Randy : So how did that GED test go then ?

Chelsea : Good I’m a genius.

Randy : Did you find out if you passed yet ?

Chelsea : No. I think I passed.


Chelsea : How am I gonna pay my bills ? Start stripping ? Are you gonna help me ? I guess Aubree’s gonna have to go to daycare.

Randy : She needs some friends.

Chelsea : I am her friend.

Randy : I mean little friends.

Chelsea : Are you calling me fat ?


According to Randy, Adam has been paying the state minimum for Aubrees entire life. That’s 170 a month for 6 years. So in Aubrees entire life, he has paid about 12k, about 2k a year.

So he’s making “almost” 300k a year from mtv and for Aubrees ENTIRE LIFE he has only paid 4% of what he makes in a SINGLE YEAR.

If he paid 900 a month for Aubree and 900 a month for Paislee, that would be 1800 a month. So about 21k a year for BOTH of his kids. That’s only 8% of what he makes from MTV, plus he’s apparently got a job now so he’s making even more than that.

So he’s saying he can’t afford more than 170 for Aubree. So what I’m confused about is they all just got their season 7 check. What did he do with his almost 300k that he cant afford 900$ a month?