Things Said To My Cat Sentence Starter

“You are an asshole, but I love you anyways.”

“What are you even doing?”

“What is your function dysfunction?”

“Stop backing your butt up on me!”

“Did you come over here just to bite me?”

“How would you like it if I bit you back?!”

“You are too heavy to lay on my thighs, you leave bruises.”

“It’s gonna get yo giblets!”

“Wh-Where the hell did you even get that?”

“…. Wasn’t that in my room?”

“Why are you such a butt?!”

“My chest is not a place for you to lay.”

“Must you?”

“Quit knocking things in the floor!”

“If you weren’t cute, I’d kill you.”

“My ass is not your seat.”

“Why must you lay on my back?”

“How is that comfortable?!”

“You’re too faaaat, get oofff.”

“Warm my lap.”

“Give me yo love.”

“Thank you for licking me, really appreciate it.”

“Youz a poof-a-poof.”

“I feel like I loose my grammar when you jump up here.”

“I just got you off the counter, why are you back up here?”

“Pffff, you look sexy laying like that.”

“My boobs aren’t your pillow.”

“I see you trying to be cute of there.”

Send “What are you doing?” and I’ll generate a number for your muse to find my muse..

1. Exercising
2. Singing 
3. Dancing
4. Stabbing someone
5. Stealing something
6. Kissing someone
7. Naked
8. In shower
9. Sleepwalking
10. Drawing
11. “Playing with themselves”
12. Picking up flowers
13. Cooking
14. With bloody hands and clothes
15. Playing with pet
16. Secretly crying
17. Writting goodbye letter
18. Talking to a bird
19. Climbing trees
20. Suffocating someone
21. Slapping them
22. In bed with someone else
23. Reading your muses diary
24. Preparing bath with rose petals
25. Practicing archery
26. Cosplaying
27. Lost in forest
28. Copying them
29. Trying to scare them
30. Talking in their sleep about them

Two or Three Years Later

Two or three years later since she was graduated from the academy where she became an assassin, an agent and a leader of her force of her strongest members she relies on. She never turned back but grew up to become an adult, however at the age of eighteen or nineteen currently. One day she relaxes on one of the branches of the tree, needing peace and quiet for now so she can get a chance to think straight.


With a stretched on webbed wings, the half breed let out a yawn before shaking his head slightly. Yes the redheaded male was sleeping again and he needed to wake up fully. 

With a cross of his arms he blow a small smoke ring. “Murr….”

leinadahn asked:

"How'd we get into this mess, Aziel?" (Right back at ya.)

random # - get teleported to the 17th century

“I have no idea…probably something you did,” Loki snipped irritably as he watched the people who were bustling along the streets. Their strange glances and the quickness of their step as they took in the sight of the two strangers. This certainly wasn’t the Paris that he remembered. He was confused as to what happened. It was a simple enough spell that he had done countless times before. He moved from realm to realm, city to city with ease so what in the name of Odin were they doing here. “They wear those pathetic wigs and they look at me as if I’m crazy.”

Dragon and Assassin


It’s been a few days since Alice finished her last mission, now in a need to relax she deserves, thanks to HQ and her work she went through without a problem. Although, she was curious about the subject she saved, befriend and allied with from the shadows. She never knew about him since they first met during her mission.

She never forget the subject but curious about the guy while relaxing in her oriental home in Amahara. Her allies were busy on their routines while she is on vacation, needing to relax. For a second she senses a familiar presence she never forget as she remain silent.