randomly creeping on people

apparently tumblr and its “recommended blogs” section thinks i’ve found all the miss fisher’s murder mysteries blogs, but i’m pretty sure it’s wrong…

so if you (re)blog miss fisher and you’re into people creeping on you and randomly reblogging things from last year or whatever, hit me up.* /attempt to sound like i know how kids talk on the interwebs

*by “hit me up” i mean like or reblog this post so i can find you, don’t actually hit me, please.

Watching Deathly Hallows part 1 with my mom:

Her: Which one is this?
Me: Deathly Hallows part 1
Her: Oh. Look Dobby’s still alive.
Me: That’s Kreacher.
Her: Who’s he?
Her: Is this one Order of the Pheonix?
Her: What’s a horcrux?
Her: Is this the one where they break into the bank?
Her: Wait but what’s horcrux?
Her: Why are they looking for Harry?
Her: Who’s that?
Her: What’s a horcrux?