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                               Blind Date Muse Shuffle!

  Alright, I made a post about this last night and then I thought, why not give this a shot? Basically, I was once involved in something where you could sign up and were put on a list for an “arranged marriage” thread. So you were put on a list and in the end you were randomly matched up with someone and you “had to” do a thread with them where your characters were involved in an arranged marriage. It was actually pretty fun, so I figured, why not do the same with a BLIND DATE?

   So basically you´ll reblog this post with your character’s name in the tags ( if you´re a multimuse you can specify a character or just leave it open and pick one later ) and whether you prefer m/f, f/f or m/m ( if you don´t put anything in the tags I´ll assume you´re alright with either of these things ) and this post will be going around until

    Wednesday, May 24th

  ( Or longer in case not enough people have signed up. ) Once you´ve reblogged this post you will be put on A LIST and then I´ll be using a random generator to match people up. You´re the free to go into each other´s IMs and inboxes to work out a thread! :)

Happy Halloween, Rune Factory fandom! It’s time for the first ever Rune Factory Halloween Costume Carnival! (with prizes!) banner by @loftyanchor~

So, what’s this all about?

To celebrate Halloween, we want you guys to design the coolest, most creative Halloween costume you can come up with for a Rune Factory character of your choosing! Any character is allowed, and any idea goes, as long as it’s your own original idea and it’s appropriate for all ages!

Artistic skill isn’t a factor here. Judging will be based off of the creativity and quality of the costume design, so if you don’t think of yourself as a fantastic artist, don’t worry! We want to see your ideas anyway. Just be creative!

There will be 3 winners of the event! And we have three lovely artists– @loftyanchor, @yvesaffection and @pommepomme– who were kind enough to offer up an art request for the prizes and serve as our 3 judges for the event! So each winner will be randomly matched with one of our artists/judges, and receive an art request of their choice from them.*


Info & Rules

Submissions will be open from today, October 4th, to October 30th at 10 PM EST!

Only one submission will be allowed per entrant, to keep things fair for people with less time to dedicate to this.

To submit your entry, send it through the submit button on my blog, @sharance-maze, and then send me a message through the tumblr messenger letting me know that you sent it! This way I can confirm that I received it, and we won’t be risking tumblr accidentally eating any of the submissions and having them not get counted.

Submissions must be in drawn form, so no descriptions of costumes allowed. Submissions also must be appropriate for all ages, and must be your own original idea, so no copying.

Please don’t post your submission publicly until October 31st! We wanna make sure there’s no chance of anyone copying each other, so hold off until then. After that, go wild! And tag your entries with #rfhcc, so that everyone can see them!

Winners will be announced within 1 week or less of the submissions deadline.

*Depending on our prize artists’ schedules, prizes may take up to 3 months to be delivered. Prize artists also have the right to set their own rules for the request, such as no ns/fw requests, nothing involving too many characters, etc.


Have any questions? Send me a message!

Good luck everybody! <3 Let’s have fun!

anonymous asked:

hiii could i pls get a SFW todoroki x female scenario with like, 10 minute sun heaven? you know the closet game where ppl get matched up randomly to spend 10 min in a dark closet. but neither have confessed to each other and they end up doing that? smth fluffy like that. thanks!!!!

Gods is anyone on here old enough to remember the olden days on quizilla where there were like a million 7 minutes in heaven quiz things per series and they were all super obvious questions and answers in order to get your favorite like:

What’s your favorite color? 

- green

- explosions

- pink!!! ^ _ ^

- the inevitable death of my father

bc I just got the weirdest flashbacks to those omg lkajsda. Anywho, thanks for the throw back to those iconic times anon

Everyone was situated on the floor of the main room, snacks and drinks were strewn about around the couches and scattered amoung the circle of people on the floor. Looking around you could see a wide arrange of expressions plastered on everyone’s faces. Embarrassment, regret, anger, sadness, excitement, and a few neutral but worried expressions. You were feeling pretty much all of these emotions at once and your heart felt like it might explode as Kaminari placed the hat in the middle of the circle of teenagers. Maybe you could get out of this by passing out… You’d laugh about it if it wasn’t something that could legitimately happen. You checked your phone absentmindedly to try and disperse these rapidly approaching feelings of nervousness. 

