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Hey y’all, I’m making this big ass list of our hc’s and all that to 1. give y’all a look just in case you wanted to see and haven’t before, and 2. im attempting to make it available for mobile because i’m a loser and 626 is a loser and we’re all losers. I’m not putting it under a cut, either, because I know that a lot of times, mobile can’t open it. So, this is VERY LONG JUST WARNING YOU ~Admin 404


If they’re a doodler or a writer

Favourite landscapes

Favourite holiday

Favourite seasons

MC can’t sleep due to back pain

MC being extremely flexible

MC insecure about tummy/freckles

Hiking date

MC makes/wears cosplay

Reuniting at the airport

Best friends/platonic

MC has pet birds

MC as a fencer

MC really into death metal

MC as a major snuggler

MC setting up Chanukkah decor

MC and the piano

MC as childhood friend

Engagement rings

MC as a tattoo parlor regular

MC spamming everyone with the Bee movie

MC loses focus easily

Tall MC

Favourite Studio Ghibli movies

Drunk MC/Love reveal

Favourite way to spend time with MC

Positive pregnancy test as holiday gift

MC inviting Unknown to Christmas event (Christmas DLC)

Kinda gross MC

MC being hit on by another person

MC with someone else during holidays (ANGST)

Having to get undercuts

Obese MC (insecure)

Insomniac MC

Extreme sports with MC

MC/Family sass battle

MC with acne scars

MC on period/heavy cramps

Classic rock obsessed MC

MC Randomly speaking Russian

MC afraid of people

MC from a cold country

MC insecure eating in front of others

MC addicted to dabbing

MC with an emo fashion

MC obsessed with Classic Rock

MC as an MMA fighter

MC holed up in their room because of mental health issues

Favourite Snapchat filters

Bilingual MC forgets names for things

MC doesn’t like people spending money on them

MC likes to say “I love you” platonically

MC works the nightshift

Wedding dresses/suits

MC being random at the wrong time

MC asking for a piggy back ride

Mute MC

MC who likes things meticulously clean and in order

6'6 MC

Slightly Telepathic MC

MC always wears heelies

MC with anorexia

MC does martial arts

Short MC has long legs

Hopeless Romantic MC

MC Sick on Christmas

MC as a politician

Reactions to Jaehee/MC friendship

MC picks at scabs and gets scars

MC is an irl princess

Misc. V headcanons

MC as Terry Crews (I hate this so mUCH)

RFA Playing Undertale

Bald MC

MC protecting RFA from being hit on

MC Constantly in hospital/afraid of hospital

RFA at a strip club

RFA as text messages from 404

MC oblivious to flirting

MC not wanting to give birth/okay with adoption

MC in musical having to kiss another actor

Teacher MC

Witchy MC

MBTI Personality Types

404’s Face Claims

MCXDanny DeVito because y'all hate me

Telepathic MC part 2

Winter Soldier/Black Widow MC

MC afraid of needles

RFA reacts to MC who trash talks Rika

Random Korean Culture HCS

RFA: Given blank piece of paper, what would they do?

MC is a Kpop star

MC is into cars

RFA+V+SAERAN Falling hard for MC

MC always trash talking Rika

Sharing bed for the first time

Part two: Christmas Angst (HAPPY ENDINGS)

Celebrating MC’s birthday

RFA Break ups (ANGST?)

Finding out MC Knows Korean

Reactions to Jaehee x Zen


Saeran being called Edgelord

Saeran singing “When Christmas Comes to Town”

Saeran/MC being intimate when Saeyoung walks in

RFA+V+SAERAN Reacting to seeing Saeyoung on mission/date












Jealousy (NSFW)

Pegging (NSFW)

Massages (NSFW)

MC making breakfast with nothing but a t-shirt on (NSFW)

7 mins in heaven/Spin the bottle (Possible NSFW?)

MC walks in on them masturbating (NSFW)

Masochist MC (NSFW)

Getting Caught Being Intimate by Child (NSFW?)


