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CONGRATULATIONS! =D (Not for the headache, though, get well soon!) *sends good vibes*

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congratulations! :0 well done! it was probably worth the wait, and now you can get that well deserved rest!

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AHHHH!! CONGRATS!!!!! -throws confetti- Hope your headaches goes away quickly though!

AhHHhHHh//// THANK YOU ALL! <3 ˚✧₊⁎( ノ^ω^)ノ゚⁎⁺˳✧༚ I’m so happy to be done! And my headache has gone away as well! I had some dinner and two frozen lemonades and felt a lot better c: Time for the next walk of life it seems /has absolutely no idea what the hell im gonna do/  It’ll work out eventually I guess xD

Me: *watching Yuri!!! on Ice subbed, then dubbed, on the living room TV with my sisters, with our dad in the next room*

Me: Hopefully he won’t come out during…Chris.

My Dad: *walks in as Chris’s short program starts*


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But see the thing about phanfiction is that I almost feel like no au can compare to the real thing.  I mean, Dan was literally just this teenaged fanboy on the internet who Phil started talking to randomly.  And now they have an apartment and a career and a life together, they’re literally the most important person in the world to each other, and if you don’t think that’s the coolest story ever idk what to tell you

i love how people still think alison is straight…….i mean because 99% of the sweet emison lines we all love totally weren’t instigated by her…..or because sasha and marlene have never said that alison’s feelings for emily were genuine…..or maybe because ali definitely never told emily that those kisses weren’t just for practice in 5x05, i mean but even if she had, that’d be just sooo extra straight of her to say, and to make it even straighter!!! (if that’s even possible!!) she made out with her later that same night…………..oh yeah ali is just the absolute straightest !!!! as hetero as it gets !!!!

because spencer and aria have probably made out in bed too right ??? wait—wh–what do you mean they haven’t ?? oh….that’s right !!!! because straight people don’t do that !!!! oh man….so those lingering glances and those….those kisses ??? they weren’t just casual gal pal make outs ???? yo i think ali’s been doing the whole Straight Thing™ wrong guys…..yikes!! (((so who’s gonna tell her)))