?” You held back a giggle as he pouted up at you, jingling the little plastic ball in his hands. “It’s the only thing I can kick”, he defended. You shook your head with a smile. You grabbed your purse.

“Wanna ride in my purse or my pocket this time?”

“Purse. It has much more room”, he said as you bent down to pick him up. You gently placed him in your bag and situated it on your shoulder, careful not to sling Chen around in there and hurt him.

The drive wasn’t long at all and you could faintly hear Chen yelling from your purse, “Are we there yet?” Grabbing your purse, again being careful of Chen, you got out of the car and locked it. You decided to head to sit under a large tree, away from the play area and other people who were there. “Can I come out now?”You let Chen crawl into your hand and set him on the ground.

“Play soccer with me, (Y/N)!”

He kicked it as hard as he could to you, to which you would flick the tiny ball back at him. You continued to play until Chen had gotten tired, his little self  now sitting on your shoulder. You smiled to yourself, his humming a soft melody in your ears. Chen broke the peaceful silence.

“Do you ever think about what it would be like if I was normal size?” he asked. Your eyes furrowed in confusion as you turned your head enough to see his face filled with genuine curiosity. You weren’t gonna lie. You have thought about what it would be like. Chen would be able to do stuff on his own. You wouldn’t have to stress as much about him being safe 24/7 when you’re not home. You cared about Chen deeply and you would feel more at ease if he was normal size.

“I have thought about it. Personally, I would be more at ease if you were”, you replied. Chen nodded in understanding, slightly not expecting you to be so honest about this when he knew you didn’t want to say something to hurt his feelings about his size. “But at the same time, I want you to stay this size.”

“What? Why?” he said. You smiled and moved to ruffle his hair with your finger, giggling at his whines from you messing his hair up. “Because you’re so cute this little”, you teased. He swat your finger away, pouting at you. A silence fell over the two of you again, soft breezes giving off a calming feeling.  But, that was quickly ruined when your phone rang in your bag.

You quickly fished it out, putting it to the ear opposite of Chen. You winced slightly as Chen crawled down from your shoulder, pulling your shirt as he made his way down your chest before landing on your lap to look up at your face in confusion. “Who is it?”


“(Y/N)? I need you to come to the hospital now”, the panic voice of your brother said. Your eyebrows furrowed at his urgent tone. “Junmyeon, what happened? Is everything okay?”

“It’s mom. She’s been in a car accident.”


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spacepirateartemis  asked:

I'm going to put together a hefty vehicle based first aid kit. I'm using an old range bag maybe 14''x 8''x 12'', plenty of space and pockets. What kind of items are essential?

Inhave vehicle kits for both of my vehicles. They are pretty robust, in my opinion. But I like to break it down into three categories. Vehicle repair, medical, and survival.

For the vehicle repair, I have jumper cables, duct tape, electrical tape, a few cheap tools from the dollar store such as an adjustable wrench, screwdriver set, plyers, and zip ties. I also keep a rope, a couple bungee cords, and a tarp.

For survival, I keep a small camp stove, iodine tablets, a water filtration system, 550 cord, wistle, fire starting gear, safety pins, can opener, a couple pocket raincoats, mylar emergency blankets, etc.

For medical, go through the M.A.R.C.H. algorithm and see what you want to carry for each aspect of emergency care. M stands for massive hemorrhage. And massive bleeding normally means tourniquets. I like the CAT or the SOFTT-W. A stands for airway. Unless you have been training in advanced airway techniques, best to just leave that one be. I do keep a couple nasopharengeal airways in my car bag. Proper aurway possitioning is going to be big here. R stands for respirations, breathing. A CPR mask is a great start. For more trained medical personnel, chest seals are also in this category. C stands for circulation. Think back to blood. Any other minor wounds will be treated here. I’m a huge fan of kurlex and ace wraps. Hemostatic agents such as Combat Gauze are nice as well, but are not set-and-forget tools. Emergence trauma bandages are good. I personally like the Olaes Dressing. Be sure to keep things for minor wounds as well. A tube of triple antibiotic ointment, bandaids, butterfly bandages, 2"x2" gauze pads, 1" and 3" medical tape, and liquid bandage are all good. H stands for head. Not much you will do for a head injury, so use it as hypothermia. Casualty blankets are great. Patients who lose blood also lose some of their ability to maintain body temperature. You may be sweating while tending to a trauma patient, but the patient may be freezing, especially after losing blood, getting wet from the blood, and having their clothes ripped/cut off. Speaking of which, a good pair of trauma sheers is a must. Make it two. Add a headlamp like the ones from Petzl or Princeton Tech. Splinting material is nice. Sam Splints work great. Small cravats can be used to secure the splint or be used as other things like slings.

