Are you going to Ed Sheeran’s MSG gig tomorrow night? If so, why not attend a Sheerio meet up right before? You could even win a light up paw print necklace! I have 2 to give away! Follow the directions in the picture & since it is the day before, please favorite the tweet so I know that you have entered the contest! I hope to see u there :o)


I See Fire by Ed Sheeran piano tutorial. I’m contemplating learning piano again to try this. I still have my full size keyboard but its been YEARS.

Sweet Llama knuckles I am so irritated with some of these ‘fans’ needs to start drama and rumors.

It’s natural to be curious about your favorite celebrity. So, how about, you incognito ninja stalk them to find out what you just HAVE to know and keep it to yourself.

Is it really that hard to respect others? This applies to all celebrities, not just Eddy.

I’m emptying my bowl of Sheerio’s and taking the milk (Eddy), darnit!  I’m starting my own Ed Sheeran fandom called 'Sheeranaway’ as in I’m in continuous deflect mode from any of the drama and rumors and running away from it.

The music is what matters. His personality is what matters. That boy is absolutely contagious & every one wants to catch it.

Who cares what he left twitter for…

Maybe he’s preparing for his next food challenge

or starting a Llama farm

or standing in front of the mirror admiring his wild ginger hair

or maybe even learning how to play the trombone

Who the freak of a fudge packin’ pickle licker cares. In the words of The Beatles just Let It Be.