music from pixar movies
  • toy story: Randy Newman™️
  • a bug's life: Still Randy Newman™️
  • toy story 2: Randy Newman™️ but more depressing
  • monsters inc.: still fucking randy newman
  • finding nemo: way too upbeat and swingy for the movie
  • the incredibles: hype
  • cars: you can say you hate country music but this movie will physically transform you into samuel timothy mcgraw
  • ratatouille: so pretty you don't even care that you have no idea what she's saying
  • wall-e: cures my anxiety
  • up: 40s aesthetic but without the overt racism
  • toy story 3: Randy Newman but bouncier
  • cars 2: literally just listing american and british stereotypes
  • brave: daughter of a mumford
  • monsters university: roar isn't gonna be dated nope not one bit
  • inside out: elevator music that makes me cry
  • the good dinosaur: i haven't heard any of it recently so i don't have a joke but it'll probably make you cry
  • finding dory: sia made a funny
  • cars 3: a 90 minute funeral march probably
Disney•Pixar’s “Cars 3” fuels two soundtrack releases!

As Lightning McQueen heads to the big screen alongside his new tech-savvy trainer Cruz Ramirez, Disney•Pixar’s “Cars 3” fuels two soundtrack releases—both available from Walt Disney Records on June 16 as the film opens in theaters nationwide. The Cars 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, features eight tracks—including original songs by Dan Auerbach and ZZ Ward, four covers by various artists, and two instrumental tracks from Brad Paisley. The Cars 3 Original Score Composed and Conducted by Randy Newman reunites the “Cars” franchise with the Oscar®-winning composer. Both soundtracks are available for pre-order tomorrow, May 19, 2017.

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? if you were mine oo2 ?

NOTE: Okay, so this is the second chapter and things get a little… Steamy here. Oh and Randy makes another asshole appearance. I have never been good at writing out fight scenes, so forgive the hot mess that is this chapter’s fight scene.

No smut..yet… But the Alpha that you/reader is meant to be with is revealed here so yay!!!

&& if you missed part oo1, I got you, bbies!


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Word Count:



@wrestlingbabe , @hiitsmecharlie @ambrosegirlforever and I believe those were the only ones who asked to be tagged in things. If I missed you, please let me know.

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anonymous asked:

god I loved the murdoc meets s/o's dad can u do it with 2d ? :3

I’m happy you liked it! Here ya go! I switched it up a bit this time :) 

2D wasn’t exactly excited to meet your father today, in fact, you can see that the boy is terrified. He’s hugging his knees in the front seat of the car you’re driving and staring off into the distance. Jeez he’s such a drama queen, he’s probably imagining his own funeral. The thought makes you chuckle.

“Stu, it’ll be fine, I promise! No worries, we’re just having dinner that’s all!” You reassure him.

He looked at you, startled and realized that he was caught in the act. “Sorry love, jus’ a bit anxious is all. I’m okay. Could ya tell me about him? What not to do and stuffs?”

“He just appreciates someone who can make eye contact and sit up straight. Be yourself, he’s gonna ask you questions, just answer him truthfully. He doesn’t know much about you either. He just knows you’re in the band and I’ve been staying with you guys while you tour. “

“But does he know that I can’t help the color of my hair or that the pills I take aren’t just drugs like im not being a bad influence on you or that my eyes are Murdoc’s f-f-FAULT O R  T H A T –” He rambles on and on, not noticing that you pulled over until your mouth was on his. He closed his eyes and wrapped his hand around your neck, his other hand  pulling at your waist trying to get you to scoot over and sit on his lap. He was so easy to get riled up.

You sigh and break the kiss.

“Try to simmer down, D. He doesn’t know. He’s gonna ask if he really cares.” You try to reassure him.

He looks down and bites his lower lip, the gaps in his teeth showing prominently when be does that.  It’s adorable. “But what if he doesn’t like me?”

“Then too bad for him. He’s going to have to deal with it. You’re not going anywhere, Stu Pot.” He blushes and kisses you on the cheek.

You pull out of the parking space you conveniently found during 2D’s mini anxiety attack and you continue driving. When you get to the house you suddenly feel so nostalgic.You look up, that’s the window you used to climb out of in the middle of the night for late night smokes with your best friends. To the side of the house, there’s the tree you fell out of. And there’s your dad, sitting on the porch and smoking a cigarette. He looks up and sees you get out of the car. You run to him and hug your father as tight as you could. His embrace was familiar, tight, and comforting. “I missed you so much, dad.”

