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Bachman Turner Overdrive – “Roll On Down the Highway”
Song written by Randy Bachman and Fred Turner

New sp is sad.

Gonna talk about the end.

I still blame Butters. Mood: the end of 14e2. He kinda literally gaslighted Cartman into going against the only person who doesn’t treat him like shit, and gets off scot-free. Fuck you, Butters. No longer will I feel bad at his misfortune, because he brought a much bigger threat than before back and better not complain when Cartman uses him as a toy. I won’t not feel bad for him retroactively but current Butters definitely doesn’t have my support.

In fact, lots of things basically conspired just to screw them over. Especially poor Heidi. She needs a hug. Her boyfriend, somebody who almost never loved anybody but himself and managed to actually love her, got manipulated back into narcissism and ended up becoming unable to love her anymore. Even Karen had it easy compared to Heidi. At least Kenny wasn’t manipulated into abusing her and treasuring her as an afterthought.

Scrl : Heidi-related Ship for Headcanon Renovations

It seems like Apart from Dandy(Randy x Daryl) i also found that there also born another crack ship. Its Heidi related, consisted of Keidi(Kenny x Heidi) and Hyle(Heidi x Kyle). While a lot of people got sudden liking for Keidi, I also found other side who prefer Hyle instead.

I found both ship interesting, however I also started to missed my former Heidi related ship. Its Creidi(Craig x Heidi) yup, I shipped Heidi with Craig before got sudden liking for heiman. I also tempted to reshipped the pairing since I heard in TBFW Craig and Tweek broke up. But then again, I still loved heiman.

So the main focus on my headcanon renovation is to decide main ship for Heidi related.

I’m really in dilemma cause I still love heiman, but I’m also got sudden liking for all other new Heidi related ships too. Also, did I mention that I also attempt to shipped Heibe(Heidi x Bebe) or Weidi(Wendy x Heidi) before season 21..? Hmmm…Esteidi(Heidi x Esther) sounds like good idea too…..

*Groans*…I can’t decide….

Nah, I still shipped heiman even after I changed my main ship anyway, but still…


South Park Season 21 reviews
episode 1

No matter on our opinions on Desolation of Smaug (whether it sucked or was fantastic) We're all going to be marching to that theater in December for There and Back Again

Because we have all come too far just to skip out on the third movie. We really have.

Even though it hurts, we’ll get through it. The battle of-

The Battle of Five Armies. We need to stick together, and feel all the pain together because why?


No matter how much we prepare it’s still gonna hurt like hell. 

But, that means that we all have to be there for each other. On December 14th, WE ARE UNITED. WE ARE HOPE, WE ARE LIFE.

We can do it. If the sherlockians can do it, SO CAN WE

if students were falling behind, they were even given the opportunity to take extra practice tests to practice for the practice tests that helped us practice for the practice test that prepared us for the standardized test at the end of the school year.

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No Amount of Data Can Replace a Good Classroom Teacher”