randy 2

Beneath The Waves; Part 2}

As the boat passed a lonely island Malik’s son quickly ran inside to see what all the commotion was about.  Randy’s crystal blue eyes were wide with shock, he was panting like he’d just ran five laps on an Olympic race track. The sunlight reflected off the water, adding a blue tinge to the light that shined on his muscular arms and chestnut hair. Randy soon calmed down when he realised his father was puling another mermaid hoax. 
        Although Randy’s mermaid tattoo is a big coincidence to what his father claims to see at sea almost daily he’s still in denial about half human, half fish beings. He’d been day dreaming out into the ocean and chatting to his fiancé, Miranda until his father’s frantic call nearly made him almost drop his phone into the sea.
Randy: “ Dad, what is It? Fucking hell man, I thought there was a bloody whirl-pool ahead with your screeching, but there’s nothing there. YET AGAIN! I was just talking to Miranda and she wants me back at the docks. I forgot about our beach date. I was going to take her out for dinner at moms bar tonight too. She’s never been to the Tiki inn. Mom also keeps texting me about         Narcissa, apparently that waitress is starting to act weird. Mom should just fire her already! Dad… Are you even listening!? ” Randy rolls his eyes as he analyses his fathers bizarre behaviour; his slow breaths and stunned gaze out at sea annoys him more than anything. In Randy’s book there are no such thing as mermaids and sea monsters although he loved them as a child he doesn't believe they actually exist.
         It’s not the first time Malik has called him to see something.  Dad, I think It’s time you take a break from the fishing. Today’s not the right day and your off your meds. Whadd’ya say you turn this boat around and mom whips you up a cod fish soup and a fresh beer, ay? ” Randy was fed up of his father’s silence. 

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Toshinobu Kubota tour 1987-88 “KEEP ON DANCING” part 1

Song list:
2. 流星のサドル
3. Shake It Paradise
4. 北風と太陽
6. 切り札は一度だけ
7. 永遠の翼