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#359 Absol - Using its horn, Absol is able to predict when a natural disaster will occur. Though it rarely ventures into human territory, it will appear when it wants to warn people about an approaching disaster. This often has the unfortunate effect of Absol itself being blamed for the disaster. They often carry an air of intelligence and serenity about them and can have a life-span of 100 years.

Immortal!Alec head-canons w blueberry Max (because a girl can dream GDI)

//cries// this got way too long (4k+) but oh well

  • so imagine all warlocks have a distinctive power that they identify the most with, e.g. Magnus identifies with fire the most which is why he instinctively burned his father to death, also why his magic often manifests in sparks and flames
  • that’s not to say that it’s the only power they can do or even what they’ll be best at. But it’s especially noticeable especially when warlocks are younger or whenever they lose control of their magic. 
  • Max’s power is earth, so when he’s in a particularly bad tantrum or anything and Magnus isn’t there to keep his power in check the whole room kinda starts shaking like its in an earthquake. 
  • things fall, they get used to it, Max gets better at controlling it, but no one ever gets hurt, and it’s not like anyone outside the room feels it
  • the talk about death comes earlier than they expect with max when he’s 7 and they randomly get him a goldfish or smt from a carnival and it dies as most pets do in the Lightwood-Bane household because they always forget to feed it- chairman is an exception, and a menace and also tiny maybe because Magnus sometimes forgets to feed it though that situation improved when Alec arrived and then fixed itself when clary told them they could buy an automated feeder thingy. 
  • -so they have to explain death to max like:

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Things I like, like about you.
  • I like the way you like me. I like the way you think the world of me. Even if you don’t really think I’m the best, you at least act and treat me like I’m the prettiest & most amazing girl in the entire world.
  • I like the way you love to show me off to your friends as if I’m your greatest achievement, parading me around introducing me as your girl and immediately bragging about my ‘fat ass’ and my ’good’ cooking.
  • I like when you fall asleep kissing me.
  • I like that you love everything that i hate about myself. I don’t feel fat or ugly around you, I couldn’t possibly feel that way with you constantly complimenting me and indulging yourself into my biggest insecurities.
  • I like that when I randomly mentioned I wanted a Goldfish, you showed up at my doorstep, 3am, the prettiest goldfish in hand and stayed up for hours googling and preparing the pink tank even though you were exhausted and had to be awake in a few hours.
  • I like your ability to make me laugh. You just get my sense of humor and my personality. Whether we’re joking around or singing… playing and learning from each other, I always have the most fun with you just acting like children and laughing, high fiving each other for all the stupid puns we say.
  • I like that you sing in the shower with me.
  • I like when you look at me. Like, when I’m humming or after I say something stupid… you just smile and tell me that I’m adorable and you look at me. It’s just this look of admiration that I love. No one else has ever looked at me that way before.
  • I like how comfortable I am with you. I’m comfortable with telling you everything. I’m also comfortable with not saying anything at all. Your presence comforts me in whatever we are or aren’t doing.
  • I like that you get crumbs everywhere.
  • I like how jealous you are. I like that you feel the need to protect me and ward of other suitors.
  • I like your attentiveness, always asking me if i’m okay, if I’m hungry or cold, making sure I’m always comfortable, always putting my needs in front of your own.
  • I like how you value my opinion. Whether it be something as simple as what we should eat for dinner, what you should wear to stuff like life advice. You don’t exactly always do what I say but you always take it into consideration. (And most likely end up doing what I say)
  • I like when you throw me on the bed in anger and in lust. I love making love to you.
  • I like how you listen. Even if it’s the most mundane story about my 2nd grade camping trip or how my Sims just moved to a new house, you’ll listen for hours until I talk the both of us to sleep.
  • I like that you always offer to help, even if there’s nothing you can do
  • I like how you respect my decisions and encourage whatever my choice is, even if it goes against your morals and values.
  • I like the way our souls just click.
  • I love how emotionally supportive you are and have been, especially over these past few heart-wrenching months. Instead of running away from my tears you are there to wipe them away. Every day you somehow manage to keep my heavy sinking heart afloat and even when I feel like I’m drowning in my own sorrow you make it a little easier to breathe.

Of course there’s a million more things that I like, like about you. Maybe I’ll make a part 2 later on, but for now, just know that I’m in love with you. I know I’m not the easiest to handle at times, but thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for showing me what love is.