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Day 3 of Nobu tribute month: Abusing Using my special permit to make crackshipping (ง ˙o˙)ว (ง ˙o˙)ว

Read right to left

LOL, yeah, so, as Twitter followers would have known, the random kissu I posted few weeks ago was actually cropped from a longer scene, pfft…

Sorry if you wanted blushy blushy scenes LOL, but I’m not too fond of either one of the guys in a yaoi ship flailing around too hard, cuz it just makes them seem like a girl in a man’s body.

Originally wanted to give ThiefNobu an actual name, but naaah, vague single-letter names is cooler. Besides, the “K” can stand for more things, so it’s covers more references. K for “Kaitou” (Phantom Thief), K for Kipposhi, K for Kazusa (Kazusa no Suke is Nobubu’s very first government title, so sometimes people would call him Lord Kazusa), and K for Kirin.

Not sure if it’s clear enough, but the police thought ThiefNobu’s name was “Q” because of the shape of the logo he’s using, LOL. Also Q= Qilin (Kirin), which is what the logo is supposed to be. Because… real-Nobu’s signature says “Kirin” once upon a time (he changed it after a while, but still). Yay for history reference!

Random BTS Dreams

So I, like probably most other ARMY’s and fangirls in general, would totally like to dream about my fandoms etc…. 

But see the thing with me is, I never, ever get to have nice normal dreams like going to a concert or meeting them at an event etc…

No, I get dreams like these…

(note I have mostly forgotten the details cuz that’s how dreams work with me, sadly…these dreams all happen on different dates, but are intertwined with other random dream scenes that have nothing to do with bts so just gonna skip those)

First dream scenario: BTS and the bag of chicken.

BTS is sitting around my kitchen table. Well, some of the members anyway but I can’t see to recall which. Maybe Rap Mon, Jungkook, Jimin and V I believe. I was in front of the fridge, with the freezer door open.

(The fridge is in front of the dining table so those sitting facing that direction can see into it if someone opens it.)

I am looking into the freezer that’s filled with frozen meats etc. In front of me, there is a bag of frozen, raw chicken pieces. I am having a telepathic conversation with this bag of chicken. Don’t remember the convo, but it was really deep and meaningful.

The members are looking at me and asking each other something to the effect of ‘Hey why is she whispering to that bag of chicken…what is she doing, is she okay?’

(Yes, at some point it switched from telepathy to me whispering, cuz dream logic)

You guys may be thinking hey, she’s crazy to be talking to a bag of frozen chicken pieces, but you don’t understand….The bag of chicken was JHope!

Yes, you read that correctly. JHope, Jung Hoseok, our hope….was a frozen bag of chicken in my freezer, and we were having a delightful conversation. 

And it wasn’t that in the dream I was crazy and having a make believe convo either. He was literally the chicken and it was just the other members who didn’t realise it. But then again why would they have? It was chicken…

End Scene

Second dream scenario: Suga goes to school.

So, basically, I was Yoongi’s teacher. He was supposed to be a kid but at the same time, he wasn’t… So he did well in school or something and I was praising him. 

But here’s the thing, kid Yoongi, (who wasn’t actually a kid because again, dream logic), was sitting on my lap. And he proceeded to tell me he loved me (as in, “teacher I love you”, in the way children sometimes like their teachers a lot but innocently) 

So I, being the teacher, told him “There are so many ARMY’s out there who would love to hear you say that.” As if I’m not one of them T_T

Now note, all this time he is still a ‘kid’… and all of this is completelyyy innocent…his “I love you” was meant in a childlike way and I was also treating him just as if he were a young student. But he was a grown Suga…sitting on my lap with his arms around my neck…

Curse you dream logic, curse youuuu!

End scene.

Third dream scenario: Beach?

A lot of the details escape me in this one too but we have a random beach setting. BTS was at the beach, I was sort of in the background as in my consciousness is observing this scene but I am not in it.

The members, after spending some time there decided to go back to their room. All except Jungkook who was upset for some reason and decided to stay for a bit longer. So there he is walking along the shoreline with the waves washing up to his feet. He decides hey I’m going to wade in the water a bit.

So he goes into the water and is just there enjoying his alone time. Skimming his hands along the water, something catches his eye, a green flash. By this time he had gone further in and was almost in the waist-high water. The green unsettled him. Something was tugging at his mind at the sight of it but he couldn’t place it, along with the creeping sense of unease.

The water seems odd all of a sudden. Then it clicks. The seaweed on this beach, along the shoreline, is red. What he saw floating by him was a green piece of seaweed. In dream logic, green seaweed only comes from the really deep part of the ocean and isn’t supposed to be so close to the shore. He doesn’t know why but he knows he has to get out of there so he starts to run.

