ok guys I just thought of a new way to procrastinate. I have a lot of empty space on my wall and I want to fill it up with your URLs. What I have in mind is like the “seven degrees of separation” and it’s going to be based on who you reblog it from.

Say you reblog from me, I’ll have my URL on my wall then a string attached from my URL to yours, then whoever reblogs from you they’ll have a string attached from your URL to theirs.

as great as likes are if you want your name to show up it’ll have to be a reblog because I can’t tell who you liked it from.

I’ll take a pic and post it from time to time depending on how many people do this aha.

have at it tumblr


I originally started this as a way to procrastinate from homework near finals but college is starting up again in a couple of weeks and writing down everyone’s names, going through notes to see who reblogged from who and then tacking them up on the wall is rather time consuming and I’d rather spend what summer I have left doing art and doing other junk aha.

I might revive it later but for now…Fin!

But man it’s been cool to see this grow and seeing who reblogged from who. Thanks everyone for participating! It’s been awesome!! <3

if you want to see the stages this went through

see the final product


IT LIVESSS!!!! the 7degreesURL random project o’ mine suddenly got several reblogs and such so I owe it to add ‘em on and put 'em up! I think some are the same people but got different URLs I didn’t cross check. but MEH.

looking up pictures of pigs for reference for my art project and I came across this photo


I clicked to see the article and I just…



How often do you see a tiger sleeping with piglets?? and the piglets are dressed up as tiger cubs??

OK and briefly reading the article this is in Thailand and the mama tiger was raised by a pig herself? this is chill

ohman I’ve watched enough episodes of Digimon where they’ve changed the evolution song from the usual “digimon champions of the boys and girls” to something about…power….and digimon….(I don’t remember if this theme stays or not…)

and I still think a lot about how they defeated VenomMyotismon by shooting the weird little monster that was his “true form” located in his crotch.