He just hugs you tighter.

When you two separate, you see that 2D is right next to you.

“Dad, this is-”

Stuart, sir. But you can call me 2D, It’s noice to finally meet ya.” His voice is shaky but you’re surprised that he suddenly spoke up.

Dad looks 2D up and down and tilts his head a bit when he notices his eyes.

“Same to you, um, 2-Dee…this one- he gestures to you , “hasn’t told me a damn thing about you…”

You roll your eyes at him and he turns around and walks into the house, waving for you two to follow. “Hope you two are hungry because dinner is ready.”

You all sit at the table, you sit next to 2D instead of taking your usual place next to dad. He notices and glares a bit at 2D but he says nothing about it.

You guys begin eating. Stu compliments the food, and dad seems delighted that someone outside the family likes his cooking. “Thank you, it’s just been me and the brat over there, so I never know if they’re being genuine or trying not to hurt my feelings.”

“No, this is very well done!” 2D grins back, flashing his teeth. (or lack thereof lol.)

Dad, looks at 2D’s face once more, and here’s the question we’ve all been waiting for: “So, you have very uh… interesting eyes. Were you born that way?”

2D is visibly shaken by the question, afraid of being judged or rejected by your father.

“Well em… no I was not born this way…” 2D starts off slowly. He looks at you and you nod. Then he tells a whole damn story: “I know my appearance is a bit weird. The bassist in the band we’re in actually hit me wiv’ a car. It’s called an 8 ball fracture and it made one of me eyes look like this. The courts ordered Murdoc to take care of me when I was in a coma, but he took me on one of his joyrides and I crashed through the windshield fracturing the other one…then he kidnapped me to be in the band because he liked my new look.” The room falls silent. “Oh and the hair is blue because I fell out of a tree when I was little, my hair fell out and it all grew back blue.”

Dad looks dumbfounded. There were a series of emotions that flashed through his face, and you were unsure what they meant. You see that 2D notices and that it’s making him anxious as his foot will not stop shaking under the table. You grab his hand over the table. “That’s a hell of a wild story isn’t it, dad?”

“Um, yeah… So this is your um… current bassist? The one you’re working with…now?”

“Yes sir, Murdoc created the band.”

“And he’s around my kid?” Shit. this line of questioning isn’t good.

“Dad, Mudz would never harm me. I mean, his driving could use some help but he’s a chill guy” You try to defend both Murdoc and Stu.

“ A chill guy?” He turns back to 2D: “You let this man around my kid?” Dad doesn’t sound very happy…

“W-w-well with all due respect, sir…” Stu starts timidly, but then stops, squeezing your hand hard. How he started that sentence doesn’t sound like it’s going to be respectful and you just felt a bolt of anxiety shock you in the gut. Dad’s eyes shoot up to glare into his. “With all due respect…Your ‘kid’ is more than capable of making decisions. And they like being around Mudz, and it’s not my place to ‘em not to spend time with him…” He finishes that sentence strong. You have never been more proud of him. You smile at him, put your hand on one cheek and kiss the other.

Dad thinks for a moment, then he looks up and smiles. “Right you are. Sorry if I seemed hostile, I just have to make sure it’s not just any old douche that’s messing with my baby. I see that you respect ‘em… I like that.”

2D breathes a sigh of relief which makes dad laugh. You glare at your father, and he notices. “Well, let’s take this party to the couch, shall we?”

You all make your way to the lounge where you all sit down; you and 2D sitting on the couch opposite of your dad’s arm chair.

Dad  asks what 2D does in the band. When 2D responds that he is a singer, dad’s eyes light up. He leaves the room to come back with a case of beers and a guitar. He opens his carton of cigarettes, and finds it empty. 2D offers one of his and dad gladly accepts while he lights both of theirs. Dad looks to you with the cigarette in his mouth as he plugs the guitar in: “Still didn’t take up the family addiction?“ You grimace. Both 2D and dad laugh at your expression and say “Good” at the same time and they both laugh once more. Dad hands both of you a beer and takes a sip of his.