So as he starts running this wall of water starts rising up behind him. It’s basically like a tsunami. So this water is behind him and he sees it and is now panicking and running as fast as he can to get to the room.

(Now because of dream logic, Jungkook is also Taehyung and it keeps switching between them. I don’t know from how early on that started happening but I recall it most vividly when he was running for his life. That could probably be when it started but I can’t remember.)

So superhuman Vkook is somehow able to get to a second floor window. The wall of water is very close to crushing him and he is struggling to get his body through the window to their room. The members are trying to help pull him in as the water looms behind him. His body is halfway through the window and he’s floating because it’s the second floor and there’s nothing that could legitimately help someone to get there in that situation except magic or dream logic. 

Finally, he strugges through and they close the window and hurriedly pressed a button to bring down these huge glass panel things that apparently seals the room. Just in time for the huge wall of water to hit the hotel. At this point in the dream there is a cushioning sort of silence. The wave has hit and the room is sealed from water and noise because the hotel apparently has enough experience with those things that they installed a sealing system. (Bet they didn’t mention giant killer waves in the brochure!

Unfortunately, on the wall that divides their room from the room next to it (they had a corner room so only one wall was a divider), the sealing was new and hadn’t been properly installed or something. So some water started leaking from the top and onto the television set that was mounted on the wall. 

One member is like, “Ah the teachers are watching television.” Because apparently, the teachers were the staff who were with them and staying in the next room, where their tv was mounted on the same divider wall as well. So while talking about hearing the tv from the other room, even with the water leaking all over, they realised that the water hit an electrical outlet and started sparking. 

So now everyone is panicking again and wondering what to do. The tv was plugged into the socket and was sparking. So BTS had the fantastic idea to go pull the plug out. With their bare hands… So some of the members started reaching for the sparking plug…

Then here is where I appear, and as if I had been in the room all along, nobody batted an eye. Thanks to dream logic it was actually that I had been in the room all along so there was no cause for concern. 

Anyway just in the nick of time I managed to stop Vkook and some other brave member from being electrocuted.

Then I woke up. 

End scene.

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The Miraculous Ladybug re-draw!

I just picked random scenes really, the second one came out better than the first, idk 💁🏻
i made some changes to the postures to make them a bit more organic. I gave Cat Noir a little bit o’ abs cuz superhero + teenager…made sense to add abs??? (Some Teenage boys like to work out ok) W/e hope you like!

(I’m getting really good at superheroes lately and i’m lovin’ it! 😄)

IDEK if this makes sense, it’s just a random thought I have … but the fact that Emma just grabs past!Hook and kisses him, without any kind of qualms or anything … I mean, to me, it’s like she’s like “I get to do this, cuz in the future, he’s mine anyway”.

Everything about the scene with past!Hook just speaks volumes to the relationship she has with Killian in the present.  She behaves that way with him because she CAN, because she KNOWS him, and she knows that he’s hers.

anonymous asked:

Sooo do you think zayn will be out with the 2 girls he just followed?

Why ever would you ask that, nonnie?

I think this just plays into the current narrative: single (and straight) Zayn. If he is very publicly seen with them, just take that as confirmation that 1DHQ is still on the scene working their narratives.

Remember what I’ve been saying, little to nothing you see or hear from 1D lately is random or organic. It’s calculated like a mutha. This is stunt crunch time. Game on!

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Hey, how can I become an actress?

connections and straight up luck tbh

my story is that ive acted n plays nd shit my whole life nd i got into movies bcuz a teacher of mine’s wife (who was a director) saw a play i was n, liked me, nd asked me to b n her little short film. i said yes (it was a non-paying job) but then that movie got into a few festivals where there were casting directors watching, nd someone from ABC Family saw nd liked me, so i got contacted to work w/ them. n the end i couldnt cuz college tho :\

but literally one thing led to another nd it just worked out that way. complete fucking luck.

now im SAG-AFTRA eligible bcuz i also had a small speaking roll n another indie film i was working on as a cam PA (more random luck. the director saw me nd said ‘r u busy? can u b n this scene?’)

ur best bet is to get ur foot n the door ANY WAY U CAN. try out for hella stuff, grow ur acting resume, become acquaintances w/ almost everyone u work w/ bcuz ppl are more likely to hire ppl theyve worked w/ bfore or ppl who’ve been rec’d. dont b afraid to take non-paying jobs bcuz it looks good, but also make sure u arent being taken advantage of. u gotta b smart.

good fucking luck