Someone to your left had bumped into but you ignored it trying to focus on some sort of game on your phone. It wasn’t until they bumped you again did you turn to look at them. You perked up seeing it was just Ochako and realized that those bumps were her trying to get your attention. She offered you a smile and nudged you again trying to get you to follow her eyes to someone. You squinted at her not being able to follow her trail of thought. It suddenly clicked after a few moments and you slowly looked in the direction her eyes were leading you. You squeaked catching none other than Todoroki looking at you. His eyes met with yours but you immediately broke your gaze to look back at your phone. You heard Ochako snicker by your side and you wondered if it was too late to cop out of this. 

A hat was shoved into your face a moment later and you gingerly took one of the folded pieces of paper inside of it. The hat was passed on as you unfolded the paper to reveal the number one. Son of a bitch. You were going to have to go first which meant you would have to most opportunity to be stuck in a closet with someone you didn’t feel like sharing your personal space with. Groaning you pinched the bridge of your nose and glanced over at Ochako who was busy talking to Midoriya. She hadn’t looked at her piece of paper yet leaving you to sigh and fiddle with the corners of yours. Suddenly Kaminari spoke up to briefly go over the rules with a smug smile on his face. You rolled your eyes.

“Okay, which pair has number one?” He asked to the circle of teenagers. Your heart practically jumped out of your chest when you saw the duo haired boy across from you raise his hand. Swallowing hard you raised you hand as well leaving your classmates to coo, wolf whistle, and make whatever other noises they thought fit to make. 

The words, “unspoken mutual attraction,” could sum up your relationship with Todoroki pretty well. But you didn’t know that he liked you and he didn’t know that you liked him. So the two of you were a mess with each other most of the time when placed in the same group. He could keep his cool better than you, although he was too aloof to really notice your cheeks dusting with pink whenever he was around. So while you walked with him to the appointed closet you couldn’t help but notice that he was as calm as always. All you could do was nervously trail behind him until you were suddenly shoved into his back and into the cramped closet. 

“Have fun you two!” Kaminari said coyly before slamming the door. 

“Ah, are you okay? Sorry, someone shoved me.” You said trying to make space between the two of you. With a squeak you stumbled back and hit the door with a thud. For a second you could have sworn you felt your soul leaving your body and you would have rather that happen than embarrass yourself any further. 

“I’m fine. Did you hit your head?” Todoroki asked. You heard him shuffle around and could barely make out his face in the darkness as he turned around to face you. 

“Yeah I hit my head, but it’s not anything bad I promise.” You laughed lightly trying to break the awkwardness. “Though we can’t really do much about it now.”

Silence fell of the two of you for a few moments making you acutely aware of just how loud and fast your heartbeat was. You didn’t have much time to wonder if he could tell of you were nervous because you suddenly felt his arms wrap around your waist and tug you towards him. His name fell from your lips shakily while your hands flew up to press against his chest. Such a bold action was uncharacteristic of him and you definitely weren’t expecting this to happen. 

“(Y/n), I have something to confess.” He murmured. Oh man, your face felt like it was on fire and you swore he could probably feel the heat radiating off your face. Your ears burned and your heartbeat seemed to have gotten louder in your ears. 

“Y-yes? What is it Todoroki?” You stammered. The male paused before continuing on while you felt like you could scream from the anticipation.

“I realized that I have feelings for you…” He said slowly almost like he was trying to carefully choose his words. “Will you be by my side?”

About a thousand thoughts were racing through your head. Was this him asking you to be his girlfriend? Is this really happening? Should you just kiss him now or actually verbally reciprocate his feelings? You felt his grip on your waist loosen as if he had suddenly lost his edge. In a panic you reached up and pulled his face down to kiss him. He tensed up for a second obviously surprised by your sudden move. After a few seconds his grip on you tightened and he relaxed into the kiss. Pulling away you got a glimpse of his face before you looked away, face even hotter than before. 

