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How old are you? I am 16

Which fandoms are you part of? I am in a lot of fandoms but in general lots of anime, games, supernatural, and sherlock

Do you like the sex? I like the sex very much

Could i come to your house at 2 in the morning and we could just party it up? Hell yeah

what books have you read recently? Mage’s blood, Dragons path, Mark of the dragonfly

what is your proudest body feature? Eyes

Do you have an obsession with the butt? Lovin the booty

wanna come over to my place and blog together? Definitely if you weren’t across the country

Any internet friends you talk to often? A few that I try to

Favorite movie/tv show? Too many to choose from

Hgngh’s questions:

Favorite show?

Favorite Hobby?

Impression of me?

Favorite band?

Favorite book genre?

Favorite book?

Creepiest thing to ever happen to you?

Do you rock the booty?

Can I rock the booty?

Are you free to be messaged at any time?

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1. How are you?

I am very well actually! :) The semester is almost over! Woot woot!

2. If you had to have a very specific favorite color (royal blue instead of just blue, for example), what would it be?

Forest Green or amethyst

3. What is the thing directly to the left of your keyboard?

A pile of clean laundry and coats… 

4. Anything you’d really want to come in the mail today?

Nope haven’t ordered anything!

5. What’s your ideal first date?

Ok so I know this is gonna sound cheesy, but I’m a romantic. I would like to go out for coffee or tea then go for a nice long walk :)

6. Any fictional characters you love, but would never, EVER want to meet in real life?

Ummmm how about Madara Uchiha for example… There are plenty though…

7. Any tumblr users you would REALLY want to meet in real life?

Aishaneko? or any of my tumblr friends! 

8. Does it snow where you live?

yes, yes it does… I’m waiting for the snow to start actually

9. Do you sing in the shower?

^/////^ almost every time I shower

10. What would you like for your next meal?

Chinese food! but I always want that

11. Where would you like to be teleported right now?

England or Japan lol


1. Have you ever traveled out of your country of birth?

2. What’s your current occupation (ex. college student, cashier, ect…) ?

3. How about your Favorite book?

4. Do you want to move away from where you currently live?

5. What color socks are you wearing right now (if any)?

6. What was the last thing you ate?

7. Whats your dream job?

8. Have you ever dropped your phone in the toilet?

9. What color hair do you have now?

10. What was the last movie you watched?

11. What’s your favorite animal? 


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