Just some food for thought. I’ll get out my kit one day and go through it on here.

Daisy Tattoo

One shot

Harry walked in to the room, his knuckles sore and bleeding from just punching the kid who tried to trip him. His body covered with tattoos, piercings and all black attire, along with his tall and broad build didn’t help when he walked into the room. Everyone coward back.

Then he saw her, and his facial expression softened. The girl he had a crush on for years, but never had the courage to go up to, scared of getting rejected. She dropped her bag, and he saw it as his chance.
“Hey, you uh, dropped this…”

She shook her head nervously, taking in his appearance. He looked mean, looked like he could hurt her, and she took a step back. Her soft brown curls fell in front of her face as she hesitantly reached for the bag. “Thank you.” She mumbled, gently taking it. Her fingers brushed against his hand.

Harry’s face turned sad, realizing her reaction already. He knew he shouldn’t have gone up to her.
“I’m not going to hurt you. I just wanted to hand you your bag.” He said quietly before turning around to walk out of the door. He felt a bit hurt, because he had thought maybe she would be different and not judge based off of his appearance.

Her face fell. “Wait.” She stiffened, following behind him. She gently touched his back, insisting he turn to face her. “Thank you. For my, uh, bag.”

Harry stiffened as she touched him, turning around.
“It’s not a problem.” He said quietly, smiling slightly before walking out the door. He knew he would see her again later in the day.

She let her hand stay in the air for a moment before letting it drop to her side. She had messed things up.
She made her way to her next class, taking her seat near the back of the class, and she pulled out her notebook.


Harry felt weird. He knew that he shouldn’t be upset with her reaction, that he was kind of scary but he wanted her to like him. He didn’t think he was ugly, and maybe he was a bit mean to some people but he was nice to her. Even tried to pick up her bag for her. He wanted to get to know her. So he walked to his next class, coming in a bit late after smoking a cigarette and sat in the only free seat, which happened to be next to her.

She didn’t look up when he came in. She continued to draw a small, terrible sketch of an octopus on a small sheet of notebook paper, pushing her glasses up on her face. The faint smell of cigarettes lingered next to her, and she glanced up, seeing Harry. She cocked her head slightly.

“I didn’t know you were in this class.” She said softly, biting her lip gently.

Harry looked up at her slowly. Why was she talking to him?

“I don’t, usually. But I got in trouble so.” He shrugged, twirling the pencil in his hand. His other hand took his phone out of his pocket, and played on it quietly.

She nodded, looking down at his phone, then up at his face. Why has she never noticed him before? He was attractive. His eyelashes fanned across his cheeks while he stared down his phone. She had hurt his feelings, which meant he wasn’t as bad as she thought he originally was. He had feelings. That’s a start.

“Can I help you?” He smirked, looking at her. She was blatantly staring at him, and he loves it. He loved being the center of her attention, wanted it more. She was quiet, innocent and that’s what he liked about her.

She blushed immediately, looking at him still. “Your phone number would be nice.” She blurted out, not meaning to have said it out loud. Her cheeks went darker and she shook her head.

“I mean your phone is nice.” She rushed in an attempt to cover up what she had said. She looked back at her paper, continuing to nervously scribble.

Harry’s eyes widened and he chuckled. So she thought he was attractive? That was definitely a good thing.

“Are you sure? You have the same phone as me…” He trailed off motioning to the phone on her desk. But to shave her embarrassment, he continued “you can have my number if you’d like. I wouldn’t mind having yours either.”

She hesitantly nodded, taking her phone into her hand. “You want my phone number?”

“If you’d give it to me.” He said quietly, smiling at her. He wanted it VERY badly but he didn’t want to seem desperate.

She smiled at him, holding out her hand, and she set her phone on his desk. “I’ll just put mine in, if that’s alright?” She put hers in, her contact name popping up as “Y/N💖”

“Sure.” He responded, taking her phone and putting in ‘Harry’ as his contact name. Handing back her phone, their hands touched again and a spark went though them. “Shit sorry!”

