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Dissection | Bray Wyatt

Title: Dissection

Pairing: Bray Wyatt/ofc

Summary“For touching what wasn’t his to touch, and for trying to defile you.” Bray kicked the door shut with his foot and carried her up to her building. “He’ll soon pay for it all.”

Word Count: 2,016

Warning: Torture, blood, It’s bray so sorta cult stuff

A/N: HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH WHAT UP. If you notice the change in my writing from the first couple of paragraphs before the dialogue starts then you’ve witnessed how I write formally in class lol This was a prompt I concocted for my fiction workshop class.

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awkwardismynormal  asked:

Prompt (?): MC uses her time magic to see Klaus as he goes through Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy as a normal student

This story also fills a second prompt​: 

“I was just wondering if you could maybe do a prompt about Klaus proposing or talking about having children in the future! I think you would do an amazing job! I love your prompts they’re amazing!”

Thank you, awkwardismynormal and avery924, for the inspiration to write this very long fic. I hope you all enjoy it.  Also tagging gedonelune-romance to add this to the fic directory.

As always, prompts are accepted in my askbox and are posted on AO3 and FF.net too.  And here’s my prompt status post in case you’re wondering what happened to yours.


A baby was crying.

That was important, Clara thought. She had to get up. But her whole body seemed to be weighed down by a visceral, bone-deep exhaustion, and she could barely sustain the energy to stay awake.  

As she struggled to open her eyes, she felt a familiar, large hand stroking her hair.

“Bunnyhead,” Klaus whispered. “Wake up, sweetheart.”  His voice was soft, full of a tenderness that was almost uncharacteristic, except that she saw it reflected in his eyes in rare moments when they were alone. “Clara,” he called again, as his fingers stroked her cheek. “Open your eyes.”

The baby let out another cry, and something instinctive within her seemed to surge forward in response, giving her the energy to finally awaken.  She was greeted by the most wondrous sight she’d ever seen – Klaus, sitting by her bedside, gazing down at a little pink bundle, looking utterly lovestruck.  

Klaus moved gingerly toward her, mindful not to jostle the bundle in his arms. “Here she is… She’s so beautiful.” His gaze was warm.  “I’m so proud of you, Clara. I know it was hard…you did so well.”

A baby…what? Ours? Clara’s mind seemed to spin, and she gazed up at Klaus in wonder.  He seemed as dazed and awestruck as she, a far cry from his usual cool, composed self. Klaus and I…we have a daughter… Were they married?  Why couldn’t she remember their wedding?

Wait…this must be…

As she was about to look down upon the face of the infant, the dream splintered away, leaving her feeling suddenly bereft.  No… she gasped, though she knew by now how these dreams worked.  Let me see her…please…

Clara awoke, heart pounding. The familiar scene of her dorm room greeted her, Amelia peacefully asleep in the bed across the room. The night was cool and dark, moonlight streaming through the balcony window.  

A brilliant smile lit up her expression, and she sat in the night, heart tender with joy for the future she had just glimpsed.

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