“Sorry I hesitated, I just wasn’t sure how to return your feelings so I just…” You trailed off into a pause and then cleared your throat before you continued. “But yes, I’d love to be by your side.”

There was a comfortable silence between the two of you until you started to drift towards each other for one more kiss. Fate had different plans, however, and the door swung open the second your lips connected. You pulled away immediately letting out a startled noise and almost fell over the closet supplies again. Looking up you saw Kaminari with the stupidest grin on his face before he called out to the others. 

“Hah! You owe me 2000 yen Kirishima!” He yelled. The red haired boy responded with a whine while the others laughed and made a ruckus such as teenagers do. You could only hide your face in your hands as you walked out of the closet and back to the circle of your classmates Todoroki in tow. When you sat down with your newly found partner you saw Ochako shoot you a smug look leaving you to roll your eyes and move to try and hide your flushed face. Love is hard…

Tinder - Jack Maynard Imagine

Don’t be too harsh on me, it’s my first one. Actually…. Yes, be harsh.
As I’ve said earlier, English is not my native language, so don’t be alarmed when I’ve written something wrong or the grammatical tenses are quite not right. Don’t even get me started on my typos…
Give me feedback and comments. I grave for some constructive criticism.
I didn’t know how to end this, and I feel like I rushed the ending ‘cause I just wanted to finish this.

Part Two

Part Three


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Phone Calls

Originally posted by jazzyjaemin

for the summary game can I request Phone Calls, Floorboards, or Interwoven? idk how many you can request but pllleeaaassseee do at least one of those -anon

Gif credit as listed

Yuta (NCT) x Reader

-by Admin Mari

A/N: Happy Birthday to our Osaka Prince! Also I’m doing requests in all sorts of out of order but I promise I will get to all of them.

This prompt came from a summary game we did a while ago (found here) where we came up with words/phrases for titles and randomly matched them with artists:

“I know it’s two am and you had a busy schedule, but I woke up and I can’t breathe and I don’t know what’s wrong.”

It was a strange feeling, waking up in the middle of the night peacefully. And not because of a nightmare or a noise in the dark. The weird thing was she was oddly calm, blinking up at the ceiling she could barely see, and wondering if this was some sort of inception dream sequence.

The feeling of serenity began to wash away, though, as she realized how hard it was getting to breathe. Like the dull ache of her lungs had been masked by the peaceful night and now she could no longer ignore it.

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i don’t really have a problem with them doing shield vs. new day at survivor series, but i do have a problem with them ruining dean and seth’s tag titles run and a highly-anticipated match with the usos to randomly give us this match with no real build or stakes at all.


Ariel and Ursula grew up together in Posideon’s court and decide to run swim away together.

Collaborative piece w Dana Duncan up at Sugar City in Buffalo. Me and Dana were randomly matched in an artist lottery and this is what we made ✋🤚Check it out if you’re in the area !


Originally posted by y-ta

for the summary game can I request Phone Calls, Floorboards, or Interwoven? idk how many you can request but pllleeaaassseee do at least one of those -anon

Gif credit as listed

Taeyong (NCT) x Reader

-by Admin Mari

A/N: He would. You know he would. Also Happy Halloween!

This prompt came from a summary game we did a while ago (found here) where we came up with words/phrases for titles and randomly matched them with artists:

“What did I say about eating chocolate after midnight?’
“How’d you even know?”
“The floorboards squeak, idiot.”

The late hours of the night had finally brought a peaceful quiet about. They had returned from a Halloween party with the boys pretty late and (Y/n) had just about crashed the minute they crossed the threshold of their home.

Still, she awoke at only half past midnight to find an empty bed and the sound of someone tiptoeing out in the hallway. She rolled her eyes, sitting up.

Of course he would, she thought.

She tiptoed out of bed herself and crept down the hallway until she could peer into the kitchen. And just as she expected to find, Taeyong had a hand in the plastic jack-o-lantern, pulling out pieces of random “fun sized” candy bars. When he had about five on the counter in front of him, he put the bowl back on top of the refrigerator where he had put it before bed.

