Beautiful worlds with beautiful characters, telling beautiful stories that make people cry.
Each in its own, unique way and completely independend from the others.
Sometimes, on rare occasions, these worlds collide and create crossovers. 
Crossovers are like anomalies in the fabric of fandoms. But the event of two (or sometimes more) worlds colliding, creates something like a  bubble. A crossover pocket if you so want, keeping the crossover affairs from spilling into the main fandom plots and thus ensuring the fragile stability of all fandom worlds. 
Sometimes though, crossover events aren’t strong enough to create a pocket. The worlds merely graze, they barely touch and no interaction between  fandoms comes to pass. Or so it seems.
Those almost-crossovers leave tiny openings, leaks, and sometimes, things can spill through.
Those things are not kept inside a pocket and can roam freely through a world they don’t belong in. 
And this is bad. This is really very not good.
Because if a thing from a different world interferes with the main plotline of a story it is no part of, the very essence of that fandom would collapse. The plotline would be destroyed. And without a main plotline, the fandom can not exist. The world would fade, the characters dissapear, until nothing but an empty wasteland would be left.
This must not happen.
And that’s why we’re here. 
Finding leaks, hunting things. 
We’re the ghostbusters of the fandom universes. 
The detective, the sorcerer and the bad wolf  - and our maybe god.

We should add that this is complete nonsense we came up with, after joining Phil’s fandom family and thinking our characters make a badass name for a group.

~Jonah (randomly-regenerating)~
       [header also by Jonah]

had to post my crushes bc these are the best blogs in the ‘verse seriously if you don’t follow them you’re not tumbling right

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