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Any space family headcanons?

When you say “space family” I literally have no idea what fandom you’re talking about, but I’m going to make an educated guess that it’s Voltron? I hope I’m right – if I’m not, feel free to send another request so I can give you the headcanons you actually asked for. 

Anyway, yes, space fam headcanons:

  • Hunk has the highest IQ out of the bunch. Yes, even higher than Pidge’s (just barely). He doesn’t like to brag about it, but he’s much, much smarter than he looks. His teammates realize this, and they’re still blown away by him sometimes. 
  • Pidge loves animals. She really misses her mom’s cat. This is part of the reason why she likes small robots so much – they remind her of pets, in a weird way. 
  • Lance is Hispanic and grew up speaking Spanish and English at home, and he likes to talk shit about the others in Spanish because he thinks they can’t understand him. They haven’t told him that Hunk and Shiro are both fluent.
  • Hunk is super strong (most of his bulk is actually muscle mass), and Shiro is at least 6′2″ and works out for fun, so any time someone needs help reaching a high shelf/moving heavy equipment/ect. they’re always the two that get called on. Neither of them minds.
  • The exception to the above is Pidge, who likes to be self-sufficient. Once, she managed to move several crates of equipment from a storage bay to the lab by herself, even though all of them weighed at least twice as much as her. To this day, no one knows how she did it.
  • Shiro and Keith are accidental workout buddies. They just… kept running into each other in the training room? Seriously, Keith thought he was the only one who randomly got the urge to train at three in the morning, but there’s Shiro, sparring with one of the androids. Now they just make a habit of going together.
  • Lance has accidentally called Allura “mom” on at least one occasion. Neither of them has ever acknowledged it. (Allura thought it was both endearing and sad, because she knows that Lance struggles with homesickness the most out of the bunch.)
  • I don’t know why I’m obsessed with figuring out whether any given character is a dog person or a cat person, but here’s my hypothesis: Keith is a cat person, Hunk and Lance are both dog people, Shiro has no preference, Pidge is Team #AllPetsAreGoodPets, and Allura just likes her mice. (They didn’t have dogs or cats on Altea, but the team has vowed to introduce her to some puppies and kittens if/when they ever make it back to Earth.)
  • “Family breakfast” isn’t really a thing for them, because they all get up at different times (with Keith or Shiro being the first to wake up most mornings, and Lance almost always being the last), but they do all eat dinner together whenever possible. Allura had to make a schedule for dishwashing assignments.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Shiro does have a sense of humor, but he only shows it occasionally, usually by making a really bad pun. 
  • Allura is one of those people who always looks good? When she first gets out of bed, at the end of a long, sweaty training session, in the middle of a battle – she always looks flawless. Pidge has all kinds of theories about this being part of her Altean shapeshifting abilities, but Lance keeps arguing that Allura is just naturally good-looking. “Hot people don’t have to obey the laws of physics, Pidge.”
  • Keith knows everything about everyone, whether they tell him or not. No one knows how he finds these things out, but he does. That’s why his mullet is so big. It’s full of secrets.
  • Shiro has nightmares about the year he spent as a Galran prisoner, but he never remembers them when he wakes up. He’s just left feeling scared and empty and confused, pulse racing, and sometimes it takes him a few seconds to remember where he is, and that he’s safe. He doesn’t like looking at his metal arm, because it brings up the same feelings (hence the long-sleeved shirts 24/7).
  • Allura has nightmares, too, but she remembers hers. She dreams about watching her planet die, of explosions in the night sky, of Galran soldiers storming her home. She likes to go sit in the bridge and look out at space whenever it happens – the stars calm her. Sometimes Shiro joins her if he’s having a bad night as well. They never talk, just sit next to each other and gaze out at the cosmos. Neither of them ever brings it up to the other during the day.
  • Pidge is really good with languages, and is even starting to pick up bits of Galran and Altean from her translation software. But she’s not very good at staying dedicated to learning and practicing a new language, so she ends up just knowing a handful of common words and phrases in, like, thirty different languages.
  • Lance loves video games. Obviously he doesn’t play them anymore, what with his game collection being on Earth while he’s in space, and sometimes he feels frustrated because gaming used to be his go-to stress relief. Now he spars with one of the training androids instead. 
  • Keith definitely owns at least three leather jackets back home and he’s lowkey stressed because there’s no Altean fabric that resembles leather, meaning he can never truly recreate his Earth aesthetic.
  • Shiro is older than the others, but obviously not by much. This is because he graduated from the academy early, and was one of the youngest pilots ever to fly a real mission. He’s actually younger than Pidge’s brother.

