“In the land of plenty, we still have nothing…we let whats valuable slip through our fingers while we try to grab & hold on to things that hold no value, at all.” me, myself & I

Dear Black America: Stop letting shiny trinkets distract you from whats really going on. Open a damn book, ask questions, challenge ideas, take your blinders off & realize that you’re in a war & you’re losing! The devil wins through distractions & deceptions & when he’s really being cocky, he puts the truth right in your face because he knows that’s the last place you’ll look!

Stop letting people control your life & take your control back! You can’t cure symptoms without acknowledging the disease! Now let’s fix this crap…I’m game, are you?

So the internet is blazing n a Frank Ocean frenzy. My only problem is that everyone is applauding that he came out the closet but I read the letter. Did he? If they are basing this declaration upon the letter content, then we read 2 different stories. Yes, he says one summer he fell in love with a man, an unrequited love but was there anything else. Does he say he’s had a relationship with a man or men, is he attracted to them or did he have an deep emotional connection with this one individual that changed his outlook on love? I never assume things & it will be hilarious when the next letter talks about his second love…Keisha(not weed). Im just sayin…I wont say & agree that he’s gay until he says it or I see a sextape, lbs.
Im not sure what to think, or even if I really care cuz to each its own…just keep making music. I just need people to stop being so quick to hop on a bandwagon. Anderson Cooper said, I’m gay, always have been, always will be. Frank Ocean said that now he has no more secrets and told a story of a love affair that never really was.
Whether true or false this open letter is a brilliant marketing tool that neither ties him to one side or the other. It allows him to be loved & accepted, pitied & praised by both parties without really saying much. Brilliant.

Always interesting when you look at something from someone else’s pov… 

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So, 1st…I love this song even though it goes against everything I stand for but its low key intense & funny as hell to me.  2nd, I want to remake this song & create a video for it…I would kill it!  I would show up at the wedding in a black wedding gown & veil with Jodeci boots on, I would be singing in the mirror with mascara running down my face in a teddy. I actually have the treatment written out, I just don’t have the focus to execute it…who’s game?

SN: I don’t think a man should be singing this song but thats neither here nor there!

Blackmail by Donell Jones: Enjoy!

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I never knew what my true affliction was until now…Im a recovering undercover over lover…does that make me a hoe? lmbo!  I think I super dig this song even with the rolling around in Miss Seely’s nightgown.  Badu is a pretty interesting character & any woman that had my mental boo enamored must be a force 2 be reckoned with!  I love me some Common! <—I want 2 bask in his ambiance!!!!!!!  Ooops my bad, did I say that out loud, this post is supposed 2 be about Erykah right? Idk, who cares, listen 2 the song, enjoy the video, buy the album, support the artists & tell Common to call me I want 2 have a war of minds with him, I cant wait to lose to him…in my defeat I will obtain victory!!!!! Knowledge is power & I want his, u know what Im gonna just give him his own post cuz I can go On & On(bam, I made it relevant 2 Erykah again)!  Ha!