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  • Artist: Randy Elliott
  • Card Name: Clam Session
  • Card Number: no 20
  • Card Text: When Clam Session comes into play, choose a word. During your upkeep, sing at least six words of a song, one of which must be the chosen word, or sacrifice Clam Session. You cannot repeat a song.
  • Community Rating: 3 to 3.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 3
  • Expansion: Unglued
  • Flavor Text: “Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Pearl … .”
  • Mana Cost: [1][Blue][Blue]
  • P⁄T: 2 ⁄ 5
  • Rarity: Common
  • Types: Summon — Clamfolk
Wizardess Heart - Gedoneferia - Complete Event Video Collection

Happy early Valentine’s Day, everyone!  I love this fandom.  Hopefully this will help those of you who are having trouble finishing the Gedoneferia event.

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Also - PSA - If there is anyone out there with the Premium Endings to the Magic Competition, please message me.

Elias Goldstein

Luca Orlem

Yukiya Reizen

Klaus Goldstein

Randy March

Azusa Kuze

Joel Crawford


Track listing from start to finish of video:
-The Sunny Vista Motel - Rupert Gregson-Williams - Bedtime Stories
-Watch Hill - Tim Janis - Music of Hope
-The Great Plains - Patrick Doyle - Impressions of America
-Summer’s Glory - Tim Janis - American Horizons
-Hillside Meadow - Tim Janis - American Horizons
-American Horizons - Tim Janis - American Horizons
-The Rocky Mountains - Tim Janis - American Horizons
-The Buffalo Hunt - John Barry - Dances with Wolves
-Homeland - Hans Zimmer - Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
-The Trees - Jerry Goldsmith - Medicine Man
-Opening - Angels in the Outfield
-The Trees - Jerry Goldsmith - Medicine Man
-Under the Lighthouse - Tim Janis - A Quiet Shore
-Finale #1 - Randy Edelman - Dragonheart
-March to Mortality (Pickett’s Charge) - Randy Edelman - Gettysburg
-Leaving Birch Ridge - Joel McNeely - Iron Will
-Crossing the Line - Joel McNeely - Iron Will
-Finale #1 - Randy Edelman - Dragonheart
-Angel Falls - George Fenton - Planet Earth
-A Quiet Shore - Tim Janis - Water’s Edge
-The Patriot (Reprise) - John Williams - The Patriot
-Point Reyes - Tim Janis - Water’s Edge
-Grand Isle - Tim Janis - Coastal America
-The Wave - Randy Edelman - Angels in the Outfield
-The End Title - Randy Newman - The Natural
-To the Pacific - Sam Cardon - Lewis and Clarke: Great Journey -West
-Music of Hope - Various Artists - Music of Hope
-Learning Montage - John Debney - Swing Vote
-Beautiful America - Tim Janis - Beautiful America
-Eight Below Overture - Mark Isham - Eight Below
-Fairy Dusted Festival - Joel McNeely - The Music From The Pirate Fairy

#102 v4.1 and v4.72

PREMISE: Can two versions of the world’s best crime program work together to solve New York City’s worst crimes? V4.1 and v4.72 is a show about mismatched partners: two generations of crime-fighting software who can’t seem to get along. A bug keeps them from being compatible with each other, which means the tension and drama are sky-high! Follow these two hot-coded softwares as they crunch numbers and banter in binary in a show that critics called, “Surprisingly exciting even though it’s mostly about algorithms.” The FUTURE of crime fighting is v4.1 and v4.72!

CHARACTERS: v4.72 is advanced fingerprint organization software with the ability to cross-reference national and local criminal databases. v4.1 is an older version of the same software, slower but methodical and stable, and incompatible with Flash. The old software doesn’t understand v4.72′s new-fangled updates, especially its sleeker, more streamlined user interface. But v4.1 has  knowledge and experience that v4.72 can learn a thing or two from–like how to read data off of floppy discs.
          Officer Randy Franzo is the cop in charge of running v4.72 and v4.1 on the precinct’s only computer. He is mostly unaware of the tug of war taking place inside the processors.

NOTABLE EPISODE: Franzo needs to run some fingerprints from a decades-old cold case, and, as always, a struggle ensues between v4.1 and v4.72. They fight over the computer’s RAM and processing power, while Franzo remains oblivious. v4.1 is able to get access to the national fingerprint database faster, because v4.1 was friends with the fingerprint database software when they were at the police software academy together. Not to be outfoxed, v4.72 uses his connections on the deep web to track down incriminating evidence via a website selling Canadian pharmaceuticals. Together, they are able to identify the perp’s fingerprints, moments before an impatient Franzo would have tried a hard reset of the computer (S01.E09 – “0001101001101110011100011 Most Foul”).

CATCHPHRASE: “Defrag this!” / “Bazinga!” / “You still on punch cards, old man?”

TRIVIA/MISCELLANY: The programs that played v4.72 and v4.1 were actually married in real life.

every single person who works at my brothers school needs to be fucking fired. EVERY damn time I go there to pick him up there is an issue. I filled out the cafeteria pick up paper myself and personally delivered it to the dumb ass hicks at the front office, if I don’t pick him up my mother does, yet somehow no one seems to be able to keep their shit straight.

the ignorant bitch at the check out was looking at the paperwork for some child in 3rd grade. I told her multiple times no, that’s not my god damn brother, he’s in 5th and she acted like she couldn’t hear me. some jackass said he’d go handle it with the front office and never did. so i sat there for 20 minutes while they sat there with their thumbs up their asses. finally Austin came and I stormed right back to that desk and basically had to ask permission to take my own brother home. I said “when my mother comes, there’s never a problem yet each time I’m here you suddenly can’t find the paperwork. I know you have it because i gave it to you. I’m leaving” they said no, you have to go to the office and take it up with them. I said “I’ll happily handle this at the office” then the same jackass got all huffy and puffy with me and it was on. I almost came across that table so quick. I said “don’t cop an attitude with me, it’s not my fault this school employs dumbasses who don’t know how to read a fucking piece of paper” like their job is not that fucking hard

luckily the 1 woman at the front desk actually HELPED and just gave me a new piece of paper to fill out. she’s always been helpful and seems just as irritated with everyone at that school as I do. but I swear to God if I have to deal with that Bullshit 1 more time I will lose it. if they thought I was a loud, mouthy bitch today they have something coming. literally Each time I go get him from school it’s a drama. 1 time they just let him wander around in the parking lot with NO ONE WITH HIM for like 15 minutes and couldn’t find him. I hate king George County. their schools are a fucking mess, their teachers and staff either don’t give a shit or don’t have the proper education and sometimes it’s a lovely mix of both, and the entire damn school is ran by irresponsible, stupid ass people who should NOT be in charge of watching over so many kids.

I honestly feel so bad for Austin. it’s a shame a kid as smart and great as he is has to suffer thru KG schools.

RC9GN: Escape from The Nomicon- Chapter 1
Here is an RC9GN fic that I have been promising myself that I would post. (sorry it took so long, motivation has been kind of buggy lately) Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja belongs to Disney XD.

by AlterEgo911

Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

Escape from the NinjaNomicon

Chapter 1


Randy Cunningham had recently defeated the Sorcerer, completing the Ninja’s 800 year task, and putting is own sense of purpose into question. Giving into his listlessness, Randy takes up Theresa Fowler on an offer to go to a meditation studio, but ends up going too deep into his own subconscious and almost loses himself to his doubts, but then has an epiphany and realises that his and the Ninja’s fate are now in his own hands. Upon waking up, he asks Theresa on a date, and she said yes.

Meanwhile, Hannibal McFist figures out that with the Sorcerer

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10 Favorite Characters ☆ 1 Per series/franchise ☆ Tag 10 People ☆

I was tagged by @goomy-is-love

1. Julian - Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

2. Pearl - Steven Universe

3. Papyrus - Undertale

4. Mabel - Gravity Falls

5. Marco - Star vs The Forces of Evil

6. Sokka - Avatar The Last Airbender

7. Asami - Legend of Korra

8. Sonic - One Punch Man

9. Meow - Space Dandy

10. Dib - Invader Zim

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Figure Study 1 by Randy Gallegos

Figure study for a forthcoming personal painting. Time undoes civilization, but this painting will explore the unique power and duty we have to maintain and repair it.

VIEW DETAILS brought to you by Every Day Original

I picture after that brutal beating, Randy is in a deep coma. I know everyone wil be worried about Randy, I can pure capture Mackey crying. The doctors say that there not sure that Randy will live or not…. Randy lost a lot of blood…  Stan would do a blood transplant to help save his father. Which leaves him dizzy and then he would faint. Stuart would be by his side mostly all the time, he blames himself for what happened to Randy. He saids he should have made up with Randy earlier and none of this would have ever happened. The others tell him its not his fault but he still blames himself. They try to find out who attacked Randy cause they did not see the attacker. Jimmy and officer Barbrady would try to investigate and they see if theres any evidence on Randy to give them a clue. Will Randy live! { Part 1[ 0:  P.S  sorry its not as good as it looks, though I think I did a good job with the eyes closed. Its more bloody than that, I just did that for a demonstration. He would also have black eyes, again……..

scorpionfromtheearth asked:

You to answer that question, shoud do I Gif of that youtube video that the producers say I thanks especial for Gale and Randdy and see is interation, I think you have a Gif whith a and og gale on Randy (dd or 1 d) sorry

i want to gif that video so bad but the highest quality i can find is 240p and it doesn’t come in the dvds (IDK WHY AND IT MAKES ME MAD) 
but i have giffed from that video once in this gif set