50 Smiles of Hoseok

Did you know you can actually tell a lot of Hoseok’s emotions through his eyes, smile and voice?
If he is genuinely happy, if it’s for fanservice or if it’s a forced/smile laughter. 

When he is calmly and comfortably talking with a smile, his voice is actually quite deep. It gets higher when he is laughing but still has that deep undertone.
Watch him during their wins. You can see the genuine happiness and gratefulness in his sparkling eyes. It’s a very calm, warm and sweet smile he gives the cameras then.

When he is forcing himself to smile you can see how it won’t reach his eyes and his laughter is high, exaggerated and ends quickly. 

There is also the bright, slightly exaggerated smile and laughter reserved for fanservice and the cameras. Where his eyes almost disappear and his grin is wide open, his laughter very loud.

And he has a smile that only comes out in moments of affection for the members (especially the Maknae Line).

It might look like Hoseok is the person who expresses all his emotions openly but I think he expresses himself even more through his smile, his eyes and his voice. He seems like a very careful, controlled person who doesn’t let himself ruled by emotions in public.
Watch him closely especially during wins or, on the other hand, during uncomfortable situations and see how his smile slightly changes. 

In honor of that, a compilation of a few different Hoseok smiles. Enjoy!

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