She gasped slightly, nearly dropping his phone. “It’s okay.” She mumbled, suddenly feeling nervous. She slid her phone into the back pocket of her skinny jeans and she looked back down at her notepad.

Harry smiled at her, looking at her doodles.
“So you’re an artist, are ha?” He teased gently.

She laughed quietly, pushing her glasses up her nose. “Not really.” She didn’t talk much, but she didn’t want to be rude and ignore him completely. “I just doodle when I’m bored.” The drawings on the page were beautiful; small flowers covered almost every spot, except for a dark scribble where she had previously been drawing.

“Well I wish I could doodle as well as that.” He said in awe. It truly was gorgeous. “I can barely draw a stick figure.”

“For not being able to draw, you have a lot of tattoos.” She said softly, taking her lip between her teeth.

Harry got a bit self conscious at that, pulling down his sleeves. Did she think they were ugly?

“I um… I like art. And they all have meanings so.” He said quietly

She noticed him cover his arms and she uncomfortable did the same, tugging at her sleeves. “I love tattoos.” She said honestly, smiling gently. “I only have one though.”

“Really? Where is it?” He asked curiously. She didn’t seem like the type to like tattoos.

“It’s, uh..” She played with her sleeve a bit. “It’s under my breast.” She mumbled, blushing slightly.

Harry’s imagination went wild at that, wanting to see it right this minute. But he didn’t say that, of course.
“Oh, nice. What is it of?”

“Flowers.” She said, looking down at her hands. “It’s a red rose and a black rose.”

“You must really like flowers.” He grinned, gesturing to her paper. “I have a rose as well, but it’s black and white.” He said, pulling up his sleeve to show his rose.

She grinned. “I got them for my aunt. She liked flowers. What’s the meaning behind your rose?”

“Beauty. That there is still beauty in life, even when things are really ugly.” He said, tracing the tattoo gently, remembering how he explained to most other people how he just thought it looked cool. But he had told her the truth.

Her breath hitched in her throat as his finger traced the small flower. She ached for that feeling on her own flowers. She looked into his eyes, smiling gently. “I like that. A lot.”

“Thanks.” I smile. “If you ever felt like it, you could design me a flower tattoo. I’ve wanted to get some more.” He said. He aches for her to touch his skin, to draw and color in designs on him.

“Would you really let me?” She asked quietly, looking down at her paper. Her hands skimmed the pages, flipping to a specific page she had dog eared.

“Okay, promise me you won’t think I’m insane for thinking this, but this would look wonderful on your skin.” It was a small daisy, but all of the petals had fallen off and they had began to wilt. She blushed. “It’s not very good, but.. it would look nice.”

“Of course. I think it would look great. ” he smiled. He wanted a part of her on his skin. Even if their friendship or relationship, went no where. Because she was a part of his thoughts for a long time. “You’re welcome to draw on me any time.”

“How about today?” She blurted out, but not regretting it this time. “If that’s okay, I mean. Like. Yeah. Is that alright?” She fidgeted with her sleeves, blushing. “You could just take the bus home with me.” She said with a small laugh, embarrassed that she didn’t drive.

“I’d love that. But we can just take my car.” He smiled, inside his stomach was going nuts with butterflies. He was going to feel her draw and touch her skin, for probably a while. And he wanted nothing more.

She laughed. “I forgot most teens drive.” She said with a nod. She looked over at the clock, Gathering her things. “I have to go to my locker. I’m not sure where your car is.”

“I’ll just come with you.” He smiled. He already knew were her locker was but she didn’t have to know that. He was too excited right now.
“I can carry your bag if you want?”

She suddenly became slightly nervous. What would people think of her if they saw her walking with him? She was a straight A student, never having even kissed a boy, and now she was going to have Harry at her house. Most likely alone in her room.

“I got it, it’s fine.” She stood up as the bell rang, carrying her bag, and she struggled slightly to carry her textbooks.

Harry felt her mood shift and became self conscious as well.
“Um, if you don’t want to be seen with me, it’s fine. I’ll just go to my car. It’s at the back of the lot. The black Range Rover.” He said uncomfortable, walking out the door.

She paused, immediately feeling bad. “Harry.” She said quietly, hoping he heard her.

“Yes?” He stopped and looked at her expectantly.

“Please walk with me.” She said softly, fidgeting. “And carry my book?” She held it out to him, smiling.

