Sometimes you just forget

With all the self-improvement mantras and trying to always be better and all the self criticism that comes along with it ….

Screw it .

Just draw what makes you happy .

That’s fine if you feel the need to have a goal for the sake of finding a job or fulfilling a personal goal. If that makes you happy , that’s great .

But man , when you have a job and don’t have time to draw for yourself like you used to , sometimes you just want to have fun with it and not give a crap .

It’s not like you picked up a pencil when you were a young child and decided to be all disciplined all of the sudden . You did it to have fun and create with that inner , unadulterated mindset .

Make it crappy . Make it embarrassing . Make it how you would do something. Give yourself some permission for once ! Have fun !!!

dex and nursey are sharing lardo’s room

dex finds a puppy in the rain. He is currently sitting crisscross applesauce on the floor with the puppy sleeping on his lap while he’s typing out a flyer about the puppy to post around. He is very serious about this. Typing with serious coding face on.

nursey comes in and is shook

like tripping shook. dex shushes him cause he might scare the puppy

i’ve said variations of this over the past few years but after teh 20th of June i will have finished with law school forever so hopefully i will be abel to keep my fic update promises better after that. i’m taking a bit of time off before i start working full time. 

providing i don’t fail my trademarks law exam which at this stage i probably will so who the fuck knows. 

but seriously thank you guys for being patient. i know some of you have actually followed me into different fandoms / given up on my various WIPs so. hugs for u all. x___x 

I want to preface this by saying draw whatever the fuck you wanna draw I approve of all of it but if I get one more anon goading me about how I choose to draw Yondu I’m gonna flip my shit.

If you want to actually talk to me about this topic you can send me asks off anon so we can hold a conversation. This is the last post I’m making about this crap.