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Since people are on board, we can do the Secretkyman2017!!

There’s one month left, so we have to start this now in order to make it by Christmas day!

So all everyone has to do is send a message to @kymanss2017 saying you want to join. This will go on until Nov 10th.

Then, we’ll randomly match you with someone else and send you your giftee so you can get started. 

The submission box will open after Nov 10th, so all you have to do is message us that you want to join.

I’ll reblog this a lot so you guys won’t miss it and please reblog so your followers and friends can see this as well!!

Can’t wait to get this started :D

Thanks to mods @wolfthedragon and @kofukune for helping me with this <3

What is it?

It’s an anonymous love week (everyone who enters will be assigned someone to send anonymous sastiel headcanons to and someone will send them anonymous sastiel headcanons too for the duration of the week)

How does is it work?

  • We will randomly match everyone using an online matching generator
  • You will get a URL in your askbox from Camille or Leah  November 3-4th
  • The Sastiel Love Week will be held November 6th-12th

How to participate?

  • Reblog this post before November 1st
  • Please put in the tags if you are ok with nsfw or would rather be sent and send sfw content only
  • Follow the Sastiel Love Week Blog (We’ll be reblogging people’s headcanons there during the week)


  • Headcanons can be as long or short as you want, just make sure to send and publish at least one headcanon a day (you can use ask box or submit (directions on how to submit anonymously here) )
  • At the end of the week you can come off anon if you want to (but it’s totally optional)
  • Please tag any messages you receive as “#Sastiel Love Week” (with spaces) in the first 5 tags of each headcanon so we can reblog it to the blog (and you may want to track the tag so you can enjoy other people’s headcanons too)

Theme suggestions: (you don’t have to follow these but they might be fun)

  • Monday (6th): Firsts
  • Tuesday (7th):  AU (reverse verse, all human, all angels, a/b/o, coffee shop, college, hs, etc)
  • Wednesday (8th): outsider pov or day in the life
  • Thursday (9th): Angst
  • Friday (10th): Autumn themed (halloween, cold weather, pumpkin spiced lattes, etc)
  • Saturday (11th): Episode related (things we missed, what you wish happened, etc)
  • Sunday (12th):   Domestic or Future!fic aka let them be happy™

Questions? Feel free to ask!

anonymous asked:

•Dating…would include 
•Having sex with…would include 
•Having a baby with…would include 
•Being married to…would include All with Dean Ambrose please if you don't mind

Dating Dean would include:

-Always being there to cheer for him in his matches

-Him Randomly just doing wrestling moves on you

-Him showing you off to Roman

-When ever he’s in the ring he’ll blow a kiss your way

-Date nights includes a lot of alcohol, horror movies and sex

-Him always being a jealous over protective mess whenever someone flirts with you

Having Sex with Dean would include:

-He’s Submissive as hell

-He loves to be under you begging for more

-When he’s tied to the bed so he can’t touch you it’ll drive him even more crazy

-Biting. Everywhere and anywhere, he loves it when you leaves marks

-You guys have been to IKEA one to many times looking for a new bed let’s just say that

Having a Baby with Dean Ambrose would include:

-Him being kinda angry at the start that he’s allowed this to happen right when his career is at it’s best

-But he realises how amazing this is and gets super excited

-Him reading a book of Dad jokes he got from Roman

-“We are not naming the baby Mitch Ellsworth Ambrose.”

-Him always being worried when he’s on tour ringing you every 30 minutes

-When you’re giving birth he’s right next to you pushing the hair out your face

Being married to Dean Ambrose would include:

-You guys ended up having a Vegas wedding in a Elvis Drive through the night he proposed

-But you did have a ceremony for all your family to come to a few months later

-Catching him just staring at you amazed

-“Yeah that’s MY wife you’re talking to.”

-Even when you’re married his jealously doesn’t go down

-Loving going to his shows with his daughter and the commentary table points you out as his wife