Harry smirked and grabbed her book bag, walking out next to her. People were staring but he just glared at them, moving closer to her.

She moved closer to him, their sides touching slightly, and she walked with him to her locker. The boy next to her locker shoved her slightly, mumbling something about her being in the way 'as always, stupid Girl.’ and she ignored it, opening her locker.

“Excuse me? What the fuck did you just say? And did you just touch her?” Harry grunted, pushing Her behind him gently.

She gasped quietly, grabbing the back of his jacket. “Let it be, love.” She said calmly. The guy chuckled. “Fuck off, yeah?” He walked away, and she grabbed Harry’s arm so he didn’t move. “It’s alright. He does it every day.”

“Does he? He won’t anymore.” Harry said, angry that anyone would touch a girl, let alone her like that. “I’m walking you to your classes from now own.” He said. “Now are you ready?”

She blushed heavily, loving the attention he was giving her. She put her things away, grabbing her small cardigan, and she put it on, though it was nearly snowing outside. “Yeah, I’m ready.” She said with a nod.

“C'mon.” He said, putting his arm around her shoulders. She walked with him, leaning into his body as they stepped outside, feeling the cold air hit her skin.

He walked over to his car, people avoiding being in their path and opened the passenger door for her, helping her in. “There we go, love.” He smiled at her lightly before running over to the drivers side and getting in.

She buckled her belt, smiling to herself. She checked her phone, sending a quick text to her mom. 'Don’t be alarmed, a boy is coming over for school work.’

Harry drove out of the parking lot quickly. “Where am I going, darling?”

“75 east street.” She said softly, blushing at the name. “Do you know where that is at?”

“Yeah, I don’t like too far from there.” He smiled gently. The drive was quiet, but comfortably quiet. The soft music from the radio in the background. He pulled up the her house and shut off the car. “Here we are.”

She smiled, climbing out of his car, and she walked to him. “Alright, so my mom is home. She’s nice, but she might talk to you a lot.” She walked them to the door, opening it quietly. “Mom, I’m home, I brought a friend.”

I walk in and smile at your mom. “It’s nice to meet you, miss. I’m Harry.”

She was at first taken back by your appearance, drying the dish in her hand, but she grinned at your politeness. “Hi, I’m Clara.” She held out her hand, holding the dish and throwing the towel over her shoulder. “I can trust you two with the door shut, correct? Dinner will be ready at 6 if you’d like to stay.” She smiled at how her mom reacted, and she nodded. “Yeah, mom. We’re just gonna work on school work.”

He was relieved that she didn’t freak out and judge him solely based on his appearance. He waved goodbye as She lead him to her room. He walked in slowly and looked around, impressed. “You have a nice room.”

She smiled, shutting the door behind him. “Thank you.” Small lights were around her room, leaving the small bedroom with a reddish light. Drawings and posters covered the walls, and she motioned to the bed. “You can sit if you’d like. Do you have an idea where you’d get it?” She blushed, hoping it was somewhere covered by clothing.

“Maybe some flowers on my shoulder or arm. What do you think?” He asked. He just knew he wanted a tattoo designed by her.

“Uh, I was actually thinking your hip.” She said, sitting on the edge of her mattress.

“Yeah? I like that. Doodle away.” He smiled, tugging his shirt up a bit. The thought of her hands on his hip and lower stomach making his stomach clench, but he controlled himself.

She grabbed a sharpie pen from her bedside table and took the cap off. “I was thinking a bit lower, like near the bone more.” She said softly, her fingers touching his skin carefully. She gently pushed the waist of his jeans down an inch and smiled. “Yeah, here.” Slowly, she started to draw a small flower.

Harry shivered a bit, her hands we’re warm and the sharpie was cold. But it felt good, comforting to him. He closed his eyes at first, enjoying the feeling before opening them and watching her draw. She was cute, her tongue sticking out and eyebrows furrowed as she concentrated.
“It’s looking good.”

“You’re looking good.” She said calmly, feeling relaxed. She paused, realizing what she said. “Sorry.” She said, chuckling. “Thank you, though. Daisies are my favorite flower.”

“Well thank you.” He smirked, but he knew what she meant. “You’re very talented you know? Most people can’t draw for shit.”

She blushed. “Thank you. My aunt taught me to draw when I was really young, and I continued after she passed away.” She shrugged, continuing to carefully taint his skin with her jet black marker.

“She did an amazing job.” He murmured. “I think it will be my favorite tattoo.” He said truthfully.

She smiled brightly, glancing up at him. “I’m all finished.”

He looked down and smiled. “Holy shit… It’s amazing.” He was in awe of it. It looked lifelike, like a real daisy was pressed to his hip. “I’m going to get it tattooed on when I leave.” He said still staring at it. “Do you have any more you think would look good?”

She blushed heavily. “Uh, I could think of something. Do you have a different spot?”

“Everywhere is a free spot if it’s not inked.” He said. “Hey, could I see yours?” Harry asked, remembering she had one.

She immediately paused, frowning a bit. “Do, uh, do you want to see a picture of it?” She asked, blushing. “Or the actual thing?”

“Actual thing, if that’s alright.” He said, hoping she would show him. God, he wanted to see more of her so badly.

She nodded, standing up. “Yeah.. that’s fine.” Carefully, she lifted up her shirt, the pink of her bra peeking out. She lifted the bra, part of her breast showing. “I got it last May.”

Harry cursed internally, seeing her body which made him excited. “It’s gorgeous, he murmured, leaning forward so he could get a better look.

She watched him carefully. "Thank you.” She whispered, her body buzzing as he got closer.

“Can I touch it?” He asked quietly, not wanting to scare her but desperately wanting to touch it.

“Please do.” She whispered. She let her eyes close, her long curls falling in front of her face.

He gently touched her tattoo, his other hand resting on her hip so he could pull her closer. His fingers gently touched and traced the flowers. “Gorgeous…” He murmured. Not only talking about the tattoo.

She felt her skin tingle. “Harry..” She whispered, her eyes barely open as she looked down at him.

“Yeah?” He smirked, fingers tracing her skin gently. He knew she was enjoying it, and he sure as hell was.

“I’ve never kissed anyone.” She said quietly.

He stood up, turning her to face him. His hands caressed her cheeks, thumb smoothing over her cheekbone lightly.
“Do you want to?”

She nodded, feeling his touch on her ribs though it was already gone. “Yes.”

He leaned in slowly, ghosting his lips over hers, before connecting their lips gently. Pulling away, he pecked them a few times before molding his lips to hers a bit deeper.
She carefully kissed back, one of her hands moving to his hip, the other holding his bicep as their lips moved together.
He kissed her carefully, but deeply, putting his feelings into the kiss. Slowly dragging his tongue over her bottom lip to ask permission to taste her.

She pulled away gently, blushing. Her heart raced as she looked down. “I don’t know what to do.” She said.

“It’s easy, baby. Just copy what I do.” He said, nudging his nose against hers, coaxing her to kiss him again.

She pressed their lips back together, taking his bottom lip between her lip. He slipped his tongue into her mouth gently, swirling around her tongue, waiting for her to copy his movements. She let out a soft moan involuntarily, mimicking what Harry did, moving the hand from his arm to his shoulder.

One of his hands moved from her face to wrap around her waist, pulling her closer when he heard her little moan, their tongues playing gently. She pulled away slightly, her eyes staring into his. Her hand ran through his curls, biting her lip.

“You taste good, petal.” He said quietly, resting out the new nickname. She tasted like spun sugar, his favorite thing. She blushed heavily. “Thank you.” She hesitantly pulled him closer to her. “Is it bad that I want more than kissing?” She nervously asked.

“No, not at all.” He smiled, sitting down and tugging her on top of his lap so she was straddling him. “What do you want, baby?” Harry asked, kissing her neck.

She carefully moved her hair, gasping slightly. “Th-that.” She mumbled. “That feels really nice.”

“Like this?” He smirked against her neck, trailing light kissed up and down the smooth skin of her neck. She made a soft noise, her hips moving against his accidentally. “Y-yes.”

“Shit..” He groaned as her hips rolled into his. He kept kissing until he found the spot that made her shiver, licking it gently before sucking on it, marking her up gently.
She let out a quiet moan, feeling her skin heat up. “Harry, I don’t like being on top.”

“That’s not a problem.” He said smugly, flipping them over so that he hovered on top of her.
“Is that better baby?” He teased, grinding his hips into hers.

She gasped, her eyes falling closed as she nodded. “Kiss me.” She mumbled, pulling his shirt so his body was pressed to hers. He leaned down and kissed her hard, tongue exploring her mouth. He moaned as her hands rugged on his hair, and he pulled away from her.