Nglitisjay Yoosung undercut

Imtryingtodoartstuff Saeyoung undercut

Imtryingtodoartstuff Admins

Coziershelf Admins

Kiirdonel Saeran/Saeyoung/Yoosung undercut

Kiirdonel RFA undercuts

Misspeggy-longleggy MC’s book

Misspeggy-longleggy Admin 626’s book

Rosiek5art Admin 404

Rosiek5art Admin 626

Haku-and-luna Saeran

Lord-of-the-firemelons Ice cream shop Saeran

Childhood Anon: V’s Barber shop

404 DJ Han

404 random

404 Legend of Yoosung

Kittymintchip Edited Rika

404/mellowpeanutbanana-91efa99e: Rika

404 “Sinka”

404 Rika Headstone

404 Rika

404: RFA+Eeveelutions

404 Self-insert Random 2

blacknightown  asked:

Sabes? Respecto a esa publicación que reblogueaste más temprano del blog wishes-upon-dreams me quedé pensando en que posiblemente Haise mostró tanto interés en buscar cafeterías y eso porque inconscientemente Kaneki estaba buscando a Touka.

PIENSO LO MISMOOOO ♡ amé ese post, me pareció hermoso. Creo que fue como una especie de destino que Haise hubiera tenido esa manía de buscar cafeterías en plan random y al final terminar en la cafetería de Touka. Es como si su Kaneki interior hubiera estado buscándola, intentando encontrarla desesperadamente hasta que lo hizo… y luego de probar su café, lloró porque la encontró 😭 😭

(i’m going to translate this ask because it’s so beautiful)

blacknightown said: you know? regarding that post you reblogged from wishes-upon-dreams, I just kept thinking that probably Haise showed so much interest in searching for new coffee shops and that’s because Kaneki was unconsciously searching for Touka.

answer: I THINK THE SAME ♡ i loved that post, it was beautiful. I think it was like some kind of destiny that Haise had this obsession to randomly search for new coffee shops and then ending up in Touka’s shop. It’s like the Kaneki inside of him was searching for her, trying to find her desperately until he did… and after trying her coffee, he cried because he had finally found her 😭

anonymous asked:

what's your process for writing fic? and do you have any tips for someone who's looking to start writing?

I’d love to answer this all inspirational and magically and jazz, but I fear I must be honest, especially since at the moment I am in a writing slump. 

I have two modes of writing. I’ll present the ‘good’/’healthy’ one first:

  1. Get a general idea of what you fancy writing/a prompt someone has given you in your head.
  2. Go on a dog walk / do something physical (that can be just having a bath if you want, or yoga, or sprinting, anything that doesn’t require too much concentration) and keep that idea in mind. You don’t have to actively scrounge for ideas on it, but just keep it in the back of your head. Maybe listen to music, or a podcast. I personally love listening to podcasts about fanfic, or podfic - during the lulls in those, I tend to find my mind wonders from them to planning my fic, or even gets inspired by whatever I’m listening too. This may work better for some people in silence, but it gives your idea a chance to stew or develop.
  3. Whatever you first idea is, consider how you can change it and reshape it to make it a stronger story, or one you’d prefer to read/write. Often our first ideas are the most generic/boring, (although this is not always the case) or just not that refined, so it’s a good idea to just take a look to see where you might improve it.
  4. Once you’re done thinking, and maybe have a couple of lines of dialogue/narration in your head that you like, sit down and write. You do not have to include ANY of your pre-existing ideas, don’t worry about it. So long as you have that initial idea of where you’re going, even if you end up somewhere completely other, it’s having something that I find gives me the confidence and muse to write.
  5. Do not worry too much about editing. This is fanfiction - it’s not meant to be perfect, there’s no Board of Quality Control etc. If you’re inclined to have a very good technical piece of work, go back after you’ve finished and edit. Rewrite if you feel like you want to, but whilst writing the first draft, write something you enjoy. That’s the joy of fanfiction to me. If you’re trying to do a critical/meta/intellectual commentary piece this may vary, but for smut and fluff and shit, if you enjoy it, chances are someone else will too. 
  6. If you’re stuck for ideas, consider what elements of your favorite movies/stories/fanfics you like, then apply them to your ships/characters. Come up with ways to subvert expectations and play around with character traits/preconceptions. Honestly, it’s wicked fun.

The second method is much more unreliable and yet I fall so hard into it so often:

  • Get randomly really obsessed with a concept that just seems to have been pooped out by your brain cells
  • Try to write other requested fic and fail because all you can think about is cam boy!Lucien, or something like that.

  • Eventually promise yourself you’ll start writing your to do list fic once you’ve just snuck out a couple hundred words of your brain-demon-baby fic.

  • Accidentally fail upwards and write 5k+ of a really fandom fic that you love but that the fandom does not give a flying crap about nor want. 

