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Diggin’ this CD from The YoungBloods :D #randomband #randomcd #warped2011 #icantbelieveijustfoundthis

h0ttamolly asked:

can i please have a ship? :-) i ship you with ashton!!

Yay. Like whenever someone ships me its eithe Ashton or he’s the one that “secretly” likes em lol yay
SHIP: kitten
WHY:your both meme trash. lol (not In a mean way)
RANDOMBAND: all time low( hello brookelyn)
BLURB: “BABE COME HERE LOOK WHAT I FOUND ITS CALLED DOGE” he said running towards you. “babe that’s an old meme don’t even bother” you said looking at him like a child. “BUT BABE PLEASEEE” he said looking down with hope. “Fine but only for today.” You said handing your phone so he can change your Twitter. “YAY. You won’t be regretting this tonight” (I sorry but I just found it funny and well he would so do that) HAVE A LOVELY DAY.