Smut: **

Fluf: *

Both: ***

Adam Cole:

Baybay It’s Cold Outside-   You and Adam go to a party to celebrate Christmas and The New Year, he seems a little off but doesn’t mention it until you get home.  After a huge fight, he leaves, but he seems to forget one giant thing.(Angst)

American Alpha:

New House- You, Chad and Jason have been a couple for awhile and now have found a house to live in together.***

American Alpha x Reader x Wyatt Family:

Fun House- You love both American Alpha and The Wyatts, one night they come to you pissed and wanting to prove a point.***

Baron Corbin:

Hotel- Your friend Baron gets jealous when AJ flirts with you and decides to show you who you belong to***

British Strong: 

Amsterdam You live with Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, and Pete Dunne, nothing can go wrong there right?  Recently tensions have been running high.**

Corey Graves:

Move You- After a night of partying, Corey wants to show you how hot you made him last night***

Enzo Amore:

Imagine seeing Enzo naked.***

Shane Mcmahon:

OkayFirst time having sex with your boyfriend Shane***

Silver- Part two to “Okay”**

Wyatt Family:

Childish- You lost a match and have a fit backstage.  The Wyatt’s are not taking it**

Imagine being on your period*

Family Tree- You meet The Wyatt’s for the first time and wonder why they’re so feared**