I really love this show and these characters and their team dynamic, so I really hope this was the “space family” you were talking about! 

Today I finally put a name to my condition. I feel so much relief to know that what I have is an actualy disorder and that other people live with it too.

Ever since I was 4 or 5 (Im 15 now), I have daydreamed. I make up these elaborate scenarios in my head that will center around a person and their “life.” It started out where I would slide or crawl around on the floor while talking/singing to myself. I would do this for about twenty minutes at a time, usually daydreaming about cartoon characters. As I got older, it developed into pacing/skipping, and I began to create fictional people.

These “characters” were based off of people that I had seen or knew in real life. However, my daydreams are usually viewed from a third person perspective, if that makes sense. I view the scenario as if it is being played on TV, not as if I actually am the person. The subjects of my daydreams are all female and they all have qualities that I wish to possess. For example, one of the subjects is an eight year old singer who won Americas Got Talent for her incredible voice.

My daydreaming is usually triggered by visual media, such as a picture or movie. Sometimes though, I am just randomly struck with the urge to pace. I also imagine scenarios before I go to sleep. Those are typically about romantic relationships with crushes and involve us getting married and going in cute dates.

My MDD doesnt affect my life negatively. It doesnt distract me from my schoolwork or my social life. I dont exactly know why I have this condition, for I have never suffered intense trauma or abuse. My guess is that I craft these fictional people to compensate for the fact that I am not fully satisfied with my life and have low self esteem.

Im just glad to know that there are many other people out there living with MDD just like me. It brings me comfort to know that Im not wierd or “mentally unstable.”

Something Sweet (3/4)

Summary: AU where the judge takes pity on Emma and instead of jail time she gets sentenced to community service at a hospital where Killian just so happens to be a patient
Rating: Teen
Word Count:  ~3,500
Previous: Part one, Part two 
A/N: Sorry if there are any mistakes, I quick posted this on my lunch break. Also I’ve got the rest written so I’ll just have to edit that and probably post it tomorrow. Anyway thanks for reading and any feedback is always appreciated!

She stayed at the Nolans’ house that night and again every night that week. She had clothes in the dresser drawers and a toothbrush in the holder, and when she woke up the Friday morning, a bottle of prenatal vitamins was handed to her without comment along with breakfast. 

Over the course of the following month she fell into a sort of routine, Emma helped wash up the dishes  or tidy the house since she wanted to feel useful and didn’t want to kill them with her cooking. They’d walk to work together in the mornings, or take David’s truck if the weather was too cold. Her morning sickness wasn’t quite as frequent. And she found herself splitting most of her time volunteering between Killian and Granny, and for the first time in a really long time her smiles seemed to come easy and her laughter rang true - but she couldn’t help wonder how long it would last. 

She had a bit of a bump now, but her candy striper uniform was loose fitting enough that it wasn’t noticeable yet. And while David and Mary Margaret forced her to doctor’s appointments, they had mostly steered clear from that conversation. Emma was decidedly grateful that they hadn’t brought up what would happen after the baby was born - because she honestly had no idea. She wanted the baby, god she wanted him more than anything, but she also wanted to give him - or her their best chance and that certainly wasn’t with her. Sure she wasn’t homeless at the moment, but that was just until Mary Margaret and David’s charity ran out, then where would she be? A homeless single mother with a criminal record, that’s where. Just thinking about it made her feel sick - so it was a good thing she didn’t think about it. 

Killian was getting better slowly but surely, and now that he was well enough to walk if he could lean on Emma or one of the nurses for support he was desperately trying to convince Emma to help him sneak into the kitchens. It was supposedly for more food but Emma couldn’t help wondering if it was just a ploy to end his boredom. While she was more than willing to help him sneak around the hospital, she had determinedly avoided eating with any of the patients since her first week and she was not about to go waltzing into the kitchens. She, Killian and Granny were playing a card game that Emma only half understood when he brought up the idea again. 

“Come on Swan, if I win this hand we go to the kitchens on an adventure,” he said just as Granny let out a jubilant laugh and laid down the winning hand - again.

 "Guess you’ll have to find another way to convince her, Jones" Granny said with a smile as she collected the cards to deal again. 

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