  • Cry

roojon  asked:

The differences between the water signs? xx

There are a lot of similarities among the water signs, intuitive, emotional, artistic, etc. All of them are associated with magic but a different type. Scorpio takes on dark magic. Pisces spiritual and sometimes new age like magic. Cancer gets the middle ground by being associated with witchcraft, spells, paganism, etc.

Scorpio is the most intense water sign. They are more vindictive, dominant, secretive, and jealous than the other water signs.

While Scorpio is associated with passion and deepness, Cancer with sensitivity, and Pisces with emotional outburst or change all of the water signs are equally as deep, passionate, sensitive, etc. Scorpio does however have the most fixed personality out of all the water signs and is associated with transformation. While Pisces and Cancer are more adaptable and easygoing, Scorpio might face the most changes in their life and personality. 

Cancer is the most protective and private out of the water signs. They are protective over their loved ones and fiercely protective of themselves. They are also more nurturing and balanced than the others. 

Pisces is the most fluid of the water signs and is the most open about their emotions. Scorpio is all about secrecy with the way they feel and Cancer is protective about their emotions. However you will always know how a Pisces feels. Pisces expresses their emotions in almost all ways, communication, art, actions, and the list can go on. Cancer and Scorpio might have to turn to creative outlets more so to express themselves and needs others to sometimes crack them open or inspire them to share. The best way to inspire a water sign is through love, romance, and general human connection. All three of them desire a full on connection with others. Pisces wants to become one with their partner, engulf them. Cancer is all about unity and building a home and/or life together. Scorpio is about fully understanding each other and accepting one another. 

Scorpio also have an urge to understand and master the world. Cancer wants to guard and take care of others in the world. Pisces wants to create as well as learn and live the human condition. 

Scorpio is associated with self-healing, Cancer the healing of others, Pisces is linked to both. 

Scorpio always knows they are right, Cancer will refuse to be wrong, and Pisces will somehow trick you or manipulate you into thinking they are right. 

Cancer holds a grudge, Scorpio wants revenge, and Pisces forgives. 

Scorpio likes to show off their individuality, what they like, how they are, etc. Scorpio gets really into their fandom and hobbies. They are active players in stuff they like. Is normally sure about what they like and who they are in the present. 

Cancer is open about what they like as well but can be a little less active in their fandoms or hobbies and Cancer is associated with a lack of self. But that just means it is part of their life journey to create themselves in a solid way. 

Pisces is always changing what they are into. A gamer Pisces might be obsessed with Dark souls one week and the next they are all about Elder Scrolls or Zelda. They will like screamo and then surprise you with randomly being obsessed with a pop song. 

Pisces is associated with compassion and empathy. 

Cancer is associated with kindness and sympathy. 

Scorpio is associated with emotional inspiration and guidance as well as boosting another person’s energy. 

EXO as tumblr bloggers
  • Xiumin: He has a blog set up, but hasn't updated it once.
  • Luhan: Fandom blogger who pretends to be cool and like he isn't in as deep as he really is. All of the things he says that are intended to sound ironic and/or sarcastic are secretly entirely genuine. He also pretends not to ship seriously but he ships The Thing so hard. He 'likes' your fanfics at 2am and you suspect him to be the one sending all those asks about how to tell your best friend you're gay for them.
  • Kris: Hipster blogger who posts selfies, text posts intended to make him sound cool and profound but laden with hilarious typos, and uncomfortable anecdotes about his penis (named Mr. Galaxy).
  • Suho: An allegedly straight blogger who posts more gay stuff than the gay blogs you follow. He captions his posts with comments like "Gay sex is HOT haha jk I like girls... but seriously though."
  • Lay: Reblogs recipes, drawing tips, and tutorials. He doesn't understand what everyone on this site is so angry about. He hopes everyone on here is getting plenty of rest. He laments about his worries for followers in conversations with his grandmother over tea.
  • Baekhyun: Fandom blogger who runs a respectable blog dedicated to his favorite celebrity. He knows everything about his bias, and can give his followers answers to any question about the person in question. From time to time he gets himself into trouble by making an offensive comment offhandedly and spends the next three days flooding your dash with his arguments with anons (and Chen. See below).
  • Chanyeol: HOT GIRLS and that one male celebrity he's randomly super obsessed with. Made one or two ignorant comments when he first joined that still haunt him to this day.
  • Chen: He would never let his friends know, but online he's not the jokester he is in real life. He's a social justice blogger who, if you step out of line, can always find a way to tell you (in no less than 3 paragraphs) that you need to check your privilege. He has a lot of opinions about things, and he's done his research. Occasionally reminds Chanyeol about that One Thing he posted when he first joined tumblr and why it was problematic.
  • Kyungsoo: An antifan, dedicated to spreading his hatred of That Guy across all related tumblr tags. (coughantibaekhyunblogcough)
  • Kai: Posts adorable puppies and other cute, fluffy things. Always does his best to be uplifting to his followers, and posts gratuitously cutesy messages with lots of elaborate text faces. Everyone thought he was a bubbly teenage girl until he was pushed into posting a picture of himself which resulted in widespread follower nosebleeds.
  • Tao: Fanfic writer who makes up for what he lacks in writing ability with enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Sehun: Runs the gayest blog you've ever seen. Other than Suho's.
Many of us are a bit distressed when we first start meditating and we realize that we have almost no control over our most vital organ - our mind. Our mind seems to just wildly jump around from topic to topic, randomly fixating, obsessing, and then moving on to something else. That is why taming the mind, or developing some kind of stability, is the first step in meditation training!
—  David Nichtern

