passive voice verbs

elskes.  be loved
velges.  is chosen / is elected / is selected
kritiseres.  is criticized
økes.  is raised
bygges.  is being built / is built
repareres.  be repaired
nektes.  be denied / be refused

stoppes.  be stopped
ses.  be seen
flyttes.  be moved
oppleves.  be experienced
trykkes.  is printed
brukes.  is used
kalles.  is called
leses.  be read

påkjørt.  run over / hit
stoppet.  stopped
avhørt.  questioned
behandlet.  treated
erstattet.  replaced
ranet.  robbed
født.  born

elsket.  loved
skadet.  hurt / injured / harmed
produsert.  produced
tegnet.  drawn / been drawing
trykket.  printed
fjernet.  removed / got rid of
mottatt.  received

Hun skal elskes.  She will be loved.
Brua bygges opp igjen.  The bridge is being built up again.
Dommeren kritiseres for beslutningen.  The judge is criticized for the decision.
Målet økes hver dag.  The goal is raised every day.
Radioen kan ikke repareres.  The radio cannot be repaired.
Den amerikanske presidenten velges hvert fjerde år.  The American president is chosen every fourth year.
Hvis du er åpenbart påvirket skal du nektes inngang.  If you are obviously under the influence you will be denied entry.

Tyven må stoppes.  The thief must be stopped.
Alt kan ses.  Everything can be seen.
Meldingene kan leses av brukere.  The messages can be read by users.
Alle avisene trykkes samtidig.  All the newspapers are printed simultaneously.
Maskinen brukes slik.  The machine is used like this.
Dette kalles en kylling.  This is called a chicken.
Hvordan kan det oppleves?  How can that be experienced?
Pasienten kommer til å flyttes til et annet sykehus.  The patient is going to be moved to another hospital.

Den gamle mannen ble påkjørt av en buss.  The old man was hit by a bus.
Vi ble stoppet av politiet.  We were stopped by the police.
Ble du avhørt i dag?  Were you questioned today?
Pasienten blir behandlet på dette sykehuset.  The patient is being treated at this hospital.
Kvinnen ble erstattet av en robot.  The woman was replaced by a robot.
Huset deres ble ranet åtte ganger.  Their house was robbed eight times.
Jeg er født i mai.  I was born in May.

Romanene hennes blir elsket i Polen.  Her novels are loved in Poland.
Mange spillere ble skadet under kampen.  Many players got hurt in the match.
Alle detaljene blir tegnet i dag.  All the details get drawn today.
Boken ble trykket i Italia, og filmen ble produsert i India.  The book was printed in Italy, and the movies was produced in India.
Bilen ble fjernet av politiet.  The car was removed by the police.
Brevene hans ble mottatt på mandag.  His letters were received on Monday.


“I’ve always thought that it can’t be me they’re responding to, it’s the character.  It’s Elizabeth Gaskell they should be sending the presents to.” (Sunday Times Culture Magazine - April, 2006)

“What I don’t get is that I didn’t write the character.  I suppose I get the attention because the author’s dead.  If Elizabeth Gaskell were still alive, they’d write to her, I think.” (The Independent on Sunday - April, 2006)

RA, on the female response to his portrayal of John Thornton

anonymous asked:

hey! just wanted to ask if you know something about richard being afraid of water? i saw a post with that water fight from spooks, and someone mentioning he looked uncomfortable. love your blog <3

Thank you for your note!   You’re absolutely right - he really dislikes water and no matter how much he tries to avoid it, water is after him!

From Richard himself:

“One of my earliest memories is of falling into my neighbour’s pond in my pushchair. I was under the water for quite a while. Ever since, I’ve had a problem with deep, dark water.”       The Independent

“I’m not a great swimmer, I have a kind of fear of water, which comes from something that happened when I was really a kid.  I kind of fell into a duck pond in my push chair so I just, for some reason, have a fear of water.”

“Yeah, I can swim, I’m just not great with, you know, really deep water.”
Johnny Walker Show, BBC Radio 2

“I’ve got a bit of tank work to do. It’s always water with me. It wasn’t in the script when I agreed to it and then it changed… “He dives into a tank of water to saves his son.” That’s my worst nightmare.”    Screen Rant

there’s a scene in Strike Back where John is waterboarded. That must’ve be pretty unpleasant, seeing as you have a phobia of water! 

“That’s true. It’s not the first time I had to be waterboarded either – it was familiar territory.”     tv.com

“I am just not a water baby. I can swim but I just don’t. Everyone else is jumping in and I’ll go, ’You know what? I’ll just stand on the side.’”

“I did four weeks of scuba training for the sequence and made myself do fifty lengths every day. Then we were at the bottom of a tank and there was ten metres above you.” All 15 or 16 stone of him shudders at the memory of the moment the divers confiscated his goggles and breathing line. “They had put a microphone in the water so you could hear them say, ‘Just waiting for the bubbles to clear.’ I’m at the bottom of the tank thinking, I’ve taken a deep breath but I haven’t got enough air. When they asked me to do it again I was sitting in the dressing room crying, ‘I can’t!’”

In another scene they put him in an empty box within a container filled with water. “They wanted to smash a window and the water rush in quickly. They’d put all the safety things in place but you can’t fool the brain: you have a fight-or-flight mechanism that you can’t control. I smashed the roof off.” 

…” to prepare for a scene in Spooks, he became perhaps the first person in the history of torture to volunteer for waterboarding. “They put a wet cloth over your nostrils and your mouth, hold it tight and pour water into it. It’s like suffocating underwater. I think I managed five seconds. I got the glimmer of something I could replicate: total terror, a certain sound, and the spasm the body does when you feel it.”

  The Telegraph

“I have a thing with water,” he begins. “I have a fear of drowning and I read each script and think, 'Great, no nudity, no water, phew!’

“But then, more often than not, in the rewrite the director will suddenly go, 'I have a great scene where you dive to the bottom of a swimming pool!’”

This very thing happened on Armitage’s first big blockbuster, 2011’s Captain America, while two of the most notable TV shows in which he starred have required him to suffer on-screen waterboarding.

“Waterboarding is an exact replication of drowning,” he says. “It’s all of my fears realised and I’ve had to do it in Spooks and in Strike Back. No matter what, most things I’ve done have ended up having some sort of water sequence in them.”

“The funny thing was, even though it [Into the Storm]  is a tornado movie,” he chuckles, “they added a water sequence! I really can’t get away from those.”

Guy of Gisborne - BBC Robin Hood S02E03

and sometimes … there are some not necessarily unpleasant outcomes from all that water stuff he can’t avoid:

we don’t talk about the speedos!*

Screencaps from RACentral and RANet.   Gary gif mine.  Thorin gif source
* I had my fingers crossed