Dad starts playing a song that you recognize as Aerosmith’s Cryin”

“Know the song?” You frown, 2D doesn’t really listen to classic rock much…Or at least not around you…

Instead of responding to your dad’s inquiry, he starts bobbing his head and singing when the time comes.

Well then…  This is a pleasant surprise.

You join in, harmonizing with 2D. After a couple of more songs it seems like all the tension from earlier is wiped out, you two leave smiling, you hug your dad goodbye and when 2D goes in for a handshake, your father is tipsy enough to pull him in for a hug instead. “Welcome to the family, son.”

On the drive home, you two were silent. It was a comfortable silence, you were still grinning about how well the night ended and Stu was deep in thought. He broke the silence with a: “Ya know…I love you so much.” and you responded “I love you too, Stu.“


Cars section of the new Pixar music concert at DHS, including some parts of the Cars 3 score!

I though you didn't love me. [Jonathan Byers x Reader]

Prompt: “I thought you didn’t love me.”

Requested by @fairand_2

A/N: First request! Yay! I’m not quite sure I like the Steve imagine I made since it was a little rushed but I hope this one is a little better! Also side note this is an imagine that is timed after season 1. Enjoy((:


Being Jonathan Byers best friend is a little hard. For starters people always question me asking why I am hanging out with a creepy perv and it isn’t like people ask only a few times, it’s constantly! And also if you consider that fact that I’m watching him fall in love with Nancy Wheeler when I’ve been head over heels for him since my mom because friends with Joyce which happened over 10 years ago.
“(Y/N).” I hear Jonathan say as we walk out off his car into the school campus. “Hey… I promised Nancy I would come over her house today to help her study and help Mike and Will with a science project they have. Is it okay that I can’t take you home and hang out with you tonight?” Jonathan says quietly as he avoids my direct eye contact.
I take a deep breath and force a convincing smile on my face. With the sign of my smile, Jonathan perks up and let’s out a relieved breath. Of course Jon would hang out with Nancy and ditch our plans. I love Nancy with all my heart because she’s a sweet girl down inside but I feel resentment toward her and I know I shouldn’t. I let out the breath and say, “Sure Sure why not. I could walk home. Yeah so umm yeah see you tomorrow, Jonathan.”
Jonathan’s smile quickly falls and his eyebrows raise as he looks confused and worried. I never use Jonathan’s full name unless I feel sad or angry. I quickly turn and head straight towards my first class.
The day passes by quickly as I ignore Jonathan and as I look up the end of the day bell sounds off. Knowing that Jonathan is taking Nancy home I take the back exit through the forest as a shot cut to get home. I hold my breath For almost the entire way as bad memories flash through my head of what events played out here. Jonathan knows that I can’t go out in the forest without having a mental breakdown with the events of El and the monster happening only 3 months before. Jonathan knows that I would never risk going out here alone but he truly doesn’t know how hard headed and stupid I am. Going out in a place where I almost died just because a crush that is one sided doesn’t exactly get planned out the way I wanted it too.
I start to pick up my pace as I rush to get home, hopefully untouched and not hurt. The image of the monster flash through my brain like a movie and without realizing it I break out in a full run towards my backyard. I quickly jump inside the ‘safety’ of my home and quickly make my way upstairs. I try to pass unseen or heard or else I would be questioned my mom. I slip through my bedroom door and lock it while closing my curtains. I take a few deep breaths as I know a panic attack will come sooner or later. I curl myself into a ball and but my headphones on trying to drowned out my horrors.