anonymous asked:

Hey! I wanted to let you know that very fandom ive been in my favorite fic has been written by you. I just discovered this and i think my mind broke. You the best. Anyways, i just got into the xmen fandom and im wondering what your favorites are? I keep accidentally reading badfic!!

aksdjfakdsjfd THANK… YOU…!?!?! aaaahhhh. I don’t really know what else to say to that except aaaaahhhh.

Anyway, I have read, like, EVERY SINGLE XM:FC FIC. I think hellotailor and I collectively have probably literally read all of it, barring the stuff that was just actually unreadable garbage. THAT WAS REALLY QUITE A TIME. I have totally forgotten like 95% of it, obviously. However, a few things have remained. THEY ARE BASICALLY ALL AUS. Actually I think they are. Literally all AUs. Screaming. X-MEN.

So obviously the fic in this fandom split into the Serious Fanfiction faction and the Dumb Hilarious Shit faction. I generally prefer the latter, but there were a couple in the former category that were really good:

  • Limited Release, rageprufrock. In a SHOCKING turn of events, rageprufrock’s fic was, like, the definitive Serious Fic in the fandom. Everybody works for the FBI. I think I was reading it on the kinkmeme? (Yes, really.) It is really, really fucking good. Very ensemble. Highly recommended.
  • Boden’s Mate, kaydeefalls. This is an Inception AU and I have ALMOST NO RECOLLECTION of the plot except for a few scenes but I remember it being really plotty and good? I think I read it in one sitting. I dunno, it’s been a long time. HOWEVER…
  • after all the breath and the dirt, magneticwave. This is ALSO an Inception AU, from earlier this year, which I don’t think anybody has read really, for obvious reasons, and it is. SO. GOOD. Oh my god. When I finished it I, like, send screaming emails to multiple people about it. IT’S SERIOUSLY AMAZING. REALLY DARK, BE WARNED, but like, oh my god, so good.

Okay, moving on to the vastly more important category of DUMB SHIT:

  • i guess i should say thanks or some shit, zarathuse. I have recced this fic like 87 times like a weirdo, but it is my favorite. Charles & Erik are douchebag twentysomethings in Amsterdam. This Speaks to Me. I have forced it upon many unsuspecting bystanders. It’s a masterpiece basically. Like, probably one of my top 5 fics of all time, not necessarily in terms of Perfect Art (THOUGH IT’S DAMN GOOD) but just in terms of things I randomly obsessively love. (Locked to AO3 members, FYI.)
  • Not So Much the Teacup, thehoyden. I will let the summary of the fic speak for me: “Charles is basically the bride whisperer. It’s like he can read their minds.” I should probably be embarrassed by how many times I have read this. I mean, okay, I’m a little embarrassed. But I DON’T CARE. I DO NOT CARE. GENIUS. (Also, I mean, HOW WAS I EVER SUPPOSED TO RESIST THE TEMPLE OF DENDUR. I WAS NOT.) NB Everything by thehoyden is excellent. Including the one with mpreg which, let me tell you, is NOT USUALLY MY CUP OF TEA.
  • The Masked Man (Who Has Everything), Traincat. Erik is Batman. Charles keeps getting kidnapped. NEED I SAY MORE. NO. NO I DO NOT.