I got @cynnoh, who is a D.Va main, a mechanical keyboard for her birthday! It’s a VA87M with Cherry MX Blue switches, on a tenkeyless/floating key-style board with ice blue LEDs. The stock keycaps are dye-sub PBT with blue legend; the texture was so nice that I almost didn’t want to replace any of them. The ESC is Three Beeline’s handcrafted D.Va keycap which supports backlighting, and the Q is a 3D-printed keycap I found on Shapeways.

It was really fun to put together, and I had a good experience ordering directly from the company’s representative! If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard to last you a lifetime, then I definitely recommend Varmilo.


@cynnoh got me a keyboard this time!! 😭 Like hers, it’s also a VA87M, but with Cherry MX Brown switches. The caps are milk white PBT with dye-sub red legend mounted atop orange LED. The escape key is a Signature Plastics SA cap. It’s a different material and height, but it makes a really good accent!

I’m tossing the RK-9000V2 I was using up until now. This board’s my ultimate aesthetic and endgame lmao