can you imagine if FMA went on Maury

“my son hates me because I abandoned them and their sick mother…but I had to find my IDENTICAL EVIL twin who wants to KILL them ”

“sometimes I try to kill my boyfriends”

“we just wanted to see our mom…now we have to work for the MILITARY to find out how to get our proper health”

“I am DEAD BROKE along with my clan because my EMPEROR DEADBEAT father doesn’t give us any money or power so I ILLEGALLY ran to another country”

“my CLOSEST friend has a new identity and I can’t tell which side of him is hitting on me”

“all my family and friends think I’m a CRIMINAL but really I escaped from jail to immigrate, and I had to fake my death”

“I might be a DRAG QUEEN but I can still RULE this country”

“I’m being emotionally manipulated by an eight year old”

“my entire town has been filled with street violence and riots ever since our religion was disproved and our priest got EATEN!”