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At last! I’ve located the 60 Minutes interview featuring that Nate Dykeman interview.  Among other goodies; :)

  1:12 sharper senior photos of Eric posed by the bench
30:04 - Brooks Brown, Randy and Judy Brown interviews
35:51 - two more clearer Eric senior photo
34:02 - Nate Dykeman interview (yes that one!)
34:44 - Devon Adams interview - reported Eric to the school; clearly no love.

I found this 60 minutes to be pretty interesting thorough show.  They really pursue and demonstrate to us how unquestionably poor Jeffco police/SWAT handled Columbine. Lives were lost due to their lack of action.  They justify it as following the protocol they had in place which is basically a passive ‘wait and see’ response but no adequate excuses can be given to justify the lives that were lost because of their lack of flexibility in an emergency situation. Their fuck up cost their own children’s lives. Some of those cops had children in that school too!  The poor parents, two years in and filled with grief, still do not understand how police could’ve stayed outside waiting hours to get the green light to go into the school and do their job.  Even then, the cops went in on the far/east side of the school (where none of the action occurred) and slowly combed through. Such a waste of time and resources.  Today, Eric and Dylan would not at all have had the upper hand they were given by the authorities back in ‘99.  It’s amazing when you think of E and D walking around lazily in the cafeteria trying to get the bombs to explode when they could clearly see the cops surrounding the school from the cafeteria windows.  They must have continually wondered why in the back of their minds that no confrontation was happening. They were ruling the roost for far longer than any school shooter today would be allowed to.


For anyone asking why, Randy Brown sums it up best:

“Once you hate the bullies and no ones does anything to defend you, you hate the people in the class that don’t say anything, you hate the teacher that doesn’t say anything, you hate the counselors that allow it to happen. They, in essence, end up hating the school. Not just the bullies, they hate the school, and they want to kill the school.”


In this clip there is a “new”, of sorts, video clip from the theater on the Brown’s computer monitor filmed at a distance for this doc.  Zack (or whoever this may be) is making a exaggerated, over-the-top “yessir!” nod to Dylan.  The two are likely goofing off while going over the lights/sound aspects of the play.  The Browns dialog that Dylan is laughing and joking around with the crew and it’s so incongruous because he was secretly planning to kill many classmates which would probably include some of his own theater crew that he enjoyed hanging around with. 

In the backdrop is an unknown girl actress in an old fashion dress costume walking forward behind Dylan. She has a gown with puffed sleeves and her hair is made up period style. This is likely the Frankenstein play (placing this around Nov/Dec ‘98) since Brooks had a big hand directing the play and also acted as a very central character as Frankenstein’s monster and it would make sense why his parents were filming this so concertedly. 

As Dylan walks off the stage, the very last person on the end stairs is probably Brooks.  You can see Randy Brown filming at the very edge.

This is the reason Dylan appears extremely tall next to everyone else!  When I attended a conference at Columbine last summer, I noticed this platform in the orchestra pit. It confirmed my suspicions that Dylan was standing on this while the crew was milling about him making him appear a good foot taller than everyone.


Father of Brooks, Randy Brown’s often very vocal stance on social media regarding the truth of why Columbine happened and the often ignored yet effective preventative measures he believes can be taken to minimize future school shootings. 

Basement tapes.

Randy and Judy Brown were talking about one of the basement tapes that was made a week or so before the shooting and Dylan says ‘my uncle will be so hurt, he’ll be really shocked’ then he mentions something about a Jewish holiday. I’m not sure whether a Jewish holiday was coming up but anyway. Eric , who was largely into Hitler, Nazis & The Holocaust , stops, his face drops and he looks at Dylan and says 'Wait , you’re Jewish?’ Dylan answers nervously 'um , yeah’ Then Eric looks at Dylan for a while and says 'Ah thats too bas about your uncle though’. In that time where Eric stared at Dylan, Dylan looked so nervous and scared. Judy Brown said it looked like he thought 'Dammit he’s gonna turn on me’.
I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop thinking about this.