It took me two years to realize the reason I started my business. It didn’t grow from my passions; it came out of my childhood.

When I was seven, I was in a ballet class. My instructor removed me because she said I was overweight. At seven years old, I became self-conscious and obsessed with my body and the image I portray. I never danced in my tights again.

Two years ago my ex-boyfriend gave me a comment about how he judged a woman’s figure by her legs. Right away I began to look for clothing to exaggerate my legs. I wanted to impress him and get his attention. This brought me back to tights. 

And after two years, whether it was from my boyfriend or my ballet teacher, I finally came to understand: it’s not about them, it is truly about you! Being able to dress how you want, eat as you like, and simply be yourself, is much more important than how the world judges you. Dress to express, not to impress!
This isn’t my passion; this is me. 

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