As part of a school assignment I was taught how to create custom brushes, paint in strokes over a photo, and I was allowed to choose my own subject. Picking my gorgeous and photogenic wife enjoying her favorite meal ever (my mothers Sloppy Joes) I then proceeded to lose myself. The original image is HUGE and I have plans to have it printed to a nice wrap frame. It was extremely tedious to paint each stroke and some of them were painted multiple times in order to get the colors right.

Oil Painting, Photoshop CS6, Time 5.3 hours, Custom Brush

“Ecstatic Sloppy Joes”, Rev. Brian Scott O'keefe

randomblink answered: See, I’m actually an intelligent, non-vulgar male, but this makes me want to ask boob questions. Geez, is it Friday or what?!

Well. Actually it is - my last Friday at this particular job. And I’m now curious as to what boob questions you might want to ask…