randomly touching each other

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can you describe zouis?


Please okay, first of all I think Zouis as a couple truly ARE like the bro-text posts… like I think they have done so much together but still they go like ‘what no it’s just my bro he’s just my bro’ driving other people basically insane. They are dirty as fuck, truly, with no shame at all and I think they piss off some people with their constant touching and like no sense of what’s reasonable to be doing in front of other people. They both tend to blame the other boys though, because Harry, Liam and Niall have gotten so used to them randomly starting touching each other that they just ignore them, which has gotten them in big trouble when they start doing the same when other people are present.

I do think they would both have trouble actually BEING a couple because I think they are bad at talking about emotions together with each other, about what they feel about each other. Usually one of them tries to start up the ‘what are we’-conversation but the other interrupt it (too scared of what might happen if they do discuss it, really) and instead they have sex or get high and forget the talk was ever going to happen. This leads to them being jealous when the other is with anyone else, but they also know they have no ‘right’ to be jealous’ because it’s not like they own each other.

Deep down they do love each other though… but it’s hard to see if any of them would ever admit to it though.

Is there an option to bring these un-packers with me everywhere i go, cause i’m willing to hire them if i can. Anyway, let’s keep this short and sweet which i’m not. Kidding, i’m not that tall.— I’m Rebecca, Or bex if we’re on friendship level of randomly touching each others boobs. Honestly though, i know i just got here but there’s a good possibility you won’t be seeing me for a while  around the place cause i’m about to brake in this bed by watching netflix with my dog.