“You’re so fùcking beautiful, you know that?” He panted before diving right back in to kiss her again.
She let out a soft groan, moving her mouth to his neck, carefully sucking on the skin. Her hand tangled in his loose curls as she left small marks on his skin.

“That’s it angel. Just like that.” He groaned softly, grinding his hips into hers gently. It felt so good, he’d been wanting this for a while.

She continued before she let out another soft moan, her head falling back against the pillow. “Harry.” She moaned out, her eyes opening to look at him.
“What baby?” He smirked against her skin. “Tell me what you want.”
“You.” She mumbled, attempting to raise his shirt from his body.

“You sure?” He asked as he let her pull his shirt off. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Not.. not all the way.” She said quietly. “I don’t really know what there is to do.”

“I’ve got something in mind. Trust me, okay?” He asked, his hands playing with the button of her pants.
She nodded, watching him. She propped herself up on her elbows.

He slid her pants down her legs, kissing her stomach softly. His hands reached into her panties, fingers rubbing small circles on her clit gently.
“How’s this feel?”

She let her eyes close, her breath falling from her lips in small pants. “Mm.” She mumbled, moaning.

His other hand trailed up to her breasts, squeezing lightly. He kissed up her body, planting wet kisses all over her chest. Harry moved the cup of her bra down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, teasing it lightly.
She moaned at the pleasure flowing through her body, something she had never felt before. Her hand stayed tangled in his hair, the other hand gripping hard at the sheet.

He released her breast, moving his mouth to the other one. “How does it feel baby girl?”
She was unable to speak, pleasure coursing through her. Small moans escaped her mouth as she felt her body heat up, realizing she was close.

“Don’t cum yet baby, we haven’t even gotten to the best part.” He teased, sliding down her body and taking off her panties slowly. He looked up at her as he slowly licked a stripe up her heat, before his tongue went to play with her clit.

Her thighs shook as he continued, causing her to cry out in pleasure. “Harry.” She moaned, her hand tugging hard at his hair. “Oh my god.” Her body arching slightly.

He hummed against her, loving the taste as he kicked up her again before attaching his lips to her clit, sucking lightly while his tongue swirled around it, making her whimper.
She let out a soft moan of his name as she came, her body lifting from the bed as she attempted to close her legs.

Harry let her ride out her orgasm, her hips bucking into his face and legs closing around his head, but he loved it. Pulling his mouth away when she got too sensitive, he crawled back up to her face, caressing her cheeks gently. “How did that feel, baby?”

She hummed in response, turning onto her side and she hid her face. “Good.” She said, embarrassed. No one had ever seen her naked before, and everything had happened so suddenly.

“Hey, hey it’s alright. You don’t need to be embarrassed. You’re gorgeous.” He soothed her gently, kissing her cheeks.

Callie smiled, her nose scrunching. “Tell me the meaning of this tattoo.” She said, pointing to a random one on his arm.

She pointed to the small A on his arm. “It’s for my mum. He first name starts for an A.” He smiled at her. She looked gorgeous, flushed cheeks and swollen lips. He could get used to this view.

She smiled. “That’s really sweet. What about that one?"She pointed to the bird cage.
"It’s about not letting life cage you in.”

She leaned into his body, her bra slightly risen so her tattoo was visible. “What does yours mean, petal?” He ask, tracing it again slowly.

She slightly froze, her head resting against his chest. “Uh.. well, my aunt really liked flowers.” She said quietly, my voice quivering a bit. “And, uh, well roses are used to show beauty. She was beautiful until the end.” She mumbled, tears welling in her eyes.

“Oh, baby.” He frowned, his fingers brushing under her eyes to catch the tears. “I’m sure she was. I bet she was gorgeous, and if she had anything to do with how you are, she was incredible.”

“She was my best friend.” Callie said quietly, her hair falling around her. “She designed the tattoo when I was a kid, but she wasn’t allowed to get it.”
“So you got it for her.” He finished. He laid down next to her, pulling on her pants in case someone walked in. “That’s a beautiful message.”

She smiled sadly, nodding. “She wanted it more than anything.” She pulled her shirt down and handed him his shirt, and lied back down.

“You’re a real sweetheart, you know that?” He turned his head to look at her, admiring her beautiful face, and soul.

(Co written with @yourfavoriteshirt )