Jonathan’s POV

“Hey Jonathan. Where’s your lover, (Y/N)~” Nancy teases me as she hoped in my car.
“I told her that I couldn’t drop her off today. You know, we have to study for that bug final and we promised to help Will and Mike.” I say with a sign of regret. Wednesday is the day that we usually hang out and listen to my mixtape and take funny faces photos with each other. I love her but I don’t think she likes me at all.
I hear Nancy sigh as she smacks me in the head. She glares at me as I start to drive to her house. She lets out an annoyed breath as she says, “You are an idiot, Byers! She obviously likes you! Why couldn’t we take her home or hang out with her? it’s not like we are rushing to study and come on I don’t reallly want to hear our brothers geek out to their science project for over 2 hours man.”
“I don’t know Nancy. I didn’t know what to say to her! She is just so distracting that a few words just came out with out me meaning it. What I said probably hurt her feelings for all I know.” I rub my forehead as I feel a headache started to plant itself in my brain as I stop the car at Nancy’s house and let out a deep breath.
“That’s why I said leave this stuff to me! UGHHH! I give up on you sometimes Byers. Let’s just finish up studying and helping the dorks so you can get to your sweetheart, lover boy.”
Time skip
I drive my car on the route to (Y/N)’s house as I see Randy, a old guy in (Y/N)’s neighborhood that always seems to be gardening 24/7.
“Hey Mr Randy. How are you today?” I smile at him as I stop the car. Randy turns his head away from his green beans and smiles at me.
“Hello Jonathan! My day has been just fine! I made some fried green tomatoes today and they were extra good! Are you taking young (Y/N) home?” Randy smiles with his few teeth.
“She didn’t pass by here? She usually goes this route when she walks home.” I start to worry as I stare at Randy waiting for his answer.
“Ohh Jonathan! Don’t worry she probably took the forest route! Way quicker than taking the roads or waking past here. You see when I was a kid-” Randy starts out as he places his hands in his cane and leans back.
“Umm! I’ll talk to you soon Randy! I have to go.” I let out quickly as I stomp my foot in the gas in a hurry trying to get to (Y/N)’s house. She never takes the forest way home without me. She freaks out and has a panic attack. She wouldn’t dare to go that way. Ohh my god. I rush out of my car as I park in front of her house. I run around her house yo where he window is in the back and start to climb up. “I guess I’m pulling a Steve then.”
I make it up to her room and try to peak through a crack in her curtains to see her shaking in the corner of her room, staring at the wall waiting for something to pop out as she grips a mixtape I made her in her hand. I let out a load breath as I open up her window and climb in.
“(Y/N)? Oh my god.” I rush over to her as he sheets out a breath and looks at me. I bring her into my arms as I feel her burn up and shake. She must have a cold too. “Shhh it’s okay I’m here for you.”
“J-Jon? Heyy…” She whispers as she snuggles into my chest. I take off her earphones and place them aside and I carry her to her bed and tuck her in.
“Go to sleep. You are burning up right now. I’ll stay here, Okay?” I smile at her and kiss her forehead and lay next to her.
“Hmm okay…” She snuggles even closer to me and my breath hitches as her’s slows down dramatically to tell that she fell asleep.
I wait a few minutes with her in my arms. I stare down at her and wish I had my camera with me because she looks so beautiful and peaceful in my arms.
“I love you, (Y/N).” I let out in a whisper voice and I play with her hair as she sleeps.
(Y/N)’s eyes open quickly and she stares up at me. “Y-you what? Wait back up. I thought you didn’t love me. I thought you still liked Nancy? B-but I’m fine with it I mean I like you too but I can’t. Wait are you sure you like me? Are you positive. Ohh my god, am I rambling? I think I am-”
I cut her off as I hear that she likes me too in that jumbled up speech. “I never liked Nancy. I’ve always liked you. I just spend time with Nancy because she is my first friend. I mean you are my first friend but I want us to be more. You know? Ohh am I rambling now? Sorry.”
I feel heat rise up in my cheeks as I try to turn my head but (Y/N)’s hands grab my head and she stares at me.
“Really? Like really really? Like positively really? Because this feels like a fictional relationship right now you know? Like really?” A grin spreads across her cheeks and I grab her waist and bring her impossibly close to me.
“Really. So umm I don’t know how to say this but do you want to be my girl? Or something like that.” I let out a small laugh and look up at her with my cheeks now a blazing red color.
(Y/N) lets out a squeak and grabs my neck and pulls me into a kiss. I melt into the kiss as her soft lips mold against mine. I let out a small chuckle as I can taste a slight chocolate flavor on them. She pulls away and says something that I’ve been waiting to hear nearly my whole life.
“Of course. I will be your girlfriend, Jonathan Byers.

Hunters Gathering

Characters: Sam, Dean, reader, Jody

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: arguing, swearing, angst

Word count: 2557

Summary: When you go to pay respects to your dead friend, Asa Fox, you run in to someone that you never thought you’d see again.

