All About That Bass - medieval version (“Galavant” trailer)


GUYS LOOK AT MY BABY AHRI GO!!!! (she’s the one with the fox ears and tail)


The Ice Bucket Challenge…

Hockey Day with Elk River Native Paul Martin Video - NHL VideoCenter - Minnesota Wild
Hockey Day with Elk River Native Paul Martin - Hockey Day Minnesota brought Paul Martin back to his roots in Elk River to talk about his hometown. - With NHL Minnesota Wild Online you get all hockey, all access, all the time, live and direct around the league, every goal of every game, NHL Live on XM, classic moments, podcasts, and special programming all on demand

This is old, but rather nice. Thought I’d share with anyone who hasn’t seen it.=)


aarongoodwin My name is #zakbagans :)




What happens when you buy a Father’s day gift at the last minute ? The gift comes with a hilarious Instructions Manual that I had to read and share here!

fuck making random pictures of your friends. make random and short videos of them when theyre laughing, or crying or whatever, so they see how they look moving and how their eyes will start to sparkle or how their voice changes with their emotions or just how they look with a whiff of the wind flowing through their hair