Why did I take up engineering???

This question never ceases to exist inside my mind whenever my subjects challenge me to the highest level. I know that the road I’ve chosen is hard, REALLY hard and I have always wondered why I have picked this path.

There were countless opportunities when I was about to enter college. I was accepted to take up nursing in this university I’m in and my father really wanted me to take up that course. When enrollment day came, he really tried to change up my mind. He told me how the nursing department had so much space while enrolling was taking place unlike in the crowded engineering department wherein hundreds of students were lined up. What made me stay? The over population of unemployed nursing student graduates discouraged me and so I refused to be one. BS in Biology was in the list of my interests because I was thinking I could become a doctor or a lawyer somehow. Fashion Designing was also one of my dream course, tourism and literature too. So many choices, so many what ifs, so many things to decide and think about.

So, why did I choose engineering? Why did I choose to be one of those sleep-deprived students, those stressed-with-no-social-life-when-exams-are-on people, those intelligent-species-in-school guys? My answer is quite simple. I wanted to become an engineer. You would probably think I’m stupid, but before I stepped into college, enrolled in this course, I never really knew what to expect. I didn’t have any idea that this course would be so full of mathematics, so full of calculations and analyzations. I wasn’t equipped with knowledge of these; what burned through my veins to conquer this endeavor was my strong desire to become an engineer, to finish what I’ve entered myself into, to never fail my parents and to prove to myself that I am capable of deciding things for myself.

This reason may not be enough to some people, but it’s enough for me to keep me moving forward. I may not finish on time but I will do my best to finish what I’ve started. I will become an engineer someday. I will make my parents proud of me. I will prove to myself that I chose the right path. I will succeed in this race and when that time comes, I will be proud of myself for the very first time.

I'm enrolled! YES! :P

HAHAHA, it’s that overwhelming feeling that is engulfing me right now. This is the first time that I’ve finished enrolling myself on the first day of enrollment. My previous experiences took me up to 3 days before I am officially enrolled and I am so super proud and happy of myself that for once I have been able to finish this exhausting activity for just a day.

It was a hot day to start with and having to walk all over our college building really took all my energy, good thing I was with classmates who were really really holding  strong on hopes that we will finish it all for one day, and we did!

The process was excruciating and unfortunately LONG. First, we had to write down our subjects and select the schedules we like, then we take it to our controller to “control” our subjects. It’s just the way the termed it, it really means to enroll us in the subjects we’ve picked. We’ve been through a lot of time waiting on long lines and we are then off to print an assessment of all our subjects to know how much we are going to pay for the term. Then we’ll have to endure the long lines to the cashier for the payment then back to the assessor to print our COR (Certificate of Registration). And that’s not the end of it! We still have to go to our department to let a couple of professors sign our CORs. Then we’re finished!!!! It was;nt an easy job but we made it! HOORAY for us! :3

And now I’m finished, I’m gonna go home after my little rendezvous with the internet :)) HAHAHA. 

Good day everyone!!!! :*

And oh, before I forget, I have a really big idea to earn money. I hope it would work. I’ll be sharing it to you soon! :) Toodles!

The best-est gift ever, and now my best-est friend :)

Ever since I was in grade school, I’ve been fond of reading books. My parents had bought me tons of it and I can still remember that whenever we went out to go to the mall, my day wouldn’t be perfect if I can’t take at least one book home. Growing up seeing my father with a book at hand influenced my reading habit. I was always curious on what he’s reading, not letting go of the book until he finishes it up. I admire my father’s ability to read books in just a short length of time, I admire the vocabulary he has and the depth of words he uses when he writes.

The most treasured books that my father gave to me was an hardbound storybook of Rapunzel, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and Hansel and Gretel back when I was still in Grade 4. I loved those books, I remember reading it over and over again every night.

Ever since, my love for reading books just grew and grew. And up to now, I still have a lot of books I want to read. It’s just that there’s not enough time to read everything all at once.

Every time I finish reading a book and I loved its story, it would take time before I could overcome its essence. I would be trapped inside the book’s world and I would obsess over its characters. This thing happened when I finished reading The Hunger Games Trilogy. My 2012 summer was completely surrounded by my fascination of the trilogy. I even read the novels twice! I became so obsessed with it, my friends even thought I was nuts. Then came Heaven is for Real and The Fault in our Stars. Books complete my craving on having to travel far and wide. Books took me places I can’t even imagine.