A/N: this is based on last nights episode (Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox)

Asa Fox. What an amazing hunter he was, you’d worked so many cases with him in the past and to find out he was dead was heart breaking.

You were sitting in a motel, looking for another case after you’d just finished one when you got a phone call from his mother. When she told you the heartbreaking news, she told you there would be a gathering for hunters that were friends of Asa’s and she wanted you to be there. After putting on a ‘I’m fine’ act while on the phone to him mom, you hung up the phone and started to cry. Asa was a good friend of yours, you’d worked a few cases together in the past and he wasn’t just an amazing hunter, he was a good person. You had a lot of memories with him, he always made you laugh when you were upset about something silly, or when someone would turn him down at the bar he would joke around saying ’she couldn’t handle this dick anyway’, which would have you laughing so hard tears would form in your eyes.

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The Gang's Favorite Disney Movies

Ponyboy- Snow White
Johnny- Lilo and Stitch
Dallas- Lion King
Soda- Lady and the Tramp
Darry- Fox and the Hound
Two Bit- Frozen
Steve- Brave
Cherry- Pocahontas
Tim- Hercules
Curly- The Little Mermaid
Angela- Mulan
Evie- Cinderella
Sandy- Princess and the Frog
Sylvia- Tarzan
Kathy- 101 Dalmatians
Marcia- Finding Nemo
Randy- Tangled
Bob- Cars

4. You Get Caught

Chris Jericho:
You and Chris where backstage at RAW, he was sitting on a chair and you where sitting on his lap while kissing him, Chris was suppose to go out in a couple of minutes, but sweet and short kisses turned into a full blown make out session, “ Uh… ” Somebody said from behind Chris, you pull away from Chris and look over his shoulder and see one of the stage hands standing there, “ Sorry to interrupt but you’re on in one minute Chris. ” the person said, Chris nods his head and the guy quickly leaves, you got off his lap and he stood up, “ We’ll continue that, later. ” Chris said and moved closer to you to peck your lips, but you moved away, “ go before you’re late. ” You say smiling, he chuckles and pecks your cheek before walking away.

Randy Orton:
Randy hand you pinned to a wall, you two where backstage at a WWE Live event, the two of your where in a full blown out make out session that neither of you noticed Seth standing behind Randy, until he let out a fake cough, Randy pulls away from you and turns around and looks at Seth, “ what? ” Randy asks slightly glaring at Seth, “ We have a match. ” Seth says, “ Right… almost forgot. ” Randy says and looks towards you and smirked, “ I’ll see you after my match. ” Randy says and pulls you towards him and kisses you.

Seth Rollins:
You and Seth where in his hotel room, you two didn’t share it thought, but the person he was sharing with was currently on a food run, which meant he would be back soon but neither of you cared, the two of you sat on the couch making out, As Seth was about to lay you down on the couch the door opens and Dolph walks in holding the food in his hand, “ Hey! I still have to sit there!” Dolph said while looking at you and Seth, the two of you pull away from each other and looks at Dolph, “ I… uh.. I have to go, see you later Seth. ” you quickly got up from the couch and left the hotel room.

Dean Ambrose:
Dean was currently in your hotel room on top of you on your bed, you where sharing with one of the Divas, but they had left to go shopping so you two didn’t except anyone back early, Dean’s shirt was already off and so was yours, just as Dean was about to take off your bra, the door opens, “ okay stop, right now, not now, not when I’m around! ” the two of you pull away and see the diva you where sharing with, Rosa Mendes, you quickly grab your shirt and put it back on, Dean grabs his shirt and takes his time putting it back on.

Roman Reigns:
Roman pushed you down on backseat of the car you two shared with two other people, he was kissing your neck trying to take off your shirt, until the passenger side door opened, “ Not in the car, dammit! ” Randy said, Kane opens the drivers side and looks at the two of you, “ Save it for a room. ” he said and got into the driver seat, the two of you quickly sat up and you tried to hide your face from embarrassment.

Dolph Ziggler:
Dolph pushes you against the wall backstage at a Smackdown event, he was kissing your neck and you where trying to take off his shirt, “ No, not in this hallway! wait until the show is over and go to any hotel and do it! ” Dolph pulls away from you and looks over his shoulder and sees Hunter standing there, “ Sorry Hunter! ” You quickly say and grab Dolph’s hand pulling him down the hall quickly.

