Bin nichts besonderes. Bin wie jede zweite.
Playchoices stories ranked:

-The Freshman, Book 3

-The Freshman, Book 2
-The Haunting of Braidwood Manor
-Rules of Engagement, Book 2

-The Freshman, Book 1
-Rules of Engagement, Book 1
-Most Wanted

-The Crown and The Flame, Book 1
-The Crown and The Flame, Book 2
-E N D L E S S S U M M E R

  • Jake: Okay, need a better look. Gotta draw its fire, give it a proper target.
  • MC: How?
  • Jake: Well, you know how sometimes I have really brilliant ideas?
  • MC: Yeah...
  • Jake: I'm sorry.
  • [Jake jumps out from behind the bushes and faces the blue creatures]
  • Jake: Hey look at me! I'm a target!