Now that I own this piece of technology, I became very grateful that I was given this. Because of it, I no longer buy books. It helped me save a lot. So to my Mommy Jenny, I can’t thank you enough for me giving such a wonderful thing. I know this thank you is awfully late but at least, I did right? :)

Oh Little Butterfly...

Come fly little butterfly,
Don’t be afraid of the night.
Soon your worries will be gone fluttering by,
Soon your world will be bright.

Come fly little butterfly,
Be courageous and be sly.
The world won’t be good to you
So take advantage of those beautiful hue.

Come fly little butterfly,
Fix those wings and fly so high.
You are unique without a price.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Come fly little butterfly,
Through the rainbow and through the sky.
Not long after will all those problems be gone
So enjoy your flight and have some fun. 

I did this poem a while ago DURING our exam. I can’t think of anything to answer anymore and this butterfly thing had just been circling in my head for weeks. So finally I decided to put it down on paper. And to let you know, the exam was hemorrhaging! T_T I wouldn’t be surprised if I failed that. :’(


Oh my Go - OH MY GOSH!

This movie has been sitting in my movies folders since last month and now that I’ve got time to watch it, I was surprised when I saw the beginning credits. There was a name that really caught my attention - Sean Faris. SEAN FARIS! Oh my heavens! He’s just like my super ultra mega first celebrity crush ever since I was in high school!!! The first time I saw him on the movie Sleepover, I just completely fell head over heels. It was AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! I’m so excited to watch now! bye! HAHAHA

It’s SEAN FARIS! Gosh, SEAN FARIS! I tell you! (okay, now I’m freaking out. fangirling much)

Gotta watch the film now. bye!



STARFRUIT! nomnomnom :9

I miss this, I wish I could just fly home right now, but it’s impossible because it’s a school day. >.<

I miss eating this, at home, we have buckets of these and I just eat them to my hearts’s content. I hope this weekend, I could finally go home. I’ve been stuck here in the city for almost a month already and I really really really miss home.

*sigh* ok, now back to work. Still have to study for our exam this afternoon.

Good Morning!


The Grimm Diaries Prequel (Book 1-6)

What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong? These books will haunt you then like a vampire thirsts for blood.

I’ve read the first 3 books last year; I think it was in the month of November, and since then, I never viewed fairy tales the way I did before.

I’m quite surprised to find myself loving these novellas; these are really original and unique. I have never read retold stories of fairy tales before and I really loved these. The writing style is quite remarkable; I love the idea of reading into the diary of the characters who are telling their side of the story. It was tantalizing and horrifying at the same time.

Book 1 was entitled Snow White Blood Red. I found this book on the kindle store when I was browsing for something to read. It was a fortunate coincident that this book was sold for FREE as well as books 2, 3 and 6 so I didn’t hesitated on purchasing it. I read the first 3 books in just a day and I found myself wanting for more. I really loved the way Cameron wrote the novella. The characters were twisted and had evil inside of them. I was scared by the Snow White Queen even more than before. And how could you possibly sleep well when your favorite fairy tale character was actually a vampire? My childhood memories were ruined! HAHA

These books are truly a work of a creative, imaginative mind. All the twists and secrets inside the books are just awesome, you can’t see it coming. Even I predicted things when I start a book and always end up being wrong. The story is vivid yet unpredictable. I can’t wait to read Snow White Sorrow, the first book of the Grimm Diaries. I hope my waiting won’t be long. :D

This Grimm Diaries Prequels are a number of short books in the form of epistolary diary entries. The diaries are more of teasers for the upcoming series: The Grimm Diaries, allowing you to get a glimpse of what to expect of the series.

My overall rating to this bundle is 3.5 out of 5 stars. :)

Bangs bangs bangs. :P

This will be my last post for today and I just want you guys to know that I will be on hiatus for the next two weeks. It’s our semestral break and I will be going home to spend quality time with my family wherein which there will be no internet connection of all sorts because apparently, I live in a very remote place very far from the city. 

I’ve also planned that during this break, I will be reading and reading books, so when I come back on November, you can expect that I will have a couple of book reviews to be posted.

So, I hope everyone will have a great vacation and I hope that all of you can bear with my absence. :)

Have a nice day! :*