The Scorecard Killer- Randy Kraft was an American serial killer who operated from 1971 to 1983. He is especially unique in the sense that he kept detailed records of each killing, and then rated them based on how good he thought the murder was. Kraft’s victims were all young men, who had been drugged and given substantial amounts of alcohol. He subjected them to torture, including burning their genitals with his cigarette lighter, sodomizing them, and castrating them. Kraft is currently on death row, where he has been for 27 years.

Larry Bittaker - hair thief and murderabilia collector

Randy Kraft does not approve of murderabilia and Larry Bittaker knows that.  That didn’t stop Bittaker from stealing locks of Kraft’s hair and giving it to people to sell!

From an interview with Bittaker where the interviewer asks if he has any serial killer friends in prison:

Randy Kraft. He was in my yard. He would get his hair cut out there. And I would pick it up from the ground and give it to one of my collector friends on the outside, and he would sell it. In return, these guys on the outside would send me smut magazines or stamps. Randy found out I was giving away his hair. He doesn’t talk to me any more.

Most Serial Killers are Mutable signs... (which are Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces)

Ted Bundy - Sagittarius 
Jeffrey Dahmer - Gemini 
Ed Gein - Virgo 
John Wayne Gacy - Pisces 
Mary Bell - Gemini 
Leslie Bailey - Pisces 
George Chapman - Sagittarius 
David Berkowitz - Gemini 
Kenneth Bianchi - Gemini 
Richard Biegenwald - Virgo 
Terry Blair - Virgo 
Dean Carter - Virgo 
Richard Chase - Gemini 
Alton Coleman - Sagittarius 
Charles Cullen - Pisces 
Andrew Cunanan - Virgo 
Albert DeSalvo - Virgo 
Donald Henry Gaskins - Pisces 
Randy Steven Kraft - Pisces 
Timothy Krajcir - Sagittarius 
Henry Lee Lucas - Virgo 
Richard Ramirez - Pisces 
András Pándy - Gemini 
Paul Bernardo - Virgo 
Danny Rolling - Gemini 
Arthur Shawcross - Gemini 
Gerald Stano - Virgo 
Marybeth Tinning - Virgo 
Ottis Toole - Pisces 
Wayne Williams - Gemini 
Aileen Wuornos - Pisces 
Robert Lee Yates - Gemini 


Patrick Kearney committed his first confirmed murder of a series of murders that became known as the “trash bag murders” due to the fact that the victims were often found in trash bags, in 1968. The victim was only ever known as “George” and Kearney had brought him back to his apartment where he shot him between the eyes before hacking him to pieces. Kearney had lived with his boyfriend, David Douglas, and they had a tempestuous relationship. After having an argument, Kearney would often get into his car and drive around to find a man to murder. His victims, who were primarily gay, would be picked up from gay bars. He often picked up hitchikers also. He would shoot his victims while driving with the other hand. He would then leave them slumped in the passenger seat and drive to a secluded area where he would have sex with the corpse before dismembering them and disposing of them. By 1974, it was estimated that Kearney was killing at least one victim a month. Kearney was finally apprehended in 1977 and confessed to 28 murders. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He shares the moniker “The Freeway Killer” with William Bonin and Randy Kraft.