“Goodbye, I’m moving on!” playlist

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Everything ends either has a reason or none. Some things or some people enter your life to leave you a scar or anything that could make your life stronger, but some things enter your life in a pointless way. Yes, not all things and not all people that come to your life are valuable. Quite often, there’s always someone who would make you laugh, make you smile, make you feel like you’re too important to them, and make you feel what really love is. But at the end, everything is pointless. Everything ends up to nothing as if you’ve never been loved, as if you’re a toy that used to enjoy him, or as if you’re some stuff that could be thrown away. Love. It only matters if either of you is able to stay or is strong enough to carry every trouble that would come somehow.

This playlist is simply for people who’ve been lied on, who’ve been cheated on, who’ve been hurt, and who’ve been left behind without any reasonable words. This is to encourage us all that anything that comes could be pointless. Enough with the sayings “I met him just for a reason” and “someone comes either a blessing or a lesson,” because everyone that leaves is pointless! Yes, and if you acknowledge someone who has just left as a lesson, then you’re pathetically weak.

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A Dance With The Devil

You dance with Darkiplier Image/mini story.

Slowly, you pushed the large door that led into a large dark room. You knew this had to be a ballroom considering the size of the room and very faintly you could tell the details around the room, white stone climbing up the corners of the room, like pillars that stood tall. Faintly in the darkness you noticed a beautiful chandelier that hung from the high ceiling above you. With each step into the room, you could feel the cold marble hit your bare feet, your steps slow, dragging slightly.

A bright spotlight shone, causing you to cover your eyes as they adjusted to the bright light. In the center of the room, you saw him, his suit black this time instead of grey, his hair still in place. Everything was in place, neat. His tie still red, tightened right up to the collar of his white shirt that made his hair look more black and his facial features more sharp. He rolled his neck, like he always did, in the seducing way he always did. When he did it, it always brought a heat up your neck and to your cheeks.

You began to walk over to him, your footsteps light and soundless as your bare feet continued to touch the marble flooring. You walked until you also stood in the spotlight, a few feat away from him. You watched his eyes look you up and down, admiring the way you looked in your dress. He smirked when he noticed your feet, he always loved it when you did little things like this and he knew you always did this because you couldn’t walk or dance in high heels. He also enjoyed the long blue dress you wore, blue always suited you.

He took a step forward, as did you, until the two of you were closer.

“(Y/N)” He spoke, his voice deep and raspy as he slowly took one of your hands in his, his fingers intertwining with your own as both kept your hands raised.

“Dark.” You said back, placing a hand on his shoulder as he placed his other hand on your waist gently. You watched him smile, a rare thing that you would see. It would always be a smirk or a grin but this time, he smiled and it was something that showed a different side to Dark, the side of fell in love with.

It was the same dance as always, the waltz. But the pair of you always found a way to spice things up.

You both began with light steps, your feet moving well with Dark’s lead. He always took the lead, no matter what. When you first started to come, you would argue, making him angry for the rest of the night. But now, you found it better to follow his lead. He was an excellent dancer, especially when it came to the waltz, his favourite dance. You kept you balance as he quickly spun you three times in a fast pace as you both continued to move around the ballroom gracefully. You enjoyed these moments, listening to the soft piano music as the both of you danced the night away, no words needed. The way Dark looked at you made you consider that he wasn’t always a monster, almost a human.

The spotlight continued to follow you two as Dark dipped your upper body back, pulling you back up and spinning you fast before placing his hand back on your waist, your hand on his shoulder. He placed one foot forward, while you placed on backwards, repeating this a few more times, you sometimes moving forward and him moving back.

Eventually the piano stopped, the spotlight still on as you both stopped dancing. You began to pull away from Dark, like you did every other night, but this time it didn’t happen. Dark didn’t let your hand go, keeping his fingers intertwined with yours as he sharply pulled you back in, your eyes widened as your nose brushed against his, your face so close to his you could feel his hot breath hit off your cheeks and nose.

“Stay.” He said in a low deep voice as he looked into your eyes.

“I wish I could, but you know I can’t.”

Dark growled under his breath before speaking, “I will find you, one day I will.” He was determined, you could tell by the tone of his voice. You nodded, ready to pull away and go, but you didn’t.

This time, Dark placed a soft kiss on your lips, pulling away as he whispered. “Until next time, my dear.”

You didn’t know what to do, you pulled away from him, your lips tingling as you ran for the large door, sunlight beginning to pour out of the large windows in the ballroom. You easily reached the door, your hand placed on the handle as you turned to see Dark one last time for the night. He smirked, knowing that tomorrow night would be interesting. He was back to his normal self, meaning you knew the night was over.

You opened the door, stepping out in the sunlight.

And that’s when you woke up.