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I think that another anon meant how you were able to color the text, and how you were able to make the text start in the middle of the description, how to make the list go across the screen, etc. Unless i'm totally off, and your theme just let's you do all of that. :)


I just use these…

  • <small>TEXT</small>  
  • <center>TEXT</center>
  • <a href"URL">TEXT</a>
  • <font color=“#aaa”>TEXT</font>
  • <marquee behavior=“scroll” direction=“left” scrollamount=“5”> TEXT</marquee>
How to make a gif in Adobe Photoshop Cs4/5


  1. first of all you need either photoshop cs4/5 
  2. and a movie of any length converted into either .mpg of .mov. 
  3. OPEN it in photoshop 
  4. and then make sure to go to window>animation and click it. 
  5. your timeline should open.
  6.  drag the two bars so they sit where you want the gif to start and end. 
  7. then do any editing you want 
  8. and click save for web and devices. 
  9. for the gif to work on tumblr it has to be under 500x500 {500kb}

Now you know, K? :)