Space Rangers 

Have you seen my newest video yet!? Me, Brad and Liam go to space, whilst Liam makes tea. 


Announcement Video - Summer in the City 2013

Summer in the City 2013 will take place on the 17th and 18th August at London’s Alexandra Palace. Alongside the line-up mentioned in this video, we’ll be announcing additional acts and names on our website, twitter and Facebook over the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 


Uploaded a new video today! 

Me and Liam give you the BEST gathering tips EVER!

Check it out and share ahead of the weekend :D 

bananajamana just a little doodle I did yesterday. I was messing around with drawing faces and for some reason it reminded me of you so this ended up coming out of it. I’m quite terrible at drawing Superman’s logo…so I apologize to Tom for that lol, but I think you two are really sweet and this was something super quick I could do.
Also I think your art is amazing, and it was such a pleasure to get to talk to you for even a few moments at VidCon.


New video!!

Cons, Cosplay and Costumed Capers

I dress up in a bunch of costumes and Tom gets them wrong. Also other things!

Don’t forget to enter in the Subblime giveaway for a 12’ replica of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf!

See you at Comic Con :D


Hey internet! It’s my birthday today. I’m 22. 

Here’s my video for this week. I forgot my usual self focused “ONE WEEK TO MY BIRTHDAY” upload, so you get one ON MY BIRTHDAY. How lucky.


Proper Epic Movie Like

This video needs to be remembered. 


Liam & Tom’s Emergency Gift Guide

New video with Tom! If you’re stuck for gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season, YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Here’s some inspiration!

Also I’m giving away a really cool Mitchell concert ukulele on my Subblime! :D


The YouTube Rule
My final video of 2013 is now live! It features Luke Cutforth and Jamie Jo, as we attempt to abide by the YouTube rule.

Remember to like and share if you enjoy the video! :D

anonymous asked:

hahahaha god that DOES look like Tom

hahah I know. I went Facebook stalking to see if I could find a picture that decently shows it off but as it turns out, there are basically no pictures of him looking down/not making a funny face. 

Closest I could find: