Jayme: You’re so freaking annoying. 

Roosje: I’m just asking a question but your defensiveness tells me a lot. 

Jayme: So I slept with my neighbour’s husband… a few times. So what… I’m not lying about being pregnant. 

Roosje: But you’re probably lying about who is the father, right? After all your neighbour has five kids, he doesn’t need another. He also has a wife who would kick him out if she found out about you two, right?

Jayme: I… I tried to talk to him. I tried but he told me to get rid of it! I can’t have my kid grow up thinking it’s a bastard child. 

Roosje: So that’s how you’ll think about your kid

Jayme: That’s what other people will say! I need it to have a family. August has nothing going for him. Isn’t that what you wanted? For him to be a family man? 

Roosje: And when the kid comes out looking nothing like August? You planned on ruining his life so you can look good in front of other people? You planned on making him take care of a child that’s not his in order to save face? You’re so lucky you’re really pregnant Jayme or I’ll have you on the floor by now. 

but how about post dr3 the warriors of hope have no where to go and they fall back to komaeda to take care of them since komaru + fukawa basically dump them onto him since they’re busy with the school’s reconstruction and all this hope stuff and then the kids aren’t ingrates to komaeda anymore and learn to respect him and are really nice to him eventually and hinata joins in and loves these kids and komaeda and hinata are like their two cool dads and they’re all happu

Darren's 2 rings

I know there’s been speculation on why Darren has been wearing 2 rings, but I think the explanation is simple one.

The second thinner ring is helping keep the thicker one on.  I’m assuming he’s shed some weight during the Hedwig run and the thicker silver ring has become lose.  If you look at last night’s pictures you can clearly the thinner ring almost fitting under the thicker silver one.

The 2nd ring allows him to continue to wear the silver band ring that obviously has significant meaning for him.


The stairs next to MacLaren’s:
This is an important place in the storyline mainly because of those two great moments:
1.) Marshall and Lily finally get back together in “Swarley”. They realized that they have missed each other and they can’t be without each other.
2.) Barney and Robin reunite after a fight in “Robin 101”, when she realizes that Barney only took the course because he loves her and he is afraid of messing this up.