Sometimes you’re going to have to apologize when it isn’t your fault. You take the blame for things even when you don’t want to. Yeah, it’s okay to try and be the better person, but there is a difference between that and letting people push you around.
You say ‘been there, done that’ but the truth is it still hurts, darn, it still does. You can forget someone but you’ll never forget what you felt, the pain, anger and the exact madness you once allow yourself to be in.
—  Mariaa, ‘What Once Was’

What I learned today: people on the internet are dumb.

For those who don’t know there was a blog called didyouknowstevenuniverse that posted obvious joke facts about the show Steven Universe. People were idiotic enough to take it seriously that they started harassing the SU staff saying that the word of a random blog on Tumblr was more creditable on a show then the actual people who worked on the show themselves.

Others are trying to defend these people by saying things like “Oh well they’re just children/mental ill, they couldn’t tell it was a joke.” I would have accepted that reason, if not for the fact that the blog owners posted a source on every single post they made, which linked to an image of Amethyst shapeshifted as Pearl and slapping her ass with the words whomp whomp over it. If you don’t bother to check a source to see if it’s true or not, then don’t whine when people are making fun of you for believing it.

The worst part of this is how Ian Jones Quartey handled the situation. Repeatedly calling the blog stupid and unfunny, and saying “The real problem was you trying to deceive people. You could always re-design so it’s more obvious that it’s a joke.” Is he really being serious right now? Did he even look at the blog for more the two seconds? There was a post on the blog that said Lapis Lazuli was suppose to be Lapis Lasagna, but was misspelled in production. There was no possible way that couldn’t be less of a joke. He was acting so childish that he actually had to delete a bunch of his posts because the joke blog was acting more mature then he was. Nice one Ian, way to be the adult in the situation.


19 // I wasn’t actually expecting any surprises, tbh. But then for my birthday, my boyfriend ‘surprised’ me with this cake I’ve been eyeing on since forever from Tous Les Jours and a customized Star Wars shirt he designed (I still don’t believe him though haha). My friends also gave me gifts: a box of cute mini cupcakes, a Parker pen, and an eyeshadow palette from ELF. We watched Kiseijuu and marathoned the Star Wars trilogy. Then they slept over at my place, and we spent the Sunday after together (clingy friends lol). 

20 // My first day at work! I mentioned before that I work as a game journalist, and yeah, it’s a cool job because it doesn’t feel much like a job. I have my own desk and my own computer, and I write three to four articles a day (all videogame-related). 

24 // Team building at Burgoo, Podium! I was saving all week for the team building because I thought it wasn’t paid for by the company (because I’m an idiot like that) and I was so dumbfounded–and crazy happy–when I found out it was! My department, MarCom, went out to dinner after our shift. We were supposed to eat at Yakimix, but there were too many people, so we decided to eat at Burgoo instead. FREE. FOOD. OMNOMNOM. 

25 // Advanced monthsary + post-birthday + first-week-of-working date with my favorite boy. We had dinner at Yakimix, SM North just ‘cause (and no, we’re not rich kids; we didn’t eat an entire week for this!). We were so full we could barely walk, HAHA. Thank you, weirdo, for being my partner-in-fats. 

Pardon the crappy, rushed collage. This week has been too awesome for words. Hope yours was too! 

We’re all just looking for love,
Just looking for someone to be our  own drug.
I wasn’t looking forward to the come down,
You see, I never wanted you to stop coming around.
When this first started I thought I had no heart to give you,
But the way you had me feeling proved that couldn’t be true.
Now that it’s all going up in flames,
I’m realizing love’s not a game.
Now we’re broken just like the home I come from,
Using people as drugs is a war never won.
Blog rates

I’m getting a little bored and desperate for some human interaction so I figured: hey, let’s do some blog rates!

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- I’m not sure what else to put here I hope you’re having a good day

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Side Blogs

I try to keep it fangirl on here, but that doesn’t always work. I’m interested in a lot of things, and very passionate about certain issues. So I have always struggled with how to balance that on here.. and then Boom side blogs.

So I made dame-diva “ramblings of a mad woman” mostly political and cultural and random because that’s me.
But here’s the gotcha.. It’s not a totally separate tumblr. I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to follow different people on this specific blog. I thought it would be just like a whole other tumblr.. but no.

So now the question is.. Do I make an entirely new tumblr? (who has time for that) or juat keep working on the side blog…

~ramblings of a mad woman