To those still suffering.

Remember, you are not alone. Your own sense of self worth can be in the complete dumps, but I promise there are people out there who love you and respect you. Keep your chin up, your chest out, and the drugs away from your lips. You are a special person, and if you take what you have learned from your addiction and begin recovery you could not only improve your own life, but also Help those around you speaking from first hand experience. 

~ Cody N.

Friends Part 4 PREVIEW

When you and Bucky arrive at the party, Wanda pulls you to hug and you can see that she is already a little tipsy, which is odd in two years you never saw her drunk “You are late, Vision is shirtless and he has abs. Can you believe abs!” You laugh giving her, her present “Thank youuuu, you didn’t have too. Be here I will find a drink for you.”

You take off your shirt looking for someone to make you company, you doubt that you would see Wanda soon “Hey boys.” You say seeing Steve and Sam talking close to the pool “Hey, you look good, this explain why Bucky ran away for his bedroom.” You hit Sam arms “Don’t be gross, Sam.”

Steve laughs giving you a beer, you thank him “You know your boyfriend is here.” Your attention comes back to Sam as he says this, you don’t know what he is talking about it. You never invited Dan like Wanda wanted “What? I don’t have a boyfriend.” Sam rolls his eyes at you “Fine, your date Dan. Last time I saw him he was talking with Tony by the grill.”

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June 15th - I heard about the local poppy field on Facebook, and it being very sunny and early, I took a detour on the way to work to check it out.

The field is just on the east of the Chester Road before the Wood Lane junction and is glorious. A few snatched pictures don’t do this gem justice. I will revisit it soon.

I love to see the poppy fields at this time of year, and welcome their rise since the drop in farming use of herbicides that used to kill them.I also adore the randomnesss of the places they appear - never the same two years running.

A beautiful and ephemeral thing - get out and see it while it lasts.

Heart on the Line (part 8)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1081

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After getting in an argument with his master, Sebastian finally convinced Ciel to dress up as a girl. Apparently, Sebastian had told a tinyyyyy little lie to his parents and said that he “Has already found someone to marry,” when his family tried to wed him to some demon lady. So when Ciel gets dressed up as a woman and goes to the living room to meet Sebastian’s parents, he was blinded by a bright light, a flash to be more exact. Turns out this was nothing more than a prank played on Ciel by his butler and servants just to get him to dress up and take an embarrassing photo. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Ciel spent his April’s Fool.

The next week, Ciel gave everyone the silent treatment and only spoke when necessary.


 Stars hovered above the horizon, falling up. They enchanted you, beckoning you forward in to their Wonderland. You venture further into the magical wilderness, into the calmness, into nostalgia. Your worries begin to slip away, and for once, you understand that your problems aren’t as big as you perceive, that what this world, this universe, has to offer is so much bigger. For once, you feel complete, that little part of you is now filled with joyousness and wonder. For that, you thank the stars as they return to the heavens, back to whence they came. They take Wonderland with them, stealing the perfect moment away. You wish dearly for them to stay, to continue to engulf you in complete serenity. Soon, reality begins to wrench you back to its clutches, and you realize that those heavenly stars, your perfect moment, was just the fireflies, rising up from the corn on their nightly escapade. 

I decided to write this after I had gone through the cornfield when the fireflies were out. It was truly magical. If I could’ve gotten good pictures they would’ve been up here already…but alas…my camera sucks >.<