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She wasn’t sure how many days passed since she’d bypassed tired and went straight to exhausted, but Andrea found it easier to walk than attempt sleeping since she’d taken off on her own from her saviors to go search for her friends against the better judgement of the people who helped her from the moment she’d been left behind.  Not that she blamed them for one second.  As far as she knew, they thought she was dead and she would have been if it weren’t for a little bit of quick thinking and a whole lot of luck.  The walkers presence in the forest had dimmed down since the humans disappeared from them and went into hiding.  There were a few here and there, easily picked off with muffled shots thanks to the silencer she was given before she left the camp.  At least she had that much going for her.

The world zoomed in and out, going shaky sometimes and then fuzzy as she blinked her squinted eyes and did her best to fight off the want –or need– to sleep.  When it was time to finally rest, she leaned against a tree keeping herself on her feet to make sure she wouldn’t doze off.  And if she did..it’d be for a couple of seconds before her body realized she was going unconscious standing up and, in spite of her wary brain, would wake itself up. 

Andrea stayed alert, however, as she looked through the endless sea of brown, green, yellow and white.  Forest colors she might have loved ages ago when she set out for the weekender with her sister.  The burn in her eyes told her it was time to shut that thought away, she couldn’t afford to go down memory lane as much as she could afford to quit looking for the only people left that mattered.

Gliding her tongue over her lips to moisten them, Andrea let a breath out and shook her head.  A quiet groan later and she was walking on tired feet again, keeping her ears trained on any sound –human or not– that she might encounter as she trudged onward.  Ahead, the branches moved suddenly and she became still.  No noises gave away what might have caused them to jostle, but they did it again and she felt her heartbeat slowly pick up to a flutter. 

The safety slid off under the weight of her thumb, the metal warm from the sunshine filtering through the leaves.  Edging nearer, she said a silent prayer to the sky overhead.  Please just let it be a squirrel or something else harmless.  Maybe even cute.  Or..ugly enough to eat?  That’d do too.  She rocked up onto her tip toes, easing towards the direction of the movement as it happened again.  Whatever it was wasn’t leaving the small patch of ground where it was resting and that was never a good sign in her book.  Shit.

Andrea Comic Storylines

These are my predictions for Andrea’s story-lines being put back into the TV since her unfortunate death in season three and since her comic book character currently outlives her TV show character. Andrea is still the female lead character in the comics and her story line is really important for the show so I believe that Scott Gimple has divided up her skills, personality and, story line to other female character. 

Beth Greene:

Beth will get the age gap relationship with Daryl that will mirror Andrea’s relationship with Dale. Dale and Andrea had an over 25 year age gap and had one of the strongest bonds in the walking dead comics. 

Beth also got Andrea’s scars and was on her way to total butt kicker during Grady Memorial Hospital. 

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And she also possibly got the Andrea head shot story line. Time will tell. However I am pretty convinced we have not seen the last of Beth Greene. 


Sasha is going to get the sharp shooter trait that Andrea has in the comics. This is pretty obvious with Sasha in the bell town and her awesome shooting in Season 5. 


I think that Michonne with get the Andrea, Rick, and Carl family/love story. Michonne has been there for Rick and Carl for a long time and she has been like a mother to Carl. Once Jesse dies (that is my prediction) I believe Rick and Michonne will start their relationship. Michonne is strong and brave just like Andrea in the comics and she respects Rick and always has his back. I am super excited to see that unfold! 

[10:14:59 PM] Cutie with a booty: make the chatzy??
[10:15:02 PM] Cutie with a booty: orrr
[10:15:26 PM] grilled cheesus: yess haha the chatzy
[10:15:29 PM] grilled cheesus: what else would we make
[10:15:47 PM] Cutie with a booty: babies

randrea in a nutshell

[6:48:01 PM] Cutie with a booty: “(I have a friend who is) straight but I said that for years too, and finally it gets easier. You know, everyone’s a little bit gay. Some of us just a little bit more than others. You know, it’s the truth. Everyone’s gay.”
[6:48:35 PM] grilled cheesus: THE QUOTE IS US.
[6:48:39 PM] grilled cheesus: WE ARE THE QUOTE RACHEL.
[6:48:42 PM] grilled cheesus: THE QUOTE IS WITHIN US.