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“Wow…” Will muttered, breathless and struck by the sheer beauty of his date. “You…Wow. You look incredible.” 


Sentada en su banca favorita, sumergida en la lectura de una de sus obras favoritas, no se percató de que alguien le hacía compañía hasta que la persona se levantó y dejó caer su billetera encima del asiento, ocasionando un leve sonido que llegó a los oídos de la rubia - disculpe, olvidó ésto - le advirtió al extraño que estaba por irse.

Random starters part 1
  • "Okay slight change of plans. We're gonna have to eat all these cookies right now- DONT ASK JUST DO IT!"
  • "Your boobs are really soft.."
  • "I'm not seeing this movie unless you smuggle me an entire 2 liter bottle of root beer."
  • "If i don't win this teddy bear I'm taking the dude behind the counter instead."
  • "Holding your breath so I'll do what you say isn't gonna work on me."
  • "Dude you're such a butt right now."
  • "I'm going back to sleep but I swear if I wake up and there's a dick drawn on my forehead you aren't allowed to sleep in my bed anymore."
  • "You're a queen potato"
  • "Since when did you start listening to country?"
  • "If we get married you're killing the spiders and opening the jars."

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Count me in.

It was around five in the morning when he finally gave up; he wouldn’t meet any sleep that night. It was cold and it was snowing outside and he was shaking from head to toe, he needed some warmness or he feared would die there on the floor and that blanket that wasn’t enough. With his teeth shaking against each other, and hugging himself, the man walked from the cold room and into the bedroom of Gellert. He was fast asleep in a cozy bed, he cursed under his breath for what he was about to do.

“Gellert?” He called softly, still shaking like a leaf on autumn, “Gell?” He shook him touching his back but from above the covers, he was sure if he touched him directly to his skin he would freeze, his fingers were already purple, and he feared he would get sick. “Gellert please wake up.” He wasn’t crying but he was so near of that, not for weakness but for frustration.

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Eiji just finished a tough training session, finding it extremely difficult to move around. He hated days like this when Hiashi was a little too hard on him. He wouldn’t even help him afterwards, just leaving the room to tend to other things. He was trying to catch his breath with an intense, pounding headache when he saw his cousin walking by. 
“H-Hinata-san. Help me?”


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She wasn’t supposed to see him before the wedding - she knew the stigma of bad luck but she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off him. He was outside with the men of his crew, laughing, fixing his tie, when he happened to look up and spy her peeking out from behind the curtain… and when their gazes met she inhaled sharply and felt as if the world stood still.

He was so handsome. So kind when he smiled. And she couldn’t believe he wanted her…

She pulled the curtains shut and covered her flushed face with a white glove and tried to calm her racing heart. Looking over at her reflection she could hardly believe it was her. He’d called her angel many a time before… but today she actually believed she could be one.

Her hair was braided back and curled, with a red rose tucked behind her ear and soft tendrils cascading down the back of her bodice. Her makeup, no thanks to the Sunny crews navigator was impeccable, bringing out the lavender of her eyes and how long her lashes were curled. Her dress was form fitting for her statuesque figure and yet her skirt was long and flared out at the ground with a long train. Her golden cross hung around her neck, the only remaining memory of her parents. There would be no one to walk her down the aisle today…

She smiled sadly for a moment in thought but then brightened, blinking away tears.

After today she’d never have to be alone again.

The church bells rang out loudly across the street making her long to see him. She just couldn’t wait!

Grabbing her long skirts she hiked them up and ran out the room, flying down the stairs with her bouquet on hand and left the bed and breakfast inn where their party stayed. The bridesmaids ran after her, all the girls laughing as they chased after the former thief knowing they couldn’t keep up with her even if they tried.

Maron spotted Sanji then and ran into his arms and was already emotional, pecking a kiss to his cheek and laughed quietly, panting entirely out of breath as she spoke to him in a low, wistful murmur,

“I couldn’t wait to see you,” she admit, her violet eyes glossy orbs as she slipped the red rose from her ear to pin it on his jacket lapel, then cupped his cheek with her dainty gloved hand and giggled, nosing his nose, kissing his other cheek, and everywhere but his lips, too happy she thought she might cry there when they weren’t even inside yet.

“Are you sure you want me?” She whispered in his ear, squeezing his hand with a teasing grin. “I’m a wanted woman. A thief of great works of art… and hearts apparently now too. But yours is the one I’ve only ever kept. The one I love.”



Fear, yet he held onto hope. His mother had not been seen for weeks, she had taken the Lieutenant out on a mission alongside her. One that apparently put her and the others in enough danger to warrant a cryptic letter that sent his sisters into tears and his older brother to begin a search party.

Enough danger to leave the entirety of the company to him alone. Even if he wasn’t yet ready.

Dakura was the son of Marina Aruetar. Father had been dead for years, now when he was old enough to maybe take Zenith, she was making risks that could leave her dead.

“I know you’re one of my mother’s contacts.” He called out, he had been warned he could not be faint of heart. He had been warned she was best to be left to the void of her own problems.
Marina was strong of will, Dakura had to be the same way.
“I need only know if you have information. Even if not your help would be appreciated. If my plea isn’t enough this would involve what you want, as well as perhaps the safety of your friend!” Keeping his wits about him he stood like a stone figure in the middle of the area.
Heart pounding, nearly ready to give in and leave.


They had been having a rough time finding a way to securely rid the world of Galbatorix and it was evident with the tension between the Shade and the witch. She tried to remain patient with what they were finding, hoping even the smallest of things could bring them closer to a far more permanent solution than just overthrowing him and tossing him into a dungeon. 

Perhaps the problem was it was just the two of them but they couldn’t afford to bring attention to themselves. Where they could gain allies they could also gain many enemies. Whenever they found scrolls and books some had pages missing, paragraphs blurred out. 

She had known it would not be easy but this was ridiculous. Her eyes were tired and her head was throbbing. The urge to drink was strong. “I’m done for the night. Any more and I’ll be running off to the pub for a round.” She huffed as she closed the book in her lap, “Also wouldn’t mind something to eat.” The brunette glanced at the other, “Care to join me?”


“Wh-whoa…What on earth am I looking at…?” Mika asked as she slowly tilted her head to the side. Her voice was slightly slurred when she spoke and her head was throbbing to no tomorrow.

The last thing she had expected to see that day was some man wrapped in bandages carrying around a scythe. It could have been her imagination. Maybe the child was dead. Maybe she screwed up somewhere along the line that day. She had been feeling rather strange for a while, after all.

“…Am I dead? Are you a grim reaper?”

Melvin kicked open the apartment door, right off its hinges. He didn’t care. His veins and muscles bulged with anger not quelled by the pain radiating from his hand. The rod still sprouted from his left palm, and blood dripped to the floor. 

“HEY @florence-midknight, your door’s broken,” he snarled, stomping into the room and throwing himself down to sit on the couch.

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It was rather quiet walking beside Felix. Eiji understood though, it was their first mission together. He imagined it couldn’t be very easy getting along with someone he had just met a few hours ago but perhaps it was time to break the silence. 
“Is there something I should keep in mind when fighting alongside you?”