Holiday Notes

Hi everyone! With the holidays approaching, I thought I might spread some love and inspiration to people. Not everyone has it easy, and you won’t know what small thing can put a smile on a person’s face and keep them moving one more day. I will be leaving random physical notes in random public places in hope that someone will find them. They will be either cute, motivational, inspirational, anything that will help someone get through their day; and hopefully put a smile on their face. I’ll be posting a picture of the note and where I left it one day everyday for 10 days before Christmas Day, so please start looking for them on December 15. 

If you’d like to participate, just do the same, tag your post #holidaynotes and I will reblog it or submit your picture to me and I will share it. I’d love to see what you guys come up with. Spread the love and inspiration and get creative. 


Mystery Woman

My cats.

They really do not care for people food with a few small exceptions. Like, Ruby is totally down with cheese. Though we do not give her a lot, we will give her some nibbles, and like some small pieces of chicken. Nall will totally eat small pieces of fries, but that’s about it.