To those still suffering.

Remember, you are not alone. Your own sense of self worth can be in the complete dumps, but I promise there are people out there who love you and respect you. Keep your chin up, your chest out, and the drugs away from your lips. You are a special person, and if you take what you have learned from your addiction and begin recovery you could not only improve your own life, but also Help those around you speaking from first hand experience. 

~ Cody N.


 Stars hovered above the horizon, falling up. They enchanted you, beckoning you forward in to their Wonderland. You venture further into the magical wilderness, into the calmness, into nostalgia. Your worries begin to slip away, and for once, you understand that your problems aren’t as big as you perceive, that what this world, this universe, has to offer is so much bigger. For once, you feel complete, that little part of you is now filled with joyousness and wonder. For that, you thank the stars as they return to the heavens, back to whence they came. They take Wonderland with them, stealing the perfect moment away. You wish dearly for them to stay, to continue to engulf you in complete serenity. Soon, reality begins to wrench you back to its clutches, and you realize that those heavenly stars, your perfect moment, was just the fireflies, rising up from the corn on their nightly escapade. 

I decided to write this after I had gone through the cornfield when the fireflies were out. It was truly magical. If I could’ve gotten good pictures they would’ve been up here already…but alas…my camera sucks >.<