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Can you draw south park pairing of stendy and kybe with son and daughter In your art style?

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Karen Gillan Official on Instagram: The photo you didn’t know you needed. Me and Peter Capaldi (12th Doctor) and Randy Jones (the cowboy from The Village People). #ymca

That is so cool! My mom, sister, and I saw The Village People years ago at the Del Mar Fair. The concert wouldn’t be complete without playing “YMCA” and dancing along. :)

does anybody else ship liz with randy the most out of all guys?

i can’t help but think their personalities are the most compatible, he was always so kind and understanding to her and her mistakes, never criticized her, hell he even encouraged her, calling her magic wonderful and saying there’s no wrong way to do magic.

Despite being a magical genius and older than her he never lost his patience with her or called her an idiot for her mistakes, not to mention how with someone so supporting as him liz would be able to grow as a wizardess without feeling self conscious all the time

there are some characters who i enjoy but can’t really ship them with this MC because of her…peculiar personality, so for me her and Randy’s romance felt incredible organic and fun

bottom line: i just ship randy and liz so much (also she banged her childhood idol how cool is that)

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Please Watch The Series Finale of Randy Cunningham!!!

The end is near…for RC9GN !!! Its gonna be the last episode very soon, BUT maybe if a lot of viewers came to see the finale, that even when the show ends, it might get revived for atleast one last season.

There’s so much cool things about Randy! Do you really want them to disappear !?!

I mean just look at his awesome Ninja outfit!

His cool side-villains

And most of all… HIS SHIPS !!!!! (sorta…)

If anyone liked any of what they saw (especially in the ships) please watch the series finale of Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja on July 27th, Monday, at 9:00 PM in DisneyXD…