Justin Gabriel:
You and Justin sneaked into the men’s shower in the locker room, sense nobody would be in the locker room for hours, or so you thought, he thought it be a good idea to sneak you in there and do you right there in then, you where pinned against one of the walls, your shirt and bra already on the ground as he kissed you, “ Wow, classy place to do that. ” the two of you pull away from each other, Justin turns around staying in front of you, “ I won’t tell… but this is a good time to get back dressed and leave, the Superstars are coming. ” John said and left the showers, you bend down and quickly put on your bra and shirt, “ We’ll continue in the hotel room, later.” You say and peck Justin’s cheek before leaving.

Evan Bourne:
It was outside the men’s locker room, Evan had you one of the black crates, he was standing in-between your legs kissing you, his hands where on your hips  slowly lifting your shirt up, when somebody coughed and brought you two back to earth, you look over Evan’s shoulder and see Roman Reigns standing there, “ Hi Roman. ” You say, “ Hi Y/N. ” Roman says, you look back at Evan, “ times up, Darling… I’ll see you later. ” You say and peck his lips and jump off the crates and walked away.

John Cena:
​The Two of you where outside his tour bus, he had you pinned up against he tour bus wall, one thing on both your minds, Sex, and you two thought you would get it in just a couple of minutes… until Daniel came out of nowhere, “ Wow… uh guys… i don’t think this is the place. ” he says, John pulls away from you and chuckled, “ Yeah.. it isn’t. ” John says and then looks at Daniel, “ What ya need man? ” John Asks, “ You have to do a interview. ” Daniel says, John nods his head and looks at you, “ Get inside, I’ll be back soon. ” John says, you nod your head and John left with Daniel to go to his interview.

Goldust had you pinned down on your back on one of the crates backstage, he was on top of you kissing you hungrily, “ Do you two want me to throw some stardust on you to make it more… magical? ” the two of you quickly pull away and see Stardust standing there looking at the two of you, “ No? ” Goldust said looking at his brother, “ Alright… I think I’m gonna go. ” You say, Goldust got off you and you got off the crate, “ Hi stardust. ” You say before leaving.

stardust had you pinned to the couch of your hotel room, he was kissing you passionlessly, you both knew where this was going, The diva you where sharing with left to go hang out with the other diva’s, so obviously she wouldn’t come back for a long time, well… that wasn’t what happened, the door opens and Emma walks inside, “ Seriously Y/N? come on, we share that couch, I can officially never sit on that couch again. ” she says, you and Stardust pull away and you look at her, “ Sorry Emma. ” You say and Stardust sat up straight while you continued laying and looking at her, “ I’ll leave… I’ll give you guys four hours to.. do that but I am never sitting there again. ” she says before leaving again, you chuckle a little and look at Stardust, “ we’re going to your room. ” you say and got up.

Bad News Barrett:
BNB was backstage at RAW sitting on one of the steel chairs backstage and you where on his lap kissing him, his dress shirt was already on the ground along with his blazer, he didn’t have a match but he was there to give some Bad News, he started to lift your shirt but stopped as soon as somebody coughed, he pulls away from you and looks at the person, “ What? ”  he asks, “ You have an interview… ” the person said, BNB let’s out a groan but nods his head, “ I’ll be there. ” he said and the guy quickly left, you got off his lap, “ whoops. ” You say smirking, he looks at you with a smirk on his face, “ Liar… we’ll finish this when we’re alone. ” he says putting his dress shirt back on, you nod your head still smirking.

anonymous asked:

Would do you think of that Australian chick Emma? Would you give her a ride on your viper?

I haven’t met Emma before, and you can stop with the obsession about my car. -Randy

Motor Trend Names McLaren 570S “Best Driver’s Car” 

The 2017 McLaren 570S Coupé has been named Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car for 2016, beating out 12 competitors during vigorous testing during  the leading media brand’s Best Driver’s Car Week.

Since 2009, Motor Trend, with championship-winning race car driver Randy Pobst, has come out for Best Driver’s Car Week to thoroughly test, review, and film the year’s top sports sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, and roadsters. The 570S went through the standard battery of instrumented tests, a closed-course hillclimb on one of California’s best mountain roads, as well as hot lapping at the legendary Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

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